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Thanks for stopping by, today we are happy to have Ms. Sandee McCann chatting with us about her book The Girl Hunter and giving us a little bit about herself. On behalf of Coffee Time Romance Welcome Ms.McCann!

Sandee can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Although I am an American, I have lived in the United Kingdom for the last six years. I’ve been married to my husband, Michael, for the last five years. I have been published since 1996, I was one of New Concepts Publishing’s launch authors. I work part time as a nurse on a neurosurgical unit at a local hospital.

How did you get started in your writing career and What made you decide to become a romance writer?

I always knew I wanted to write. In 1995, I decided to take The Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Workshop. They pair you with a published author who is your mentor throughout the program. I was paired with author Leigh Riker. I wanted to write big mainstream novels, but when Leigh looked at my writing sample, she replied, "This is romance." That day, a romance writer was born.

Do you have more then one project going at a time?

I always have several projects going on at one time. I like to go back and forth between projects. It keeps things fresh. It works for me.

Who was the hardest character to write about and why?

I wouldn’t say that any one character was harder to write about than the other. I’m a firm believer that as a writer you need to be able to live in the skin of every character you create. You need to think every thought, feel every feeling, react as that character. I do have some characters in upcoming books that are more complex than some of the others. I’ve had to try to put myself into their life situations and understand why they are the way they are.

You have a new book out The Girl Hunter can you tell us about this delightful book?

The Girl Hunter has just been released by LoveStruck Books. This book takes me back to writing a more traditional love story versus the more Urban Gothic type of romance that I’m usually associated with. In The Girl Hunter, I pair together two opposite characters in Katya Black and Bailey Simmons. Bailey is a down to earth, family oriented guy. He has had an average, sort of run of the mill life until he is involved in a life altering incident. Katya is a recent divorcee. She was married to a very wealthy, successful heavy metal musician named Storm Haven. Katya soon discovers that once she divorced Storm, all of her friends have scattered to remain in Storm’s limelight, and life as she knows it will change forever. It is a near death experience that brings Bailey and Katya together. But even as they begin to come together, their radically different past lives always seem to step in the way, along with a few friends with ulterior motives.

What would say is the greatest elements in writing your type of books?

Where as a lot of writers write plot driven books, my books are character driven. I believe that emotions are the biggest element in my style of writing. I want my readers to be able to experience the emotion right along side the characters and be able to come away saying, "Yes, I can totally understand how that character feels."

Do you have any special music or snacks you eat while writing?

I’m a huge coffee drinker. Although I am inspired a lot by music, mostly these days by bands like Stone Sour and Days of the New, I don’t really listen to music when I write. I can keep one eye on the television though as I write.

Sandee what was your favorite class in High School?

I had a few favorite classes in high school. I enjoyed English, but I think that was because I did well. I also enjoyed Speech and Drama.

Did you play sports or did you have any clubs you were a member of?

I went to a very small Catholic school, and there wasn’t much opportunity for sports or clubs. The focus was more on academics. But I was a very good tennis player and a decent basketball player.

What is your favorite movie that you could watch over and over?

I would have to say there are a few movies I can watch over and over. I especially love Ghost World, Ed Wood, and 28 Days. Around the holidays, I always pull out Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Christmas Vacation.

Which actor would you pick to play your hero in The Girl Hunter?

That’s a difficult question. But if I had to pick, I would say Vincent D’Onofrio, from Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He has the look and the versatility. I love how he can go from quirky good guy, to sadistic bad guy, to even Orson Welles in Ed Wood.

What a fantastic Interview with one of your favorite authors. Coffee Time Romance wants to take this time to thank Ms. McCan for chatting with us today.






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