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Talking with Pamela Johnson

Welcome, I like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer a few questions.

Hi Karen, thank you, its nice to visit with you at Find Out About New Books!

How Long did it take you to get your first story Men of Entice, Wild & Unruly published?

* Well, Wild and Unruly is my first Men of Entice novella,(MOE just opened in Feb. 2004 and Wild & Unruly was its launch title) and I'm pleased to announce Shake My Tree due in December 2004, yummy ex- marine, kickboxer, Jason Johnson dons the cover on that one.

* I am multi-published in both non-fiction and 7 full length romance fiction of various genres-including romantic suspense, paranormal, contemporary, historical and more than a dozen short stories, novellas, poems and articles.

* I founded and co-edited an 80 author anthology called Crumbs in the Keyboard, and recently published a book, So Your Muse Has Gone AWOL? with writer and mentor, Lori Soard based on a creative writing workshop we put together for the Romantic Times conference 2003. We are working on presenting soon it for the first time to aspiring writers and seasoned writers online.

How did you feel the day your book was released?

**My first full-length book, Unfinished Dreams was released in July 2002 and it was one of the most exciting days of my life. Every book, every story that releases is the same thrill for me.

Do you have a strict writing schedule?

* I wish. Though I have honed it to a greater discipline than it once was. Part of that comes from desire to write, and the rest is survival. I still have three kids (all boys) living at home and two of those are twins. So I begin right after they leave for school and write until around noon (frequent intervals for laundry switching) and back to the notebook or keyboard until around five. (break about
3:15 to see boys)

What are some of your hobbies?

* I love flower gardens, but I don't have as much time as I once did for them. I also love to watch romantic comedy movies, and lay in my hammock on my deck and pretend I live on the ocean<g>I used to oil paint and still sketch. Photography has become a lot of fun too.

Have you ever had writers block?

* Interestingly, our book (So Your Muse Has Gone AWOL?) covers that territory and we discovered as we polled various writers at different levels of published, that writers block and losing your muse are not necessarily the same thing.(You'll have to get the book to discover why<g>)

What was the very first story you wrote unpublished?

**A little novella called Dance with Providence, which was about a young widow who moves to Mackinac Island to pursue her dream of writing and discovers love and danger at the same time. That novella was rejected in an anthology contest years ago and was exactly the reason I began to learn more about writing, really seeking to understand. I took some classes, joined writers groups, had crit partners--I love to learn. I suppose you could call that another of my hobbies. A true Happily ever after ending to that story: that original novella was lengthened and is now published. Tides of Autumn is the 1st in a trilogy called "The Shores of Mackinac." Book #2-Winds of Providence will release Feb 2005.

Are you working on any writing projects right now?

* I am working on deadlines right now. I have an ultra-spicy ebook (Lovers & Barbells) coming out summer 2004 under the pen name of Pamela Bliss from Afternoon Delights, as well as a short story. Under my real name-I am working on the second book in the Mackinac series, a pirate time-travel historical Lady of the Sea that's been requested in full by a publisher, and I have some other writing projects for various magazines and specific publishers.

What stories do you have out now?

* Unfinished Dreams, Seasons of Romance anthology, Cursed Comes Christmas, Tides of Autumn, So Your Muse Has Gone AWOL? I recently retired Crumbs in the Keyboard and my historical White Eagles Lady. I have *I think* about ten or so dollar download stories at Echelon Press and a novella with Men of Entice (

How can your readers contact you?

* On my website is a mailbox and also I love to hear from readers through my guest book I also have a periodic newsletter for breaking news, releases, appearences, chats and contests. Readers can sign up for that by sending an email to:

What is your web site add?


Who are your favorite authors?

* Lori Soard, Stella Cameron, Fern Michaels, Carly Phillips, Suzanna Forrester, Anne River Siddons, Susan Wiggs, Antoinette Stockenberg, Barbara Bretton, Christina Skye, Linda Windsor, Hope Tarr, Cathy Maxwell, off the top of my head.

How long have you been writing?

* I've managed my own weekly newspaper column now for six years, my crossover to fiction started five years ago.

Do you have any thing to add?

* Thank you to all the readers, you are the inspiration-the reason we love what we do!

Thank you so much for chatting with us!

* Its been a privilege Karen. All the best and be well!

Warmly, Pamela






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