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Speaking of "hot" weather, we're lucky enough to be able to speak with Rachel Cade, author of "Once is Never Enough" - just released with Venus Press. Coffee Time Romance wants to take this time to thank Ms. Cade for joining us today. Welcome Ms. Appel. Please tell us about yourself.

I live in Massachusetts and have pretty much all of my life. I've been writing since about twelve, and Once Is Never Enough was my first published novella. If I'm not a work, then I'm writing... or staring viciously at a blank screen.

What is your inspiration for writing? What makes you get up in the morning (or at night, whenever you do your work) and head for your computer? What pulls you to create such amazing chemistry and great settings?

Well thank you. I guess I sort of see the story in my head. That's how it comes together anyway. Sometimes something will just pop in my head out of the blue. And I'll say wow that would make a great scene. I guess the desire to write; the drive to see it through, and this nagging in the back of my head are what draw me to the computer.

What do you like most about being a writer? What do you like the least?

Fans. I have yet to grow tired of hearing people say they like me work. It often encourages me to keep writing when I might slack off. Seeing myself published, knowing that people appreciate and enjoy al the hard work you've put into it. The worst thing -- writers block, is the new kid on the block. Romance in any genre is extremely competitive.

Tell us about your book, "Once is Never Enough". Where did you get the idea for the story, and will there be a sequel?

Well, this is interesting. Once is Never Enough has been on a little red pad in long hand on my bedroom since 1998. For a long time I quite writing. But it was always one of my favorite stories. It actually stemmed from what I was reading in regular paperback romance. I really wanted to do something that was extremely sexy and passionate and strong. I didn't want to tell a soft story. The idea just pretty much comes from my fantasies... like wouldn't it be great to go on a trip overseas and it turns into this spontaneous erotic adventure. There has always been a sequel in the works. It's not coming along as fast as I would like, but what I have so far is wonderful. There will be lots of new places and new positions:) for Zenya and Toni.

Tell us why you chose Paris as the backdrop for your story. Besides the fact that it's the city of love, was there a more personal reason? Have you been there before?

I have unfortunately never been to Paris but I have always been fascinated by the city and its history. I just thought it would be a great setting for just about any tale.

What is your favorite genre to write? Is there any genre you would rather not write about?

I guess I would say romance...although it gets frustrating at times to keep it new. I think a genre I would NOT like to write about would be non-fiction. I love the aspect of creating my own worlds and characters; sometimes the truth can be boring...

You mention on your website your love for reading. Do you find that you still take time to do that now? If so, what is your favorite genre to read?

I try; I am currently reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. My personal reading usually has very dark themes. I have read lots of Sandra Brown this year. I tend to stay away from mainstream paperback romance.

I like to believe I've evolved:) Occasionally I'll pick up an erotic ebook if it interests me enough.

What is the most romantic thing that someone ever did for you? What is the most romantic thing you've done for someone else?

The most romantic thing anyone ever did for me was telling me they love me.

The most romantic thing I've done... well... I am not really sure; I'll have to ask him.:)

Tell us about your next project(s).

Well I signed two new contracts with Venus Press. The first coming out will be Nineteen. It's another novella and it's my first ménage story. I have to say it was the easiest and most fun to write of all my stories. The female lead Asia Bingham is a bored Hollywood trophy wife with an invisible husband. Travis and Zack are the two guys doing landscaping work in her backyard. On the hottest summer day in California

Is the setting when this story gets very very naughty?

The second is Dark Knight. This is probably the most intricate, like Once is Never Enough its going to have two parts. The first is about Krystal Douglas, a typical young New York woman who gets attacked in an alley after a dinner date. She is saved by a masked vigilante and soon after becomes embroiled in his life.

Would you give us your website address?

On behalf of Coffee Time Romance we thank Ms. Cade for taking time to down with us and get to know more about her and her work. Thanks Ms.Cade.  Fabulous Interview! 

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And thanks so much for having me! :)






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