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Welcome, Sapphire, thank you for coming along today to answer these questions for all our readers here at Coffee Time Romance about your book Turning Thirty.

Now to start off, Turning Thirty is the first book in a trilogy, what are the names of the other books?

The second book has been titled Friendly Lovers. I'm still working on it and haven't gotten to the third one yet, so there is no title for it at this time.

When will the other two books be released and by which publisher?

Hopefully, they will be released this year and by RaHPubs if they'll be nice enough to give me a contract.

What was the inspiration behind writing this trilogy?

I have two very good friends, Robin, Janett and Julie, who have been very supportive of me so Rachel, Janett and Jolie are patterned after them to a degree. Sophia came to my mind one day when I realized I'd soon be turning thirty.  

How did you come up with the storyline for Turning Thirty?

I honestly don't know. It was just there as I began to write.

How long did it take you to write Turning Thirty?

The first draft took a day or so. It's a short, the shortest I've ever written, so it didn't take long at all. In fact, the edits for it took longer than the actual writing of the story. But isn't that the way it usually goes?  

What type of research was involved in writing Turning Thirty?

I didn't do a lot of research. I checked out some art galleries online and that was pretty
much it.

Did you have the characters already plotted out or did they come to you as you were writing the book?

They came to me as I wrote.

Do you have any favorite characters from this or any of the forthcoming books?

In this trilogy, Nick is my favorite character so far. He is Rachel's love interest in Friendly Lovers.

Did you have any difficulties writing Turning Thirty or any of the other books?

Not with Turning Thirty. The book that gave me the most trouble was Elemental Wizards: Age of Air, my next release. I thought I would never finish that book.

Did you always want to be a writer growing up, if not, how did you become a writer?

I can't say I always wanted to be a writer, but I always had stories in my head. When I was bored or didn't want to be some place, I'd let my mind drift off to some imaginary place. I decided to start writing them down when my youngest son started pre-school.

Do you have certain hours that you write or are they when you can manage to snatch them?

Both of my children are in school most of the day now, so I try to write while they are gone. I have been known to sit in this chair for days when I'm on a hot streak with a book.

Have you ever had Writers’ Block?

Yes! It was horrible. While writing Age of Air, I couldn't get the characters or the story to
match up and become something worth reading. I started that book 12 times before finally getting it right with the 13th try.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Age of Air is due for release around April or May of this year.

What encouraging words would you give to aspiring authors, if you could?

Keep writing and don't get discouraged. While what a publisher thinks of your work is important, what truly matters is who you feel about it. Getting a rejection is hard, but that just means that your book isn't right for the publisher you submitted it to. Keep trying, there is a publisher out there who will like your work.

I would like to thank Sapphire Williams on behalf of Coffee Time Romance for taking the time out of her schedule and chatting with us and we wish you good luck on your upcoming projects.







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