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Hello everyone and welcome. Today we here at Coffee Time Romance are pleased to have author Nathalie Gray joining us. Welcome Nathalie and thank you for taking the time from your schedule to join us.

About the authorNathalie Gray makes her home in a complex below Antarctica where she designs experimental ice cream flavors. She also dislikes talking about herself in the third person because it always reminds her of Julius Caesar and since we all know what happened to him, well, I prefer to use the first person, if you don’t mind. Et tu, Brute?

Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself and how you began your writing career?

About me? Let’s see. I have a hopeless crush on Chow Yun-Fat. Wasn’t he dreamy in Pirates III? With all them scars? *happy sigh*. Oh, erm, sorry. Yes, the interview. I was in the Canadian military for twelve years, where I learned a) English and b) all kinds of uses for baby wipes, parachute cord, and gun tape. Writing is my second career, which spawned from my inability to make the voices in my head shut the hell up. Writing rocks, man!

Your book DamNation has received numerous outstanding reviews. Could you tell us about this story?

It’s noire, that story, baby. Go ahead. Stretch the word for added emphasis—nnnwwaaaarrrr. I thought it’d be an interesting twist to make the vamps the “lesser” species, you know, the one in chains even if they’re bigger, stronger and have pointy teeth. Just like when you see a man holding a bear on a leash. That always makes me wish (and I know it’s creepy) that the bear would just go GRRRR and show the dude who’s his daddy! In DamNATION, humans created a physically superior race to do the dangerous/dirty jobs. But, that sub-species rebelled...

Did you have inspiration for the characters of Dawn and Helios?

They just came to me. Doesn’t that suck when you try to see how someone thinks and they just say “it just came to me”?! But it’s true! I swear! Helios came to me first because I was in Full Research Mode (my pride and joy). So my editor (who’s a pro anthropologist) and I entered into a long correspondence about melanin, predatory traits, and all kinds of good stuff. Then I came up with my heroine, she was fun to play with. I wanted her to have a big mouth but not be one of those bitchy heroines. She’s A Bitch, not bitchy. And yes, to me, there *is* a difference.

Where did you come up with the storyline for DamNation?

I was on a trip to London. When I saw the Tower Bridge, I just knew I had to write a story about it. I mean, there HAD to be a lonely, brooding vampire living up top. There just HAD to be! London is so full of goodies!

Do you have anything coming up that you would like to tell us about?

Oh, man, so much stuff. Go get a coffee (because it’s Coffee Time... Getit? Getit? Huh huh huhhuh). Okay, the following is all coming from Ellora’s Cave:

  • The explosive finale to my Femme Metal series just came out (Femme Metal 3: Cold Fusion)
  • July 07, book two in the Lycan Warriors Series, comes out and for those who enjoyed the shy, giant lycan Cupcake, well, it’s all about him
  • August 07, a humorous/adventure space romp entitled Intergalactic Nick, about a cat burglar who meets his match, hits the e-shelves
  • October 07, entitled Gentlemen Inc., my first contemporary and also the launching novel for an eponymous series, is the story of an all-male escort/spy agency. Think guns, baby oil and pole dancing!

Do your characters badger you until you write their story?

Since I’m the Evil Overlordess of All Things in the Whole Galaxy (with some most excellent silver gogo boots, my lovelies), I get to decide whose story needs to be told. Right now, I’m plotting Lycan Warriors 3: Carnal. That’s it. When I decide it’s time to tell so and so’s story, I’ll let the computer know. You can’t give in to the voices or they’ll just turn into teens, you know, eat all the food and take all the hot water.

Will we see more of Dawn and Helios or is there a story lurking about Dorian and Artemis? (Love the names, they are great.)

I don’t know. I hadn’t expected people would love DamNATION so much. It’s my mostest most violent story, with elements of eugenics and slavery in a future world gone mad. Ahh, you enjoyed Dorian and Artemis, did you? When I first plotted DamNATION, Dorian was supposed to die. I don’t know why I changed my mind. Maybe because I wanted to redeem him a bit first? I’m such a big sucker for redemption!

What do you like to do to unwind and take the edge off?

I travel with my men (husband and son, we make a fun trio), I watch movies, and I eat chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, I also enjoy watching soccer games, live or on TV. Italian soccer players make my blood pressure just go WHOOSH!

If you could spend the day with one person, could be a famous figure or not, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Oooh, easy. Either comedians Denis Leary and George Carlin, or milk-out-the-nose-funny author Christopher Moore. I love people with a sense of humor. It’s hard to be funny. It’s much simpler to be morose or bitchy, but being silly or knowing how to give/take jokes, it’s not only hard, it’s important. We need more funny people on this planet.

Are there any conventions, signings, chats or appearances you have planned?

I just attended at my very first Romantic Times Book Lover Convention in Houston and HAD A BLAST. I sold almost all my books, I signed all kind of stuff, I had my picture taken with handsome gentlemen. I mean, wow! So, barring any meteorites, I should be at the 2008 RT convention as well. In the meantime, you can visit me at where I regularly post updated info about everything from writing news to travel pics. Oh, don’t forget when you visit to put your pin on my map (click on the globe). Thanks Coffee Time Romance!

You are most welcome Nathalie and on behalf of Coffee Time Romance, I would like to thank you for joining us today.






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