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Good morning, Natasha and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Please grab a seat in our cozy recliner, and be sure to get some delicious baked treats off the table. They are all calorie free. Karenne made sure to take all the fattening stuff out. Oh, and don’t forget to slip on the relaxing fuzzy pink slippers. The readers are very eager to learn more about Natasha Knight.

Thanks Cherokee, I'm thrilled to be here. Ooh, nice slippers…I think I'll help myself to this slimming brownie here…

Natasha, why not tell us what a day is like for you once you wake and start your busy schedule?

Well, I have two kids who are still in grade school so getting them ready is first. Some mornings definitely go more easily than others! I bike them to school and then I've got until about 2:30 to e-mail, promote and of course write. I try to make the latter my priority and I enjoy it the most. I'm lucky that I have that block of time but once the kids are home, I have to put my laptop away and be a mom!

Now, to your latest book. The readers are anxious to hear about Taming Emma. Can you please enlighten us about this story?

Emma had always been interested in exploring the world of BDSM, and given her desperate circumstances, this sounded like the perfect opportunity. One weekend of complete submission to the highest bidder among a select group of wealthy men, and her financial troubles would be over. Emma wasn't really sure what to expect when she agreed to the deal, but one thing she definitely did not expect was Luke Roark.

The moment Luke removed the blindfold and recognized the beautiful, nearly-nude young woman standing before him as Emma Lawson, his best-friend's little sister, he knew what he had to do. However, after buying her contract with the intention of giving her a firm lecture and taking her home, he cannot help but imagine the things he could teach her.

Emma spent many years as a teenager fantasizing about Luke, and when he is suddenly thrust into her life again she is torn between her fears and her desires, but her need to submit wins out. Emma chooses to stay and honor her contract, and she quickly finds herself on her knees before him, bare, bound, helpless, and forced to take whatever he wishes to give her... and he wishes to give her a great deal, relishing the chance to play Emma's naked, trembling body like a finely-tuned instrument until she is blushing red and begging for more.

It is not long, though, before both Luke and Emma can feel that something much more than just physical attraction binds them together, but can they put aside their painful pasts and embrace a future together?
Emma is a refreshing character. Did you have anyone in mind when you were creating her character?

Not really, but I have to say, Emma is one of my favorite heroines. I usually don't like my female characters so much - at least at the start. Must be parts of myself I don't like, I don't know. But Emma, she is probably stronger and braver than I am and I quite like her.

Where did you get the premise to write this story?

This story started out a short story and the only piece I kept of it was the initial scene of Emma being stripped for sale to the highest bidder. Luke sort of worked his way in, did the stripping and it just kind of worked itself into what it is now.
What would you say intrigues you about developing your characters?

I really enjoy watching them work through their difficulties to just love. It's so satisfying to truly see growth, even in a character on paper.

Did it take you long to compose the book?

This book was written in a few months, three or so. I edit as I write so by the time it gets to editing, there's not much to do. The different scenarios kind of worked themselves in and to be honest, I always look back at a story and think 'hm, how did that come up?' and can't remember! I'm just so pleased when it does.

Would you like to share an insight to anything else that you might be working on at the time?

Well, I've just published my first paranormal erotic romance called Taken by the Beast. I'll give you a hint about it - there's a shifter and he spanks! I'm currently working on another spanking erotic romance which is more sci-fi - or at least that's what my publisher tells me it is. J Some darker stuff is coming up as well, but I can't share much on that one just yet.

What would you say is important to you, characters, plot, or intimacy?

Love this question. For sure, the characters. Developing them is first, the plot puts the in situations where I can do this and the intimacy is just (for me at least) a natural part of these stories.

What does your writing place look like?

Today, it's outside with pillows to cushion my computer from the heat of the sun and to allow me to actually see what I'm writing. Otherwise, I write in my office or my kitchen, depending on the day - how close I want to be to snacks and coffee!!

Do you write on a schedule or as inspiration hits?

Both. I've learned I have to work through the moments of less inspiration but they're just as important to the whole story.

Growing up, did you ever keep a journal and write notes about the stories you would love to write?

I always have written. I have notebooks full of all kinds of stuff - quotes that inspire me, story ideas, poems, everything.

Name three things you look for in a companion or friend.

Honesty, an open mind and lots of laughter.

If you could travel anywhere in the world for a week and vacation, where would you go?

I love the south of France. And Venice, I love love love the Italians! Talk about eye candy…

You have just won a day to spend with any writer of your dreams. Who would you choose and how would you spend your day?

Right now, Muriel Barbery. She is the author of The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It's one of my favorite books and I just lent it out to a friend and hope I get it back! How would I spend the day? Drinking wine, eating something nice on a terrace in the sun and talking, talking, talking. Maybe reading excerpts of her book and crying together. Sounds like fun, huh? J
Is there something in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets that you must keep completely stocked on your shelves?

I live in Holland but am from the US. I have to have strawberry Twizzlers when I write - just 4 a day - so whenever anyone goes to the US, I beg them to bring me back a pack or two! Oh, also, I like them to get all hard and old before I eat them…weird.

Thank you Natasha for being with us today. I look forward to reading all your wonderful stories.

Thanks so much for having me!






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