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Today, Coffee Time Romance has the pleasure of speaking to author Sultry Summers. Thanks so much for granting us this interview, Summer.  Just relax in our cozy recliner and put on the fuzzy bunny slippers while I pour you a cup of hot coffee.  

Hi Cherokee, thanks for the brew.

Summer, your alarm goes off and you climb out of bed, what five words describe your morning?

No alarm clock, I’m not a morning person. I get up around noon. So five words is going to be hard. Going back to sleep would be four. I write very late at night.

I must say that your covers are quite inviting. You have two books out so close together which would you like to discuss with us? Or would you like to give the audience a sneak peek into the both of them, and the compelling and determined characters that bring the story to life?

Having two come out so close together wasn’t what I intended. Both deal with time travel too. - Tail of the Dragon is a Fantasy time travel, Garnith, my dragon/knight comes from 1055 Scotland and is cursed into the 21st century by an evil wizard. He arrives in his dragon form and transformats in front of a young woman on a Ducati sport bike in the highlands of N.C. who has stopped on an overlook because of the storm heralding Garnith’s arrival. She had just turned onto the twisting-turning road, ironically called – Tail of the Dragon by the people who ride it. She’s attracted to the hunk of a highland warrior, who wouldn’t be? The romance between the couple begins to crackle and soon the drama with the reincarnated wizard rolls from there.

Submissions In Time – is a Sci/fi Time Travel – Stephanie, the ex-C.E.O. of her family’s business meets the man who has bought the majority of her company out from under her, Daniel. And though both are undeniably attracted she won’t have anything to do with him. He wants her, no one say no to this playboy, corporate buyer. Stephanie does, with a right hook. One of Daniels’ companies is a science think tank and has time-travel technology. He kidnaps her back to the 1700’s where he has managed to produce documents that they’re wed. He thinks to tame her down but that’s not exactly what happens. It’s an exciting read with pirates and nasty English lords.

Where did you originate the idea to write the story?

Both stories were completed after we moved to North Carolina. Tail of the Dragon was inspired by the road it’s named after. I was on the back of my husband’s motorcycle when the idea came to me. Submissions In Time, that one was cooked up sitting in my hot tub when we lived in Florida.

When composing, do your characters ever wake you up in the middle of the night and insist you write?
Oh yes, even though I write late, I’ve had characters wake me up, like a lot of authors I keep a note book handy. I’ve even turned my computer back on and written a few idea pages at 5am then gone back to sleep.

What would you say makes a great book to you?

Plot! And that’s ironic because right now I’m in a wrestling match with a plot on a major work. But I don’t doubt I’ll win.

Growing up, did you ever keep a journal and write notes about the stories you would love to compose?

Oh yes! But I was a very secretive writer then. No one knew I wrote, not my parents or teachers. I’m sure they would have been shocked, my spelling is terrible, rather was, it’s improved since I’ve written to publish, but of course when I was that age – there were no computers or “spell check”.

Do you prefer to start with an outline when you write or just go with the flow?

In the beginning I was a pantzer, or went with the flow. More recently, I do an outline or sorts. Not to the point of every little line but a general outline of major points.

Do you 'lose' your track of thought, story thread or whatever emotional pitch you happen to be at when you do leave your story for a bit? If so, what do you do to get that leave of emotion back?

Sure, there are times I lose those things. When that happens, I’ll either go back and try to regain it or put the story down for a day or two and rethink it.

How long does it take you to finish a book from start to submission?

This is a weak point for me. I’m not a fast writer and don’t write on a timetable. However after a story is submitted and taken, then it becomes a different story. When I’m in edits, I work, hard and don’t stop until they’re finished. Getting a book to submissions may take a little time. This is one area I’ve been trying to work on.

When is your favorite time to compose?

Night, when the house is quiet and hubby and daughter are asleep. No distractions, I can put my ear buds in, listen to music and write. Generally till around 2am or 3am. Once in awhile I’ll go to 4am.

If you were to plan a wedding, tell us what it would consist of?

 Well that would depend on the characters. I have planned weddings in the books I’ve written. The one in edits now is pretty elaborate. Set outside, by the ocean, formal, with a large bridal party and guest and a big reception afterwards. On the other hand, some marriages have been no more than signatures on the documents, small and intimate.

What famous person would you love to spend the day with?

Michio Kaku the physicist. I love science and science fiction. I’ve enjoyed several of his books and find him inspiring. Sure there are several handsome actors I could name too but Michio is probably the next best person to Einstein.

You have been given the opportunity to visit either, New Zealand, Holland, or Antarctica, which one do you choose to visit and who do you plan to accompany you?

I think I would take New Zealand though Holland would come in a real close second because of the art. I said New Zealand because in the Southern Hemisphere. Antarctica is a tad too cold.  As far as who I take with me. Dear Hubby, after 40 years of marriage, I’d be lost without him.

You have planned for a lovely night out with your loved ones but when your order arrives; your meal is a disappointment. Do you complain to the waitress/waiter, or just let it slide?

That would depend on HOW disappointing. Say if the “steak” were a little too done, I might let it go but if it were burned, it would get sent back. I can’t stand over done meat. Price would come into as well. A hamburger I’d be less picky about. But food from a classy restaurant I expect to be prepared and present well.

Congrats, you have the choice to either go skydiving for the day, or either spend the day river rafting down the Grand Canyon which would you choose?

 I’ve twice rafted down the New River in W.Va., a class 5, which the Colorado in the Grand Canyon is as well (though it’s rougher). So for this dream sport event I’ll jump, never done that. I’ve done almost everything else from ridden motorcycles on both street and in the dirt and scuba dove in the Atlantic. So, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane might be a good change. Might have to boot my butt out though.

Summer, I cannot thank you enough for this interview. I had fun today and enjoyed our chat. I wish you the best in your writing. I’ve got some coffee to go, if you would like to take a cup with you. The fuzzy slippers are yours to keep. Again thank you.

Thanks for the interview, I enjoyed too. You’ve asked some challenging questions.







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