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Hi Everyone! We here at Coffee Time Romance give a big welcome to Pamela S. Thibodeaux, author of The Inheritance. So grab a cup of coffee, pull up and chair and sit back and relax as we learn more about The Inheritance.

Liadan: Pamela, could you tell us a little about yourself and how you began your writing career?

Pamela: Hello Liadan and fellow coffee drinkers! Thank you for having me here at Coffee Time Romance for a little chat. I am a wife/mother/grandmother/full-time Insurance Sales Producer and writer. I am also the Co-Founder/President & Treasurer of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Whew! No wonder I'm so tired all the time. LOL!

I began writing 25 yrs ago in 5-subject notebooks, graduated from that to a Word Processor after about 11 yrs then to a computer 7 yrs later.

I've always been an avid reader of romance, so it was only natural that I write what I love; however when I committed my life to Christ in 1989, I also committed my writing to Him and that's when the focus changed from “just another romance” to something that would glorify Him. It is my prayer that I do so in all of my writings.

Liadan: I know your books have been labeled 'inspirational with an edge' and I am curious how you feel about that and if you agree with the people who have said that? I know I agree with them.

Pamela: Actually, Liadan, I'm very happy with the tagline, especially with the reviews like “steamier and grittier without decreasing the message” and “never dogmatic or insular...offering faith instead of religion.”

Liadan: Your book, The Inheritance, is a story about Rebecca Sinclair, a woman who has lost her husband and is trying to get her life back on a somewhat normal level. How did you come up with the character of Rebecca?

Pamela: When I heard that Harlequin was introducing their NEXT line with heroines over 40 or in the second half of their life, the first thought that came to me was...they say life begins at 40 but for rebecca sinclair that's far from the truth. Of course that thought quickly rolled into another and the book flowed out from there. Of course, having turned 40 three days before my youngest child graduated high-school, I could relate with Rebecca very well on the 'empty nest' syndrome. :-)

Liadan: Raymond is a wonderful character, he has his own share of problems but still manages to help Rebecca. Did you base him on someone you know or just create his character?

Pamela: Raymond is a combination of the best characteristics of several men I've known in my life...husband, brothers, friends (sweet, sexy, sentimental yet strong).

Liadan: Rebecca's two children are quite different. Her son seems more protective of her, which is a good thing at times, but also has a problem with Ray at first. Then there is her daughter who is happy about her relationship with Ray. Was her son's reaction to Ray and the ensuing argument something that you have personally experienced or someone close to you has?

Pamela: Most young men are protective of their mother, especially where a man other than their father is concerned. There was a time when my teenage son showed a certain amount of aggression toward my husband although he'd been step-father to my children for several years. It's a natural part of growing up and when the father is no longer in the picture, the son normally takes on the responsibility of 'man of the house' so to speak...this has been going on for generations. Think about all of those books and movies when the man goes off to war or something and leaves the son in charge – regardless of the age of the boy, that child takes the care of his mother and/or sisters to heart. That natural instinct combined with the secret her son carried made perfect fodder for conflict.

Liadan: I found that Rebecca handled finding out about her husband's affair rather well. She was such a strong character to begin with but that incident proved just how strong she truly was when she welcomed his son into their family. Was this a hard part of the book for you to write?

Pamela: Not really. As you say, Rebecca is a very strong woman in spirit and in her faith. And a woman who loves children would know that -regardless of circumstances- the child is not to blame. On top of that, the Bible does state that Christians should look after widows and orphans and Jin is not only an orphan, but the brother to her children. My ex-husband has a daughter by his second wife and there was a time I would have adopted(tried to adopt!) that little girl if Child Protection Services had allowed me to, so I related to Rebecca's feelings about that child very well.

Liadan: Your faith comes through in your stories yet you do most certainly give it an edge as has been said. Have you faced criticism for writing as you do?

Pamela: Yes, somewhat. My books are not published by traditional CBA publishers nor carried in the Christian bookstores due to the 'gritty realism' as well as the sensuality contained within them. I'm a firm believer that anything that gives God glory deserves to be praised, and I'm not saying that my writing is better than what is found in Christian stores or published in the CBA, it's just different. I've tried to conform to the guidelines set forth by the CBA, but to be honest, it's just not what I write. The CBA wants 'chast' romances...the emotional side of love without the physical. For me you can't have one without the other. Naturally there has to be some boundaries, but I love sensuality...not necessarily 'sexuality' but sensuality in my romances...guess it comes from being a sensual creature myself and from reading the Song of Solomon so much. ;-)

Liadan: What is your favorite time of year?

Pamela: Christmas is my favorite time of year although I hate the cold, LOL! It just seems like the world is a nicer place during that time.

Liadan: How do you and your family celebrate your holidays?

Pamela: By eating too much!! :-)

Liadan: If you could go back in time for the strict purpose of meeting one person and having an hour long chat, who would it be and why?

Pamela: My first inclination is to say much as I love to pray, praise and worship, I'd love to sit at the feet of the Master. I'd love to look into those beautiful eyes and see, and experience the love He has for me—and you! I'd love to hear his voice as he teaches and have all of my questions about the difficulties of life answered.
However, I really think I'd like to talk to Mary, the mother of Jesus...and know...HOW do you become such a faithful servant of God? How do you relinquish total control of your destiny? How do you give up your child? How do you get over losing Him at such a young age? How do you trust so implicitly? How can I be more like you (her)?

Liadan: On behalf of Coffee Time Romance I would like to thank you for spending time with us today. We look forward to many more wonderful and faith filled stories.

Pamela: Once again, Thank you for having me here at CTR!






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