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Welcome Sharon Page. So pleased you could join me in an interview. Sharon, I see you have two new books coming out in September from Kensington Aphrodisia, Sin and Wild Nights, can you tell us a little about the premise of the stories?

Though both are very hot erotic romance, they're very different stories. Set in Regency London, Sin takes my heroine on a dangerous journey to a scandalous orgy. To save her destitute family, Venetia Hamilton draws erotic art—and her lush paintings are society’s secret pleasure. Targeted by a ruthless killer, she must accept the protection of Marcus Wyndham, the Earl of Trent—a powerful man whose expert touch is only the beginning of her carnal education…

Midnight Man is my novella in the Wild Nights anthology. Michael Rourke is six-foot four inches of male perfection—but he is also a Varkyre, the most damned species of vampire. He has found his soul mate, Erin Kennedy, a mortal who does not yet know the real meaning of pleasure. Can he convince her of his love before the full moon destroys him?

Can you tell us a little about Kensington Aphrodisia? Is this the steamy line of their books?

Ultra steamy! Aphrodisia is Kensington’s erotic romance line, spicier than Brava. Intensely erotic—including ménages, BDSM, etc. There’s a terrific variety of story lines—contemporary, historical, futuristic, paranormal. All have satisfying endings, but a happily ever after ending is not required. My stories are all romances, ending with a committed relationship, even if it is between two men and a lady.

Do you find you tend to mirror your own experiences to draw emotion into you characters?

As an author, I do tend to this. I like to create scenes that speak to my soul and I hope they speak to readers. One of my favorite scenes in Sin is the one when Marcus holds his baby nephew and is at once honored and terrified. I remember holding my own brand-new baby and watching our daughter in my husband’s hands!
Did you have to do a lot of research for Sin?

I love reading regency-set romances, and had been writing my own for a few years before I sold A Gentleman Seduced to Ellora’s Cave, and then Sin to Kensington. Also, I love reading research material on the time period—it’s so fascinating to see what life was once like. There are always details that need to be checked—from which flowers are blooming to quirky settings for sex. For Sin, I acquired books about Regency erotic art, and I used to be an avid painter, so writing about an artist came naturally.

Have you considered a sequel to Sin? Why or why not?

Sin is the first in a trilogy about bohemian artist Rodesson’s illegitimate daughters. Venetia is the feisty artist—the one who takes care of them all. The second sister, Maryanne (in the upcoming Black Silk) is the quiet writer—but I’m planning to have her publishing the erotic writings of courtesans who need a new career. Grace, the youngest, will be the rebel—though how she will rebel in this family, I’m not yet sure.

How has being a writer changed or affected your life or you?

That’s a tough question. I’ve been writing most of my life, so I suppose it has affected me in many ways. I still can't believe I am living my dream of being a published author. Eventually I hope I can show my children that you can achieve dreams with lots of hard work.
Do you have a routine for writing? Or just when the mood strikes?

I worry about deadlines. I used to work for a structural engineering office and usually had several deadlines a day. When I have a deadline, I like to be progressing toward it, so I write every day. I have to miss some days, but I set a schedule of interim deadlines and strive to reach those.
Tell us about the moment you made up your mind to submit your work to a publisher.

At an August social for my RWA chapter, I decided I was going to work toward getting published. During renovating our house, and having my first child, I didn't write a lot. But making that decision helped to get me focused. I targeted Ellora’s Cave in ’03, and my story sold. As soon as I heard about Kensington’s Aphrodisia line, I sent a submission.

You have a Historical Vampire series BLOOD RED coming out January 2007?

Yes, Blood Red launches my new historical vampire series. Blood Red is a sinfully sensual indulgence for me—two heroes! It’s a tale of vampire twins—one is an arrogant, powerful earl, the other is the bad boy younger brother, both with tortured pasts. Writing two alpha heroes and making them both men that the heroine (and the reader) would fall in love with was a challenge I loved taking on.

Excerpts for Sin, Wild Nights, and Blood Red (my January vampire novel from Aphrodisia) are there. And a new contest will be up soon.

If you could say one thing to readers, what would that be?

A big "thank you" for your support! It is so incredibly exciting to meet people who have read my stories, who’ve enjoyed them, and liked spending time with the characters.

Sharon Page, thank you so much for joining me in this interview. Are there any other upcoming works you would like to mention or anything you would like to add about Sin and Wild Nights?

Thank you so much for inviting me. I really enjoyed writing both Sin and Wild Nights. I am an Agatha Christie fan and in Sin I loved blending steamy erotica, emotional romance, and a who-dunnit mystery. Wild Nights is my first vampire story and my first contemporary. I discovered I love writing paranormal as much as I love to read it—I love the intensity of paranormal stories—life and death, loss of soul, eternal damnation, or the chance of salvation. It works beautifully with the power and intensity of erotica and romance.

Fabulous Interview, Thank you Ms. Page, and Coffee Time Romance also wants to take this time to thank you for joining us today. Thank you.






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