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I want to Welcome Renee Michaels to a little sit down and chat with Coffee Time Romance.  We are getting to know Renee a little better and also discussing her book ‘The Sword and the Sorceress’, now out from Liquid Silver Books.  It’s a lovely little piece filled with romance and intrigue, magic and mystique.  Renee, how do you take your coffee?

 Loaded and high octane. Lots of cream and sugar and very strong!

Where did the idea for this book, and the evident series to follow, develop?

I’m big fan of fantasy.  The kernel of the idea started sword wielding men and sorceress as their potential mates. I evolved from there.

Bane seems maybe the most complex character of the men we’ve met so far.  Do we see more of him in the series?

Sad but true. I’m new to this and he came out of no where. He is the hero in my next book.

Whose book is next to be published?

Bane and Sorcha, of course. I had to tell their story.

The description of the provinces and their peoples in the story remind me a little of a ‘Star Trek’ universe where each species had a certain set of general characteristics.  Are you a sci-if fan and/or where did your ideas spring from?

I’m a huge sci- fi fan. Cursed with a vivid imagination. Or is it a blessing? An idea pops into my head and I run with it. 

So, tell us how you write.  Are you an outliner, a free form story teller (you just write a continuous story) or do you pick and choose ideas and glue them together?

I’m a total panster so I never have a problem writing my characters in and out of tight corners. I’ve taken a couple of classes on how to plot. But I always fall back into my habits when the story gets ahold of me.

Are you a full time author or do you have another occupation?

I’m a stay at home mom so I fit my writing in when I can. I bribe my family for writing time when necessary. I get most of my chapters down very early- I wake up at five and try to get as much done before every body else gets up.

When you write your men do you have a ‘real’ model in mind, or do you imagine Mr. Perfect (or Dr. Dread) in your minds’ eye and describe him from there?

That depends. For my Sorceress series- I pictured Conan the Barbarian- not The Gov- the comic books flavored by the renaissance.

I have a yummy electrician in a short story I’m working on- who knew denim and callused hands could be so intriguing.

So guess I tailor my heroes to fit my stories.

Finish this sentence.  ‘When I write I am usually in….”

It’s not pretty! PJ’s and wild hair.

Is writing your only inventive outlet or are you otherwise creative as well?

 I cook! I like to think of it as being similar to writing! Gather the ingredients and watch it simmer. And hope it come out well.

Who are some of your favorite authors to read?

This is really hard. I’m a book junkie. I read every body from Betty Neels to Laurel Hamilton. Here goes- Nora Roberts, J.R Ward, Allison Brennen. Anne McCafferey, Tabitha Shay-Michael Connelly, James Rollins. I could go on for ever.

Thank you, Renee, for your time.  I look forward to the rest of the The Sorceresses of Syrren series!






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