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Please tell us about yourself?

I am an average guy, in an average family. I have an above average imagination and an endless amount of respect for women. My wife is my inspiration and the basis for all of my creations... right dear?

How did you first become published?

I was toying with humor books for a while. I like making people laugh and it seemed to always show up in my hobby of writing. For some reason I started writing short stories with odd twists. This led to stories with more sex and twists. If you think about it sex is pretty funny anyway. So after compiling 20 or so stories I sent them to Ellora's Cave and they took a chance on my STRANGE LUST book.

To my knowledge, there are very few men who write romance. How did you get started writing romance? What is it that appeals to you about this particular genre?

I love romance. I love the female form and the whole process of romance and seduction. Being a man made it tough to get into the genre but I have been told I write female characters well. Maybe in a previous life I was a woman. Probably a prostitute. LOL.

What do you like most about being a writer? What do you like the least?

Creating another place. Using a fantasy and taking a reader there with me. If I can make a woman squirm or giggle, then I have done a good thing. Least like is the worry. I sometimes feel I go too far. I don’t ever want to be insulting or derogatory to a reader. So I worry about that.

What do you consider to be the key elements to a good story?

Realism is key. I push that. Readers are smart people and I think if you make the characters and story realistic they believe and care about what is happening. Most of my characters have flaws of some sort.

What is your favorite genre of romance to write? Is there any genre you would rather not write about?

Contemporary. Humor. I like writing both together. I have done a bit of paranormal but am more comfortable in contemporary. I don't think I could do a suspense or historical. I love what writers do for these type of books though.

What is your favorite book that you have written so far?

Good thing you don’t ask tough questions. I have two. BROKEN. This came out last year and I was really trying to push some emotions with this story. It has a great secondary character in it named Rich. But I wrote this and could feel what the two main characters were going through. I wrote the book HAUNTING LOVE ALLEY with Sahara Kelly. This was one of those stories that just fell together so effortlessly. It is a solid story and has everything we wanted in it. I am so proud of this book.

I have just read Haunting Love Alley, which is a terrific story. What led you to your writing partnership with Sahara Kelly?

She contacted me after reading my STRANGE LUST books. She was curious about writing with another person. From there we talked and talked about doing this different then others. Not an anthology type with two different stories but instead writing one story with me as the male character and her as the female. Now we're on our 6th book together.

How did Haunting Love Alley come about? What inspired this particular book?

We wanted something different. I can’t remember if it was her or me that said Ghost Story. She’s done paranormal books before but I hadn’t and I wanted something different.

Did either of you write specific characters for the storyline?

Same as before except the twins and Maurice and Honey was a bit more of me going off. We both write a lot together and on our own then talk and change as the story goes.

What can you tell us about any upcoming projects that you are working on?

A third PARTNERS IN PASSION book and I have three stories going now. I tend to be scattered until the mood hits, then BAM.

I have been exploring your web site. Your cover art is absolutely beautiful.

Thank you. I am really proud of the cover work I do for the authors.

Is it difficult to balance being both a cover artist and an author at the same time?

Time is what I need. I do a lot of cover art and not enough writing right now. The balancing act is daunting. But I am busy, having fun and being creative so I can’t complain.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

KEEP WRITING. I met aspiring authors at RT and told them the same thing. Keep writing your stories. If I would have stopped I would have never met Sahara, been published, done cover art. It all comes from doing what your heart tells you. If you feel the need to tell a story then tell it. Even if it takes a long time it is worth it.

Where can readers purchase your books? How can they contact you?

I have a website

There are links there to a group Sahara and I have and my monthly newsletter.

Are there any final thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

I want to thank everyone that has read my books or if they haven’t, thanks for reading a little about me. If you get the chance, go check out my site and stuff. I appreciate the chance to do this interview.

Take care all, Scott







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