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HAPPY NEW YEARS!  We are very happy to have Rachelle Chase chatting with us today. On behalf of Coffee Time Romance I want to thank her for taking the time to talk with us.   Rachelle is going to talk about her book Out of Control, and the Ynez Spa Products that was born from it.

Rachelle, I just read, OUT OF CONTROL, from Secrets Volume 13.   I loved the story, and
noticed the Ynez Spa in there.  You are now marketing the spa products, could you tell us
if the spa products was a brainchild before you wrote this story or after?

I'm glad you loved my story, Wateena!  I thought of the products after OUT OF CONTROL.
Several months ago, while showering with the Jasmine soap, narcissism hit: One moment, I was admiring the lather on my arm and the next I was pressing my wrist to my nose to admire how good I smelled. Then, out of nowhere, came the thought of Astrid's exfoliation at Spa Ynez and ... you know that feeling you get when you're playing Bingo and only need one more number and the caller calls it? No? (Well, the only reason I know is because of The Annual Mother Daughter Bingo Bonding Session).

Anyway, out of nowhere Astrid and Spa Ynez and Jasmine soap collided and I thought,"Wow. What if I offered people a sexy read with sensual spa products?" Then, miraculously - okay. It wasn't a miracle. It was a bunch of work - was born.

In your story Out of Control,  Erik is a very Dominant male.  I love the dominant male, do you find that true with most of your readers?

Yeah ... <insert dreamy sigh here> ... I love a dominant male, too. The readers who write me seem to love the dominant male but the ones I haven't heard from could hate 'em. :-)

What are you working on now in your writing?

Well ... I've been TRYING to keep it quiet because I'm awaiting the signed contract but here's a hint:  In November, I was offered a two-book (both erotic romances, both single titles!) deal from a certain publisher, so I'm busy writing. They're both due by August 2006. I am soooo excited!

Where are you now in your Spa Products?

For now, what I have will probably be it for the spa products -- unless demand proves otherwise.  I didn't launch Spa Ynez with the intent to launch a spa product business. Rather, I wanted to give readers a fun way to try SECRETS VOLUME 13 or for readers to introduce SECRETS to others as a gift.

Will you stay writing now that you are venturing into a totally different field?

Most definitely!  Writing is my #1 interest.  And while I do have a "day job" now, my goal is to make writing my full time career.

Rachelle, could you tell us why you decided to go into the Spa Product career?

As I mentioned previously, spa products are not my career. I just happened to fall in love with the products and, when the idea (spa products I love + Spa Ynez in my novella, "Out of Control" = "Hey! Why don't I combine the two?!") hit me in the shower, I got excited about the idea and did it.

What or who has influenced your writing the most?

Hmmm ... As it relates to erotic romance, Robin Schone. GABRIEL'S WOMAN is my all-time favorite. I L-O-V-E that book. Talk about the epitome of an alpha male. And the epitome of a tortured hero -- a male prostitute who's been trained to satisfy men who ... oh, I can't spoil it for those who haven't read it. The point is, to take such a dark and serious subject matter, and make it a moving, erotic romance, with a hero I fell in love with and a heroine I empathized with ... Wow. If only I'm able to achieve half of that someday ...

Is the Ynez business affecting your writing and if so how or why?

It's the other way around.  Given the time that I need to spend writing, promoting SECRETS VOLUME 13, maintaining my web site (which is due for an update), writing articles for my monthly reader newsletter, The Chase Letter, (which sometimes isn't quite so 'monthly'), etc. I don't have as much time as I'd like to spread the word about the Spa Ynez products.  So I guess it's a good thing I don't want to make the spa business my career. LOL

Rachelle most writers start out as avid readers, were you a big reader? And is there any authors you loved to read?

Oh yes, I was a HUGE reader. My parents were constantly trying to get me to go outside and play but ... In 4th grade, I was reading adult fiction (as in, books for adults, not X- rated). I remember reading this one book about a teenage girl who ran away to L.A., got strung out on drugs, and became a prostitute. I was so shocked I decided to share her plight with my schoolmates. While discussing the book with my mom, I mentioned that I'd told a friend.

"Honey," she said, "You can't share what you read with kids at school because their parents may not let them read the books that we let you read. If you do it again, we're not going to let you read them anymore."

NO BOOKS?!  In that instant, my heart stopped. I couldn't imagine my world without books, without reading just about whatever I wanted to read. I never shared another detail with anyone other than my parents. My dad and I used to share Stephen King books. THE STAND was both of our favorites.

This is the start of a new year, what are your hopes as far as for your writing and your Ynez business?

First and foremost is to get my two full length books done and to have my editor absolutely love them. And since one should always aim for the mountain, I'd love for her to love my work 'as is', without a single revision needing to be made. LOL  I've also got an erotic romance novella, and a chick lit (titled RUNNING AWAY), circulating. It'd be wonderful to sell those, too.

Rachelle, would you please give us your website address?

Certainly. It's .

Are Ynez Spa Products available to everyone and where can you purchase them?

Anyone can buy them, however, they're only available here.

Rachelle is there a genre you have wanted to write, but haven’t?

There are two events a girl remembers the time and place of: 1. When she discovers her first romance and 2. When she loses her virginity ... I'm not sharing details on the virginity thing (LOL) but ... On the last day of school before summer break in the 6th grade, I found a box of Harlequin Romances in the back of a school closet (to this day, I cannot remember why I was rummaging around in that closet).  I sat in there and read one -- or as much of one as I could until I was caught.  And I've continued to read romance ever since. But, I've also read horror (i.e., Dean Koontz, Stephen King) and thrillers (i.e., John Grisham) since I was a kid.  I would love to write a psychological horror/thriller. I've been toying with the idea of a psychological horror thriller erotic romance. Now, there's something I haven't seen done yet! LOL

Where did you get the pretty cover or over all LOOK I guess for the Ynez Products?  And does the cover stay the same on the various products?

I came up with the overall concept for what I wanted and then, since my artistic talent is limited to words, used a graphic designer to draw it. The labels are pretty much the same on all the products, except for the different product names. Also, the Jasmine scented products have a pink sunset over the ocean to distiguish them from the Lavender.

Also I noticed you have names on these products, will you have names on all of your products?

Yes, all the products (except the soaps) are named after characters in my novella, "Out of Control" in SECRETS VOLUME 13 -- Astrid's Sugar / Astrid's Salt Scrub, Erik's Massage Oil, Astrid's Body Wash, and Suze's Body Cream. Since Astrid gets pampered and exfoliated in the story, I thought the scrubs and body wash were perfect for her. Since Erik gives her a most ... um... 'enjoyable' massage, he had to have his own massage oil. And I couldn't leave Suze out, with her being the instigator of the whole premise and all.

Will all your products be named after characters in your books?

Yep,all the products (except the soaps) are named after characters in my novella, "Out of Control" in SECRETS VOLUME 13.

On the signature it says BE OUT OF CONTROL, will this be something on all of your products?

BE OUT OF CONTROL appears on all of the products, except the soaps. Since the soaps are extremely fragrant, "Smell the flowers" felt more appropriate for the soaps.

Did you work with a Dermatologist with the ingredients in the Products?

No, because I did not create the soaps. Last year, I attended a Christmas fundraiser for a non-profit organization and bought some spa products made by a local woman. They were Christmas gifts but, well, I didn't see my friends for awhile, so I proceeded to use every bar of soap I'd bought for gifts. :-) And I loved them. Then, when the idea for the Spa Ynez product line hit me this year, I contacted her about a private label deal. She said yes and ... here I am. The ingredients are listed on all the products -- except the soaps -- and can be emailed to those with sensitive skin, allergies, etc. upon request.

Do you have different aroma's for the sense's?

Currently, I only offer two different scents -- Lavender and Jasmine. Jasmine is my favorite!

What do YOU like most about your products?

I love the scents. All the products are infused with the aroma of jasmine or lavender. The creamy lather of the soap is wonderful. And the scrubs -- I may be a bit biased since I'd never tried a scrub before these products but ... I love the way my skin feels (soft and smooth and tingly) after I use Astrid's Sugar Scrub.

Can you use these products with sensitive skin?

Quality ingredients are used in the products, such as food grade (not cosmetic grade) vegetable oils and the highest grade essential oils. In addition, the soaps do not contain chemicals or hardeners. However, since the products are not specifically targeted to those with sensitive skin -- they do contain fragrances (essential oils) -- people with known allergies should request a list of the ingredients before purchasing.

Is there anything you would like to mention or leave your reader’s with?

Writing is hard, with days when I think every word I've written sucks and I fear that I've lost the ability to write a decent page, let alone a book. And, for me, writing erotic romance is even harder (no pun intended). Keeping the sexual tension present on almost every page and consistently high throughout the story, making the characters think and act sensually while doing mundane things, making the sex scenes erotic and have purposes deeper than sex ... well, it can be a challenge. So when I get an email or a letter from a reader stating how much they liked this-or-that, or what such-and-such meant to them, it makes my days and weeks. And I keep those letters and emails in a notebook for the bad days.

So, I just wanted to say that letters from readers mean a lot to writers. They sure have to
me. So thanks to the readers who have taken the time to write me.  

And, thank you, Wateena, for taking the time to interview me. It's been fun!

Thanks Rachelle for speaking with us today, I have really enjoyed the interview.  I want to thank Rachelle Chase for chatting with us today, and to let the readers know, I have the Lavender set, and it is beautifully packaged and smells wonderful.  The readers should get a kick, like I did, that they are using the same things that the characters in Out of Control did.  On Behalf of Coffee Time Romance   Happy New Years, and thanks for stopping by.






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