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Book Reviews - To Love a Marine

Hello fellow Coffee drinkers! It is that time again. Today we are chatting it up with author Reana Malori. So please grab your favorite coffee, espresso, latte, or hot chocolate and get comfortable as we talk about alpha males, strong women, and life in general.

Hello Reana! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by and talk with me. Why don’t you start off by telling the readers a little about your novel Weekend Fling?

The story is about two people who meet by circumstance in a place that neither of them would normally visit.  Attraction is instantaneous between the two of them and although neither is looking for anything long-term, they both realize that their weekend together meant more to both of them than they expected.  Of course, there is some miscommunication and assumptions are made, but in the end, things work out.  Along the way, Kara discovers she is pregnant with Austin’s child and once he realizes this, he knows he must do everything in his power to make them a family, even though Kara tries to push him away at every turn.

How did you come up with the idea of a weekend fling turns to something more?

Well, I’ve heard stories about it often enough, but they don’t always have the happy ever after I would hope for.  But it’s the standard boy meets girl for weekend of fun only, but they end up falling in love, although that was never their intention.  For me, it’s based on the belief that love can be found when you least expect it.   I still believe in fairy-tales and love at first sight and feel strongly that two people can come together for what should amount to a fun time and find the love of their life because the chemistry is so strong.

Austin is a Navy SEAL turned Security Specialist. Is there a motive behind his career choice?

Well, for one I find Navy SEALs extremely exciting and sexy.   On the other hand, I also feel that men who dedicate their lives to saving and protecting others are the type of men “I” would enjoy falling in love with.  So, I try to make sure my stories have those same types of male leads.   The type of man Austin was, e.g., a protector, appeals to many women who don’t have a man like this in their lives.  Even if they do have their own protector, they still want to read about heroes who have these same characteristics.  Therefore, going from Navy SEAL to Security Specialist seemed like a natural transition.

Kara hides her love of being dominated from her friends, almost as if she is afraid they will judge her. Was there a reason behind you writing her character this way?

Many women want to show their strong, no-nonsense side to their friends and family.  Having a desire to be dominated in the bedroom is not always something people are willing to share.  Although there was no specific reason for writing her this way, as the story began to unfold, this is just how her character came to be.  I tried to do this in a way that did not detract from the overall character, but showed both her strong public side and her slightly different private side.

From your bio it states you started reading romance at the age of 14. Do you remember what your first romance novel was?

Oh goodness, I can’t remember the name, but I’m certain that it was by Cassie Edwards.  It was a historical romance, Interracial (WW/NAM), and I believe the title had “Savage” in it, which could be any number of her books.  I borrowed the book from a classmate and from that moment I fell in love with romance novels.  I can devour a novel in one sitting and since that moment so many years ago, I’ve read approximately two books per week, sometimes more if I have some great books in my to-be-read pile.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Well, I have two genres that I love.  For historical novels, I love Julie Garwood, Julia Quinn, and Johanna Lindsey. There are others that I would read, but these are the authors that I seek out and have practically every historical they have written.  For contemporary interracial novels, I enjoy Jayha Leigh, Jeanie Johnson, Drea Riley, Laura Guevera, Marie Rochelle, Aliyah Burke, Shara Azod, and Camille Anthony.  Actually, I could go on and name others, but these are the authors I enjoy reading the most.

You write interracial erotica novels. Are there any other genres you write? Would like to write? Would never in a million years even consider writing?

No other genres at this point, but I do want to delve into the paranormal a bit more.  I have one short-story that is paranormal, but none of my longer works have that aspect.  I’m interested in shifter stories as well, so I may try my hand at a werewolf shifter story sometime in the future.

I have got to agree with you about loving Alpha Males and strong women. The one thing I cannot stand is a wimpy heroine. What are some of your pet peeves when reading a novel?

I do not like heroines who continuously doubt the hero’s love for her.  Sure, every woman may have some doubts initially, especially in an interracial romance or if the woman is “fuller” figured, but ultimately, I expect the heroine to accept the love being freely given by the hero.  Another pet peeve I have is when the woman will not fight for her man or is too willing to give him up to another woman or simply let him walk away.  For me, romance is about escape and if I become upset at the heroine or hero for behaviors that would be unacceptable in real life, then I will not enjoy the book.  I try to steer clear of stories that have these types of story lines.

You mention in your bio that your day job is quite serious. Can you say what it is about?

Sure.  I work in human resource management at a large company in Virginia.  Because of my role, I am often dealing with the problems and issues of the people in my company, which can sometimes lead to undesirable personnel actions that have an impact on specific individuals.  While I love what I do for my day job, reading a good romance novel at the end of the day always helps to relieve my stress.

How long have you wanted to write? What was your first written novel?

I had been thinking about it for a couple of years, but my husband was the one who truly encouraged me to sit down and put my thoughts onto paper.  About nine months ago I sat down to write my first novel, To Love a Marine.  It was a story idea based on a personal experience in my life.  From that initial release, I have continued on from there and never looked back.

Are you currently working on anything now?

Yes, I’m working on several stories.  Stay with Me will be released within the next few weeks.  This is a story about two best friends who realize that they belong together.  I also have a short story called Change of Heart that will be released soon in an anthology.  There is another short story that I am finishing up soon that will be included in a separate anthology about some wild adventures at Mardi Gras.  All in all, there are definitely some good things on the horizon.

Do you belong to any social networks? EX: MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Definitely Facebook.

 I post regularly just to let people know what’s going on in my world and it’s another great way to stay connected to the readers.  At the moment, I’m not on any of the other sites.

And one last question I like to ask all of my interviewees. In keeping with the Coffee Time theme, if you could be described as a flavor of coffee, what would it be and why?

Skim, no whip, white mocha cherry.   I try as best I can to be good (skim, no whip), but I’m a sultry, smooth operator (white mocha), that likes to keep things interesting and sweet (cherry).  It’s my favorite drink!

I hope you enjoyed responding to my questions. I know I had a great time.

Thank you so much for the interview!

Weekend Fling is available now through Amira Press You can view the review here. Thank you readers for stopping by and listening in to my interview with Reana Malori. Have a fabulous day!






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