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Hello and Welcome, Today we are talking with Shelley Bradley.   On behalf of Coffee Time Romance want to welcome Ms. Bradley.  Shelley will be talking about her book Bound & Determined, and a little about some up and coming books.  Shelley I have read Bound & Determined, and it was fantastic.  Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Sure, here's a little blurb I wrote before getting the backcover copy from Berkley:

    Wanted for kidnapping: To prove her brother innocent of embezzling three million dollars, Kerry Sullivan abducts hunk-of-the-month computer security expert Rafe Dawson. The attraction between them sizzles, resulting in a deal: the price of his services in exchange for hers. After forty-eight hours of Kerry's passionate surrender, infectious optimism and unwavering loyalty, Rafe is emotionally alive for the first time in his life. But can he win the girl once her brother is freed, the real embezzler is caught and their deal expires?

I noticed that you are famous for you historical romances, what made you decide to write contemporary?

I'm famous for something besides my temper? My hubby would be gratified to hear that! Seriously, after 9 historicals, I took some time off to decide what I wanted to do next. I liken writing to an addiction--you just can't get rid of the urge--I kept plotting books in my head. I just fell in love with the idea for BOUND AND DETERMINED. And when I stopped to think about it, all the voices in my head were contemporary. The freedom of using language I would, or thinking in modern mores, writing career women...all of that was a tantalizing change I just couldn't resist.

Shelley, will you be writing any more historical romances ?

I don't have any planned currently, but I'm learning never to say never. Someday I might, as I still think about story ideas I've had for years. So, who knows...?

Shelley, B&D is really sensually hot, would you call it erotic? And if so, did it start out that way or did it just happen?

It started that way. In fact, my agent pitched the book to Berkley as an erotic romance. When they first bought it, they weren't sure what tag they wanted to put on the spine. The book is part chick-lit, part suspense, part romantic comedy and a lot erotic romance. Eventually, they settled on putting contemporary romance on the spine, which is great!

I noticed that Strip Search will follow B&D, is this book related to B&D?

Yes! Toward the end of writing BOUND AND DETERMINED, I realized that nearly everyone got a happy ending...except this one character. I couldn't just leave this character in this state. I couldn't stand the thought of this character going on in endless misery. So...I decided to do something about it. Once I got the idea to do a book about this character, it just took off. STRIP SEARCH was another easy, breezy book that was such a joy to write. And I'm glad that, after some bumps in the road and painful growing experiences, I got to see this character get a most deserved happy ending!

Are you planning on any more to be related to this book?

Actually, I've just recently proposed 2 more in the series to Berkley about Italian brothers on opposite sides of the law. I'm so excited about Jon and Stefan and their respective stories, so my fingers are crossed that Berkley likes them!

Shelley, is there a genre you would like to write but haven’t yet?

I have two paranormal ideas that, time allowing, I will write someday. One is very light, the other very dark. Both are very sexy and high on my priority list. I have had ideas for a series of futuristic novellas I'm just pumped about. Beware, you may be seeing all kinds of things from me sooner or later.

Shelley, we just had Valentines Day, What is your idea of a romantic night, (and please details) LOL, Okay maybe a little bit of the details!

You know asking me for details is dangerous <g>. I'm probably a bit unusual. A romantic evening for me could be a nice meal, a concert or dancing, then capping off the night with champagne...and whatever might follow. Or it might be making a picnic on my hubby's office desk and playing computer games together while we listen to some of our favorite music and chat. Something else we enjoy doing is planning trips together. With our crazy schedules, anything we do that allows us time to talk, have fun and connect is romantic to me.

What do you consider the highlight in your writing career?

I have to say, I think it's the Top Pick from Romantic Times Magazine for BOUND AND DETERMINED. In fact, the hugely positive response I've had to this book so far has been like a dream come true!

Shelley I noticed in your newsletter that you are writing a book for Berkley Heat, are you excited about this?

I am! The book has no title yet (we're working on it!) but it's something different for me. It's a walk on the wild side, the dark side--a definitely different side. I'm eager to share Jack and Morgan with the adventurous among you!

Can you give us your website address please?

Shelley what is your favorite genre to read?

Do I have to pick one??? I really read all over the map. I wouldn't say I have just one. Reading a lot of different genres allows every genre to feel somewhat fresh every time I open a book, and that's great.

Shelley what is the characteristics of your idea of the alpha male?

Stubborn and temperamental, yes. But I also like alphas who are intelligent and protective. They know when to keep a woman close and when she needs to stand alone. Alphas have great amounts of testosterone...but they can also get in touch with their emotions when it's called for. I think the ultimate alpha for me would be part Conan, part Romeo...with a bit of Jay Leno thrown in.

Shelley is there anything you want to add or say to your readers?

Thanks to everyone who has given my contemporary voice a read. I especially want to thank the folks who have taken the time to write me such lovely emails about how much they enjoyed the book. Authors write stories for their own enjoyment, but we're always hoping that we're entertaining you most of all. To hear from readers is the greatest joy for a writer. If you haven't read the book yet, I promise to do my best to make you giggle, reach for a fan--or both!  

Thank you so much Shelley, I have loved working with you on this interview, and really enjoyed  reading Bound & Determined.
Thank you for the great questions. I appreciate the opportunity to talk about my new book and my new direction.

On behalf of Coffee Time Romance, we want to Thank Ms. Bradley for taking time out of her busy schedule, and chatting with us today.






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