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Hello Nicole Morgan, glad to have you spend a few minutes with the Coffee Crew. I’ll be Alexix, your dashing interviewer for the time so grab a vodka or three and make yourself at home.

Tell us who you are and what do you do?

Well, um no thanks, I don’t need a drink.  My name is Nicole Morgan and I wrote erotic romance that hopefully evokes all sorts of emotions when you read it.

What got you started in writing erotic romance?

I started writing last year when a story kept popping in my head. It was relentless, I kept seeing in my mind’s eye how this couple would meet and…ahem…do a myriad of things with one another.  Rather than have the story play out in my head I decided to put it on paper, or more accurately to my computer.

I’ve been skimming over Sweet Vengeance and wondering how you came up with the concept of this series.  Tell us about that.

Well I came up with the concept of Sweet Vengeance because I simply couldn’t let my Navy SEALS Sweet Series rest.  I loved my first two heroes in Sweet Redemption (Jack) and Sweet Salvation (Rex) and couldn’t help but had on to their story. 

Right from the git-go of Sweet Vengeance you throw us into the action.  Is this typical of your stories?

I try to grab the reader in the first chapter.  If I don’t I feel I’ve already failed the reader.  My hope is that after you read the first page you are already immersed in the story and wondering what is going to happen next.

What can readers expect from a Nicole Morgan book?

My intent with every story I write is to bring passion to life, but I will admit that I want you to have certain reactions, if you will, from some of the erotic content. *winks*

What’s your writing environment like?

My writing environment is very exciting.  I sit at my computer desk, in a leather office chair in the loft of my home.  In this room I am surrounded by luxurious fabrics and erotic portraits on the wall and a track of sexy music playing in the background.  *shakes head and blinks eyes* Okay, sorry, I might have gotten lost in a day dream there for a moment.  Actually I sit in a boring home office, usually prop up my feet and place the keyboard on my lap as I type my little heart away.

Do you wear sexy lingerie when you write? I know one writer who does…

Wear sexy lingerie? Um, no…am I supposed to be wearing something when I write? Lol…actually no I just wear…are you ready for this…clothes!  I know, I know, a bit unconventional, but I try to not stick with the norm.

How do you balance family, career and writing?

Is there a balance that works? Lol…well if you find out what it is let me know. *winks*

Any bad habits?

What? Bad habits? I am perfect…why are you laughing? Okay, maybe perfect might be stretching it just a bit. I can’t think of any bad habits per se, other than a slight addition to twitter, but that is more of a way of life and less of a bad habit really.

Lastly, what would you like to leave Coffee Time Romance and More with?

Um…let me think about this for a minute. *looks up and ponders* Oooh, I know…buy my books! *winks*

Thank you for your time Miss Morgan, best of success to you!






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