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Welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Today we are excited to have Ms. Sandy Blair with us, she will be talking about her November release Thief in a Kilt and a little about herself. Coffee Time Romance wants to extend a warm welcome. Welcome Ms. Blair.

Welcome Sandy, Would you tell us a little about yourself?

Let’s see...I’m married to my childhood sweetheart, mother of three grown children, and live in the Dallas area. I write full time, but had been a pediatric nurse in my previous life.

Sandy I read Thief in a Kilt and LOVED it! All your books I noticed, have the Scottish feel. When you started out with Man in a Kilt, did you mean for it to be a series, or did that come after or during writing Man in a Kilt?

When I sold A MAN IN A KILT I’d already started working on Angus’s story, A ROGUE IN A KILT, but I never expected to go beyond that. But then Ian Mackay, the Thief of Hearts, became such a strong presence in A ROGUE that I had to write his story, which became A THIEF IN A KILT. And I have two more IN A KILTs in my computer just waiting for my publisher to give them the go-ahead.

Okay Sandy I had a look at your bio on your web site, and I had to ask; Fallen off a Cruise ship?, would you like to tell us about this?

Yup. Call me Grace. Long story short: There I was, doing what I was told to do, going out the ship’s open doorway intent on going on a side tour and stepped onto this 2x20 ft plank—with no railing, nothing to hold on to—that ended in a tiny skiff bobbing in the Nile beside the ship. Suddenly the %$#@ skiff shifted and the board fell away from the ship...with me on it. Not good. (I’d already been warned to stay away from the river because it contained life threatening organisms and crocodiles---this was, after all, Africa.) Plunged 20 feet, landing feet first. I was battered and bruised and had the Pharaoh’s Revenge for days...and days...and days. Augh. My bottom still hurts just thinking about it.

Sandy you have won lots of awards with your work. What in your opinion has been the highlight of your career? That’s a hard question.

Being nominated for the 2005 RITA, the Romance industry’s highest award--an equivalent to an Oscar, if you will--was a real trip, but being nominated for three National Readers Choice Awards that same year...WOW! (I came away with one but one was enough.)

Most writers were avid readers. Were you a reader also?

Absolutely and still am.

Sandy I noticed you have traveled a lot and I can tell you have done a lot of research about the battle of Scotland and England. Do you enjoy the research?

I love researching but really have to curb my enthusiasm for history and minutia; else my novels come out sounding like text books.

Is there another Highland book coming?

Thanks for asking and yes, A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS (Kensington/Zebra Historicals) will be released October 2007

Sandy there is a touch of paranormal in Thief in a Kilt. Why did you add paranormal to the book? And was it intended?

I write to entertain, to provide a reader a moment’s escape from their everyday worries, subsequently all of my novels have a wee touch of the paranormal in them. I believe the very possibility expands the imagination and gives me more latitude with humor.

Have you always wanted to be an author?

Yes. I started my first novel 30 yrs ago, but didn’t find time to finish it until after my children were grown and I’d started delving into my family history and discovered that I knew precious little about my grandparents and nothing about my great grandparents. I decided it was important to leave something tangible behind for my grandchildren and great grandchildren, so they might know something about my values/they way I think. Each of my children has a copy of my first manuscript to pass down. Having had so much fun writing that one I started another, A MAN IN A KILT and lo and behold, it sold!

Sandy your love of the Highlands is apparent in your books, do you have any Scottish blood in you?

Ah, you caught me. No, I’m Irish (O’Leary) and English (wrong side of the Revolutionary War, 1776). My hubby, however, is Scot. In fact, his father’s people (aunts and uncles, etc) all speak/spoke with a brogue.

Sandy in your travels what place stands out the most in your heart and mind than most? And why?

Goodness, there are so many, but I’d have to say Skibo Castle in the far Northeast Highlands and Adare Manor in County Kilkenny, Ireland. Both are extraordinarily beautiful, seeped in history, and most accommodating to guest. I was made to feel like a long lost relative rather than a paying guest. Readers can find pictures of both castles on the Photo Gallery of my web site And they can find some fabulous prizes like an expense paid trip to the 2007 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention on the Contest page, as well.

Okay last question, do you think it is necessary for a romance writer to be a romantic?

It certainly helps. There’s an old writers’ adage that says “Write what you know.” I do just that. I’m still in love with my childhood sweetheart. My hubby is as seriously alpha as they come, but funny, intelligent, and solicitous, so... I am. as they say, OLW, (one lucky woman.)

Thanks so much Sandy for taking the time to stop by and chat with us, I had a wonderful time. Coffee Time Romance also wants to take this time to thank Ms. Blair for being with us today. Thank you Ms. Blair.






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