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Welcome, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Monica Martin for taking the time to answer some questions for Coffee Time Romance.  Today we are talk about Monica's new book Juliana's Portrait, and some of her other works.

Hi Monica, and Welcome to Coffee Time Romance. Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to answer a few questions!

Hi Wateena, I thank you and Coffee Time Romance for having me. :)

Monica, I noticed in your bio, you preferred ALPHA men, as do I, the more ALPHA the better. Do you think this shows in your writing?

Indeed. I guess I’m just an old-fashioned girl.   ;)

Yes, sometimes it does. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy writing historical works.  I like to add a feisty female companion to liven things up, of course. My most dominant character to date is Shiro Toku.  Shiro makes a short appearance in Allegra’s Seduction: Immortality’s Caress book 1 and then shines in book 3, Sophia’s Release. He’s an elder, guardian trainer and assassin in Queen Claudia’s clan. In case you were wondering, he’s a vampire, too. *g*  

Did you read erotica before you started writing?  And if so; is that the reason you write erotica?

Yes. I read a few Black Lace paperbacks.  

No. I fell into it, so to speak. Lol. My first historical romance work was Isabella’s Desire, which I submitted to traditional publishing houses, without much success. A little later, I noticed ebook publishers selling erotic romance and so I decided to write one and submit it. Lucinda’s Contract was that work, and WCP Torrid contracted it.  I shortened Isabella’s Desire and submitted that to Jan, and she contracted that, too. I’ve gone on to write works for eXtasy Books and Xodtica Magazine.  This last work, Juliana’s Portrait, also with WCP Torrid, is wildly different from all my other works, as it’s set in contemporary Australia, and is more erotica than romance.  I guess I’m addicted to writing spicy works now. Lol.  

Monica, before I get to the questions about Juliana's Portrait; I would like to take this opportunity to mention that you are giving fifty percent of profits from Juliana’s Portrait to the HURRICANE KATRINA Victims.  That is absolutely a wonderful and gracious gesture that will inspire others I am sure. And by the way Monica is from Australia.  Thank you Monica.

Thanks, Wateena. There are many donating to victims of Katrina, which is wonderful.  I was inspired by Steve Lazarowitz (Master Nage), who donated his royalties to the Tsunami Appeal. Situations like this remind me how fortunate I am. From September through to December, I will donate 50% of my royalties from my e-book sales for Juliana’s Portrait to Australian Red Cross "US Hurricane 2005 Relief Appeal".  It’s not much as much as I’d like to give, but every bit helps. If we all contribute what we can, no matter how big or small, the victims of Katrina will be able to get back on their feet again. My prayers and thoughts are with these poor souls.

Juliana’s Portrait, I loved it, is it hard to write sex scenes with same sex characters?

Thank you. :) I found it difficult at first. My first f/f scene is in ‘Eloise’s Awakening: Immortality’s Caress~ book 2.’ It’s rather mild compared to the last one I wrote for Juliana’s Portrait. I like the challenge of writing f/f scenes and am planning to write a short lesbian erotic romance in the near future. Am I bisexual? Not physically, but maybe I am mentally, if that makes any sense.  

Also Monica, Juliana’s Portrait is paranormal, do you prefer writing paranormal?

Yes and no.  I love historical paranormal and contemporary paranormal equally as much as historical works.

How did Juliana’s Portrait come to you? Another words, were you staring a picture one day or think about a ghost etc...

I was in the middle of writing another work, when the story just popped into my head.  I quickly typed out the cinematic story inside my mind, about Juliana, the psychotic ghost trapped in the portrait and Duncan the commitment phobe, who becomes obsessed with her. Then there's the mystery of her murder and...  I think it took me a half an hour to write the synopsis, and then I sent it off to Jan Janssen, Executive Editor at WCP Torrid, asking if she was interested in contracting it, and she was, which thrilled me to bits. (I just LOVE my editors!)

Monica, is there a question that you get tired of being asked?

Hmm. ‘Do you perform the sex acts you write about?’  That would have to be it.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since 2000.  As mentioned above, my first published work is with WCP (Whiskey Creek Press). I began at WCP when Bev Haynes owned the company. I’m one of the original Torrid girls. Jan and Chere just can’t get enough of me. Lol. Just kidding, ladies. (Ducking)

Monica, did you take any kind of creative writing classes?

No, and when I compare my earlier works with my later ones, it shows. Over the past few years, I’ve grown beyond my wildest imaginings and I have a lot more growing yet. I’ll strive to bring my readers something better with every work I produce.

Do you think most romance writers are romantic at heart? And are you?

I believe so.

Me? Oh, yes. (Dreamy look) I’ll steal one of my characters lines. ‘I don’t fall in love, I submerge myself until I drown in it…’  

Did you have a lot of support in your writing career?

Yes, my friends are wonderful. :)

If you could ask one question of a reader of your work, what would be that question?

What would you like to see more of in my works?

Monica are you a reader also?  Some writers say they started out reading.

I’m a prolific reader. I choose it over television every time. I read more nonfiction than fiction these days, due to my research. However, I grab every spare minute I can to read both traditionally published and e-published works of fiction.

What do you do (if anything) to get your creative writing juices flowing?

Well, I don’t really do anything.  I guess researching helps, though.

Where do you see yourself, career wise in say ten years?  What if anything would you like to achieve?

Hmm… I see myself as a well-established author, with far more knowledge and skill than I have today. I see several mainstream thrillers, maybe a couple of horrors and many, more erotic romances. I see a publicist and an agent, and I see myself just writing for a living.  That would be nice.

Monica as a reader, when I buy a romance novel and especially an erotic one, I get looks, and even friends think it is silly or even trash.   Do you get that as a writer also?

I’m very fortunate the friends I have love what I do. These people aren’t in the least bit embarrassed about buying explicit works from the shops either.  Lol.

I met a girl at a party recently, who said to me, “Boy, you’re game! I thought about writing sex books like you, but the thought just embarrasses me.”  It was on the tip on my tongue to tell her off, but then that would have been petty, and so I just let it slide.

There’s negativity on some yahoo lists and high profile online organizations…and this doesn’t impress me at all. I think to myself, “Come on folks, you make love to your partner, don’t you? Reading about it can only enhance things in the bedroom, right? If reading about sex is so bloody dirty, then why are you doing it?  Your sex life must really suck!  Rant, rant, and on and on… Lol.

Monica can you give us your website address?

Certainly, it’s

Is there anything you would like us to know, anything special happening or exciting?

If anyone should wish to keep up-to-date with my upcoming works, enter contests and receive free reads, then join my newsletter mailing list.

Works coming to WCP Torrid:  ‘Sleeping with Greta.’  A Torrid Twisted Tale, coming November 2005

Works coming to eXtasy Books:  Crimson Destiny: Abstinence. Crimson Destiny is a contemporary paranormal set in France. Part of the Sins & Virtues series coming Feb 2006

‘Immortality’s Caress’ is a six-part erotic vampire series set periods throughout history and in many locations all over the world. Allegra’s Seduction~ book 1 is coming soon...

Thank you very much for your time, Wateena. :)

I want to thank Monica on behalf of Coffee Time Romance for chatting with us today, to also remind everyone that fifty percent of profits on Juliana's Portrait is being donated to THE KATRINA HURRICANE CAUSE.






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