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Thank you, Coffee Time Romance for having me here today. I absolutely love coffee, but I'll need at least six packets of raw cut sugar.

It may be the difference in education between the UK and the US that is confusing. Could you explain why Harper fears Parent teacher interviews?

In the United States, teachers are sometimes portrayed as people who couldn't do anything else. There is a stereotype that teachers are somehow inferior to others in different professions or that teaching is easy. Harper's students have parents who beleive that if their students' education is poor or grades are failing, that it is the result of a poor teacher, not the student in question. So, she fears the interviews because, frankly, they often dissolve into attacks on her character and her job performances.

When Nathaniel is sent to prison he decides to lie to his son. This is a big decision with no correct answer but what reasons did he have not to explain to his son the real reasons he has been away?

When Nathaniel goes to prison, he lies to Scott because his son is only six years old. Additionally, he didn't want to speak poorly of his son's mother, because he knew that Scott would have to live with his mother. Nathaniel didn't feel Scott would understand the complex situation (him being innocent, his mother's affairs, her lies, etc.). I think too that Nathaniel was in shock himself and thought he could explain to Scott when he was older and more mature.

The instant attraction between Nathaniel and Harper is instant posing a number of ethical questions how much does affect their decision to start a relationship.

Harper is in almost constant worry about the situation. Although there isn't a law or district regulation prohibiting parents and teacher relationships, it does give Harper pause. She teases him a bit, but it takes some doing to get her to open to the idea completely, mainly because it does involve her job and it also affects Scott. Neither of those does Harper take lightly.

How well does Scot deal with the idea of his dad dating his teacher?

Scott's a surly sixth grade student. He takes to it as well as cats to water. LOL! I think he's happy to have his dad back in his life, but the idea that he has to share him with his teacher is torture for him, I'm sure. 

Harper’s insecurities lead her to run when Nathaniel’s ex-wife reveals he has been to prison does she really want him back or just want to stop him from being happy?

Nathaniel's ex-wife simple wants everyone to be as miserable and as unhappy as she has found herself to be. She doesn't want Nathaniel back, but she doesn't want him happy either.

Do you base any of your characters you have met? Friends or just someone you met in a coffee shop?

I base my characters on many things including friends and someone I've met in a coffee shop, a book store, at the hair dresser and standing on a corner waiting for the bus. Inspiration is like a spring. It sprouts from just about anywhere.

How much research do you do for your books? Would you visit or talk to a police officer for example?  

I do some research for my books, but it depends on my basic knowledge and what I don't already know. I have friends who are cops and teachers and construction workers and accounts and therapists, etc. What they can't tell me, I do research or ponder an expert. :-)

If you where to win a million dollars what would be the first thing you bought?

The first thing I would buy with a million dollars is a house in the country for my mother.

Paperback or E-book? And why?

Ebooks because they're more portable, saves more space and are easily accesible from anywhere.

What do you do with your spare time? Do you have hobbies or collections?

In my spare time I write and read. Those are my hobbies and my love. I collect comic books and manga. I also collect Barbie Dolls.

Do you have any other books coming out this year? What are you working on now?

I have several books coming out this year, including three this month! I am working on revising my sf/interracial story, Sudden Snow, and I'm working on finishing my new series involving the Neal family. 

Where can your readers find you on the net? Website, blog email etc?

Readers can find me at the following:

Yahoo Group

Thank you for spending your evening with me and sharing you book.
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