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Welcome, and Happy Holidays!  Coffee Time Romance would like to take this opportunity to thank author Phyllis Campbell for chatting with us today about her book Always My Love and some of her other works, along with a little about herself.

Could you please tell us about your upcoming release, Always My Love?

This story carries over one of my secondary characters from a previous release (My Knight, My Rogue), Nicholas Fielding, Marquis of Castledale. He discovers his dying father is in the process of becoming bethrothed to a young woman - a woman younger than him and his brothers. But when he finds out the woman is his childhood love, he's crushed.  This is an emotional story for both hero and heroine because Catherine Martin had a secret yearning for Nicholas as a young girl, too. She has no other choice but to follow her parents' wish and go along with the betrothal plans the Duke of Havenwood although she'll never stop loving Nicholas. To spice things up, I've added a mystery / suspense to the story that hopefully will keep the reader on the edge of their seats during the ending.

Who was your favorite character in this book and why?

This is a hard question.  It's a toss up between hero and heroine.  I'd have to say Nicholas, though. (I'm always partial to men. <wink>) Nicholas Fielding's character was very different from what I've written before, only because he's already given his heart to a woman - a woman he can't have. Then to see her every day, knowing that she'll soon be his father's bride, he's heart broken. Yet when his father makes Nick take Catherine to society's funcitons, Nick is unable to keep from wanting to touch her, kiss her, and make her his. I really enjoy writing sexual tension, and there is sure a lot of it in this story - only because they both know they can't be with the one they love...yet they can't stop themselves, either.

What do you consider to be the key elements that make up a good story?

Oh, this is a tough one. To me, there are several key elements that makes a good story. Plot and characterization and good writing. Can't have one without the others. If the plot is good but I can't get a feel for the characters because of the bad writing, then I don't read the story. I want the story to pull me in and keep my butt rooted to the sofa until I've turned the last page of the book. I want to feel what the characters are feeling and experience the story through their eyes. Without that, the story has failed.

What is your favorite genre to read and write ?

Historical!! And don't ask me why, either. <grin> I have always been fanscinated with England in the 1800's. Their manners, their speech, and their clothes has captured my interest. Guess I'm weird, huh?

Do you have a favorite author?

I would have to say my favorite author would happen to be the one who hooked me on romance - Kathleen E Woodiwiss. The very first romance I read was A Rose In Winter. After I put that book down and I had read all of hers, then when I wanted more, I searched for other authors who wrote Regency and Victorians. Judith McNaught is another favorite.

How did you decide that you would be a writer, and what helped you make that decision?

I had been an avid reader of romance for a few years when I'd watched this movie that had a really good romance, but the ending was not Happily Ever After. I'd always had movie-like dreams, and so after one of my dreams not long after watching this terrible movie, I just decided 'what the heck'? I grabbed a notebook and a pencil, curled up on the sofa, and started writing. One month later (and a cramped hand), I started my next story, and so on, and so on... After four or five years of doing this for fun, I decided I would like to see if I could get one published, but to do that I would have to learn a lot! I'm still learning the art of writing, but I'm very pleased with what I've accomplished so far. In fact...Always, My Love was my very first historical. I had made so many mistakes with that story that it took me quite a lot of pulling my hair out to finally revise it enough for publication. And I'm happy I did!

When you start a new book, what comes first, the characters or the plot?

Definitely the characters...well, mostly.  Once in a while it's been the plot.  I think up an occupation for my hero and my heroine then I figure out their GMC (goals, motivations, conflicts). By this time, the plot starts to come together. I hardly ever plot out the story all the way, instead I let my characters write it for me. They haven't failed me yet!

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Sleep. (laughing) Honestly, there's nothing else to do. I work a full time job Monday through Friday, 8-5, and I write pretty much ever night and on the weekends. So when I'm not at work, and I'm not writing...I'm usually sleeping. heehee  I fit family time in there, too, but my daughters have lives of their own now and they don't demand a lot of attention from me anymore.  My husband is used to my schedule, and so only bothers me when he really needs something.

Do you have any chats, appearances, or upcoming events which you would like to share?

Well, by the time this interview comes out, I'll probably already had my chat at Coffee Time (Nov. 15) and my author day at Fallen Angels Reviews Chatter's group on Nov. 30th. But I will have my first booksigning in February 3 & 4 at the Holiday Inn Downtown in Salt Lake City, Utah at my RWA Chapter's conference. And what's more exciting is that I'll have actual books!! Before all my stories have been ebooks, but Always, My Love  and my story in Champagne's Christmas Anthology will both be released as trade paperbacks!!!

Can you share your website address with us?

Would love to! (give it 15 seconds or so to download) also feel free to email me -

I loved your story, it was so riveting, I was on pins and needles during a lot of it. I hope to get a chance to read more of your books in the future. I really enjoyed this book, and I am so happy you agreed to an interview.

You don't know how happy that makes me!!  Thanks for making my day!!! Thanks from myself and Coffee Time Romance for chatting with us today. No - thank YOU for the opportunity!

Thanks Ms. Campbell, and on behalf of Coffee Time Romance Happy Holiday’s!






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