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We are welcoming August some of your hottest authors. Today we have Sean Michael with us talking about his book Broken Road and tell us a little about him self. Coffee Time Romance welcomes Sean Michael, WELCOME!

Welcome Sean Michael. So pleased you could join me in an interview.

Thanks for having me!

Sean, I see you have a book out now from Torquere Press, The Broken Road, can you tell us a little about the premise of the story?

The story is about two best friends whose lives take them in differentdirections. Ardie's forced to take on family responsibilities at an earlyage, while West leaves for university to persue his dreams. Time and againWest comes back to Ardie, who always welcomes him in open arms. What Westdoesn't know is that Ardie's in love with him. Many people love the theme of old friends finding love.

Would you say writing The Broken Road was fuelled from an inherent romantic streak or isthere another inspiration for you with this story?

The inspiration for the story actually comes from the song Bless theBroken Road by Rascal Flatts "God bless the broken road that led me backto you." I heard those lyrics and a the story was born. The beginning of the book is the schoolyard with Ardie and West being in grade two.

Why did you start it there?

Because that's where the boys first meet and their friendship is centralto the story. I wanted the readers to be there with them from the momentthey first met. And to grow to love them both as they love each other. Ardie and West have quite a few personal ups and downs.

Do you find you tend to mirror your own experiences to draw emotion into you characters?

I would say it's life in general that I mirror rather than specificpersonal experiences. There are very few people who manage to make itthrough life with only ups.

The Broken Road is not your first published book or short story. How do you think your writing has progressed from the very first acceptance till now?

Well one big change is that I used to jump all over the place in time andnow I write from start to finish. I think it makes the story tighter. I'malso learning what my readers want to read, what they enjoy.

Sean, I see your web site is quite different from the normal. You have injected it with lots of personality. Give us the address? Did you design it yourself? And do you have a fetish for colored pencils LOL? is my where my website is located. The folks at Natural Talent Design ( designedit for me. They were good people and really took my personality and tasteinto account when they decorated it. And mmm. Colored pencils. ;-)

Is there a personal favorite lurking in your writings. I know it's hard to choose a favorite child, but which is closest to your heart and why?

It is hard... to choose ;) Ardie and West from The Broken Road are darlings and I adore them. And ofcourse whatever I'm working on *now* tends to be a favorite. But it alwayscomes back to the Jarheads. Rock, Rig and Dick are a group of charactersthat just showed up and stayed and are still the easiest for me to write

Have you considered a sequel to The Broken Road? Why or why not?

I would do a sequel if Ardie and West had more story to tell. I'm not surethat they do. I kind of like to think of them living happily ever after --they've certainly had their share of troubles.

What is your ultimate dream in writing.

Maybe hoards of screaming fansclawing to get to you, a quiet tropical island you've acquired through generous advances or all the quiet time you need to just keep typing?

Oh, those last two sound delightful. Don't get me wrong, I love my fans --that people buy my books still blows me away. But an island for me and myhermit crabs, my partner, and all the time I could ask for just to write? Now that is a dream.

How has being a writer changed or affected your life or you?

Well, I've been writing all my life, but now I'm actually getting paid todo it. And that is something special.

If you could say one thing to readers, what would that be?

Thank you so much for buying my books and taking my characters into yourhearts. Y'all are the folks I keep writing for.

Sean Michael thank you so much for joining me in this interview. Are There any other upcoming works you would like to mention or anything you would like to add about The Broken Road?

Thanks again for having me. You can keep up with my upcoming storiesthrough my newsletter at And I just hope everyone loves Ardie and West as much as I do. Thanks very much for the interview, Wendy.

FANTASTIC, an amazing interview featuring one of your favorite author’s.Coffee Time Romance wants to take this time to thank Mr. Michael for chatting with us today. Thank you.







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