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Chatting with Rae Monet. It took me over six years to publish my first book.  A long haul. The first day it was released from I was literally jumping up an down for joy.  There were tears in my eyes.  

Yes, I have a strict writing schedule.  Every day I try to work on my current WIP.  At least three pages.

I only outline my stories in my head, prior to writing.  That leads to many post-its along the way.  Before the story is concluded, post-its cover my computer. :)

Yes, I have always wanted to write romances.  Specifically, classy erotica, which is what LSB is all about.

My biggest hobby is reading.  I try to enjoy a good e-book in my spare time.  Which isn't

Right now I'm working on A Viking's Vow, the third book in the Solarian Warrior series.

I have an excerpt on my website,  It's going to be great. I have a good feeling about this book. My readers can contact me through my website  I am running a weekly book give away contest for those that sign my guestbook.

Yes, I frequently have writers block.  It is a most frustrating condition.  I just push through it.  

My website is  Please feel free to surf it.  I just published my first newsletter.  It's at  

My favorite author, that's a tough one.  I love JD Robb, but I wouldn't go as far to say say-- she's my favorite.  I guess I don't really have one.  I have an open mind and just love a good story.  Each month I place the story I liked most in my newsletter.  

I've been thinking of writing all my life but only began the pen my ideas on paper about 6 years ago.

The Lost Wolf Warrior is the debut of the Fantasy line Liquid Silver Books. The Lost Wolf Warrior is a sensual erotica romance from Liquid Silver Books.  It's a historical fantasy based in 14th century Scotland.  The story revolves around a secret society of people called the Solarians.  The Solarians, a gifted group of individuals, were eventually discovered by King Edward I when he attempted to eradicate all the wolves in England.  Feeling threatened by the Solarians powers, the King called for their deaths.  Each Solarian Wolf Warrior is linked telepathically to their wolf.  The first book in the Solarian Warrior series is about two Warriors of the Wolf-- who find each other.  They end up fighting for their love, their lives, and a fantastic legend.

Please fee free and check out my first newsletter and let me know what you think.

If you read Wolf, I hope you enjoy it.  Book number two, The Solarian Raven, will be out late summer 2004 from  I have an excerpt on my website.

Thanks so much Karen, it's been great interviewing with you.  

Hugs, Rae Monet






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