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We are not only welcoming Jack Frost in we are also welcoming some of your favorite Authors. Today we have Patrica Walters-Fisher, talking about her book A Naked Holiday  And a little about herself. Coffee Time Romance wants to take this time to welcome Patrica Walters-Fisher.

Can you tell us a little about you and how you started writing?

I've been writing since I was eight--I kept a journal. But serious writing, not until college and pursuing it as a career, only after I'd been a nurse for about 5-7 years.

A Naked Holiday  is out now for the readers pleasure can you share with us how this makes you feel?

Long hours behind the computer and trying to put words to the screen have paid off. As Winston Churchill said (and my friend Desiree Holt) "Never, Never, Never Give Up!"
What book are you working on now? Will we see any of the characters from your other books?

I'm working on a series for this particular genre--older couples finding each other again. It's one I've pitched to my editor and I'm hoping to have another 2-4 out next year. These characters won't be in it because each of these books will be about the couples only, but the cabin where they go will be the same.
I am working on another fiction series, but it's under my actual name (Patricia Walters-Fischer) and the first in the series is called "Worth the Weight."
What would you say are the greatest elements in writing your type of books?

I have been told one of my best attributes to my writing is the dialoge. It helps that I'm an auditory person, that's probably why.
Which of your characters was the hardest to write? And why?

The characters weren't has hard to write as the sex scenes. It's my first erotica and I had to break down quite a few barriers on my own censorship. I wanted to scenes to be sexy and believable, not canned. As author Sandy Blair said "If you're not getting turned on writing them, no one is going to get turned on reading them." She has great advice.
Do you plot or write by the seat of your pants?

I love to write by the seat of my pants. Sometimes, that's some of the best writing I do. But, with two children, I have to plan my writing time as well.

Which actor would you pick to play your hero?

My hero is in his late fourties, so someone like George Clooney, John Stamos, or even Jon Stewart. I want a MAN, not a guy. Someone who is comfortable with himself, but someone you could totally see in love with his wife.

What is your favorite movie that you could watch over and over?

The Birdcage is one I've watched too many times. Sleepless in Seattle and the original The Mask of Zorro with Tyrone Powers are two of my favorites.
What are some of your hobby's?

Cross-stitch, practicing my French, Spanish, and Italian; reading (of course), and exercising.

What is your favorite junk food to eat when you are writing?

Depends on what time of the month it is. I try not to eat junk food when I write because I lose track of what I've eaten and end up eating too much.
What was your favorite subject in High School?

English, Band, and French
Did you play any sports or were you in any clubs in High School?

Yes, I was in the marching and concert bands--I played percussion. I was also in French Club, Academic Decathalon, Good Sportsmanship League, and student council.
Were can readers find your books and how can they contact you?

Right now, A Naked Holiday is my only book in print, but I have a story in Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2 (A Visit from Mom) and multiple articles out in several different publications (Hot Mom's Club, American Journal of Nursing). Here's to hoping for the publication of Worth the Weight in 2008. You can also go to my website or to get updates and read excerpts. 

Thank you so much Patrica for taking time out to talk with us, on behalf of Coffee Time Romance we give an especially big THANK YOU.






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