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Welcome, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Selena Robbins for taking the time to answer these questions for Coffee Time Romance.

How did you come up with the storyline for Sabrina’s Destiny?

I love snow globes, Angels, chocolate and romance. I played the “what if” game and Jason the hero was born. “What if a suave New York bachelor who is confident and has the business instincts of a Donald Trump on steroids, but knows diddly-squat about blue collar work ¾he thinks that Calvin Klein should start a line of suede tool belts¾gets mistaken for a handyman? I continued it from there, and did the same for Sabrina the heroine, and the Angels and the whole cast of characters. I actually wrote Sabrina’s Destiny as an exercise in writing sexual tension. I had written 3 chapters and submitted them to a contest. I finaled in the contest and was strongly advised to finish the book. I carried the sexual tension filled theme throughout the book, and I am pleased when reviewers and readers tell me that they found the book filled with high sexual tension.

How long did it take you to write Sabrina’s Destiny?

Eight months from the time of conception.

What inspired you to write Sabrina’s Destiny?

Besides my love of snow globes and angels, I was also dealing with the recent deaths of both my father and mother-in-law at the time that I was writing Sabrina’s Destiny. The challenges I faced at the time while dealing with grief inspired me to write them into the storyline. Both Jason and Sabrina have had to deal with grief, and both dealt with their grief in a different way.

Did you have to research much of this story?

I have been to Vermont many times, especially during the fall, so I didn’t have to research the location. As for the angels, and the mystical snow globes, I’d love to say I delved into a lot of research, but this plot came entirely from my imagination.

Did you have the characters already plotted out or did they come to you as you were writing the book?

I always plot and get to know my main characters first. I know about their childhood, their likes and dislikes and any quirks they may have. The secondary characters come to me as I write the book and as I get to know my main characters more, as at times the secondary characters sprout from either the hero or heroine leading the way.

How did Lucy come to life? Was she originally part of the story?

Lucy has always been part of the story. Lucy represents “all moms”-- giving us advice in the, even though we can’t decipher some of that advice at the time, but in later years it all makes sense. Lucy represents that best friend in your life, that you may have lost connection with but always remember in your heart. Lucy represents that special teacher, the one that you remember having taught you at least one thing that you still carry with you. Lucy represents that cool older sister, which is always there to comfort you and give you a sense that things will be okay. Lucy is all these people wrapped into one and she is also that strong person inside yourself, that cannot stop the challenges you may have to face in life, but emerges from your soul to help you climb your mountain.

Do you plan on using any of the characters from this story in future books?

I plan on bringing Sabrina and Jason back, as I know as a reader myself, I love revisiting characters from a previous book. Lucy and J.P. will be in every series of these books. The sequel will feature Maggie (Sabrina’s best friend), Trevor (Jason’s best friend) and Jason’s younger sister, Patty.

Did you have any difficulties writing this story?

I had difficulty ending the story. I absolutely love Jason and his sense of humor, not to mention he is deliciously handsome. I love Sabrina’s wit, and of course the angels. As a writer when you feel a connection with the characters it’s difficult to end their story. I wanted to keep writing about their journey.

Did you always want to be a writer growing up, if not, how did you become a writer?

I’ve always loved books and creating stories. I have been fortunate to be able to utilize my writing gift in all the jobs I’ve held, but my writing was in the non-fiction market. When I became an empty nester a few years ago, I decided to take my passion for writing seriously and start writing for publication.

How much time do you get to spend with your family when you do not have a deadline?

I work from home, so I’m available for my family all the time. We spend most of our free time together. My husband and I love to go for long walks and travel. We are mostly home bodies when we’re not traveling.

Do you have certain hours that you write or are they when you can manage to snatch them?

I work on writing relating activities eight to ten hours per day.

Have you ever had Writers’ Block?

I’ve had what I call gaps. This usually happens after I have finished one book or short story. It takes me a few weeks to get into the point of view of new characters.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I’m presently working on a romantic suspense, “Her Bodyguard’s Secret,” which placed first in the Royal Rendezvous Contest in Victoria, BC. My agent is patiently waiting for this book.

What encouraging words would you give to aspiring authors, if you could?

Read, read and read some more. Then write the kind of story that you would love to read and is a real page turn for yourself. Most of all, write because you have a passion for the craft.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my writing with your readers. I enjoyed it.

I would like to thank Selena Robbins on behalf of Coffee Time Romance for chatting with us and we wish you good luck on your upcoming projects.







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