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Well, I am pleased to share with you the conversation that I had with Mary Winter. Thank you Mary for taking the time to share yourself with me and our readers.  

First of all Mary, tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I’m a life long Iowan with hopes of changing that.  My partner and I purchased four acres in southern Missouri, about an hour east of Springfield.  Right now it’s just weeds and trees, but we’re hoping eventually to move down there.  I’ve been writing since high school, and received my first rejection letter shortly after graduation (It was a very nice personalized rejection.  They liked my manuscript, but alas, English riding doesn’t sell as well as cowboys).  My reading interests branched from romances into science fiction/fantasy, and my goal is to successfully combine the two genres.  I’m “mommy” to five cats, a pionus parrot, a cockatiel, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, Russian Tortoise, Bearded Dragon, and a horse.

Mary what is your favorite type of hero? example dark brooding? Alpha? ect.....   

I think my favorite type of hero is a man’s man.  Whether he’s at home in the cockpit of a space ship or on horseback, he has to be strong, capable, and ready for anything at any given moment.  Some examples of movie or television heroes I enjoy are Aragorn, Han Solo, Lonestar, Riley Finn, Xander, Spike, and Angel.

I just finished reading Cadan's Cause 2, I thoroughly enjoyed it.! will there be more in this series?

Yes.  The third book, Fighting Chance, comes out on August 24 from Venus Press, and I am currently planning more books in the series.  However, each book stands alone, although events may be mentioned and characters may make cameo appearances.  It’s more of a continuity world, rather than a series that has to be read in order.

Can I ask you why write Science fiction romance?   

I love combing my two favorite genres.  Speculative Fiction has always captured my imagination from picking up that book by Mercedes Lackey (Magic’s Pawn) with a cute young man and a horse on the cover.  So see, romance comes naturally to me.  To me, finding love in outer space or the future, or even in a fantasy world can be just as exciting as here on Earth.

What is your favorite genre to read?   

I love paranormal romance in all it’s forms – vampire, shapeshifter, futuristic, and fantasy.  Combine that with a deep fantasy world, and I’m in heaven.  Some of my favorite authors are Emma Holly, Laurel K. Hamilton, Lisa Renee Jones, Tielle St. Claire, and many more.

Mary, who has been your greatest influence over your writing career?  

Writing wise, I think my greatest influence has come from Mickey Z. Reichert.  I attended her critique group for many years, and it’s where I met my partner.  She taught me the basics and really supported me, even if I wasn’t writing straight speculative fiction at the time.

How do you manage your writing and your home time?   

Well, the latter part is easy.  My partner is a writer, and everyone else knows that my writing comes first.  Of course, that isn’t to say I’m not there when they need me, but since it’s just Steve, myself, and the pets, it’s not like I have to worry about kids, and the rest of the family lives at least an hour or so drive away.

If you could have any actor for one of your novels that has turned to movie, who would be the actor? and which novel? and why?  

In Cadan’s Case, Cadan would definately have to be played by Brad Pitt.  He has the body, the cocky assurance, and the looks to pull off the role.  I don’t think too much in terms of actors, though the hero of my Sons of Zeus novel from Venus Press was modeled after Julian McMahon.

What are you working on now?  

I just finished up my Sons of Zeus novel, and am currently working on the sequel to Ghost Touch, Ghost Redeemed featuring Kyle.

I noticed in your bio also, that you swam with a dolphin. Will you or have you used that experience in a book?   

Haven’t had the chance to use that experience, yet.  But a lot of my novels do come from life.  Prodigal Son, my Ellora’s Cave release, came out of watching my own father die of esophageal cancer.  Although I’m an only child, I do have three step-siblings, and it was amazing how we all came together during that time.

Mary, what tools out there today, do you think is best help for up and coming writers?  

The internet.  There is a wealth of information and it grows daily.  I have to say I’m fond of the WriteWay Pro software, as it helps me keep everything organized as I write.

What would be your idea of a nice romantic weekend?  

I’m afraid my idea of a romantic weekend would disappoint most.  Basically, if it’s a weekend where I can relax and cross off many items on my to do list, then spend Saturday night with Steve watching a movie or whatever.  Perhaps we take a break in the middle of the day to spend some time together, but pretty much just being quiet and getting stuff done. :)

If you don't mind me asking, what is the most romantic thing, your partner has done for you?

Well, my partner, Steve, has been quite the romantic guy.  Our first year together, he wrote me a poem for Christmas and framed it.  I loved it, because it came from the heart.  I have it hung up, and it still makes me tear up when I read it.

What do you do for relaxation?  

Spend time with my horse or lounge on the bed with a good book and my cats purring nearby.  

Mary, were you an avid reader growing up? And are you still a big reader?   

Yes, I was an avid reader.  I was the one who thought we should cancel gym class to have another study hall.  And yes, I’m still a big reader.  It’s one of my main forms of relaxation, so I make a point every night to read.

You write some very erotic books. Were the sex scenes ever hard to write when you first started writing? Or have the sex scenes always been easy for you?   

I have to say I always wrote steamy novels.  Even in high school I aimed my stories at the Silhouette Desire line.  When my mom read them she said, “you have quite the imagination.”  Sexual intimacy is such a part of being in love, of caring deeply for another person, that I find it comes easy to my characters and to my stories.  

A follow up if you don't mind on the last question, In the beginning were you ever embarrassed while you wrote the sex scenes?   

Nope.  Now, I was embarrassed in high school when the boys would open up my Harlequin or Silhouette novels and read a certain scene, but writing them.  Nope.

Mary, where or how do you get your inspirations for writing?   

My inspirations come from the people around me, and life in general.  I think my mind is always thinking how can I use this in a story, or what if this happens or that.  I love to people watch, and I love to think up new stories.

Do you enjoy researching a book?  

Very much so.  For my September Venus Press release, Juli’s Choice, Steve and I took a trip to Kansas City and toured some of the places I detail in the book.  I love learning new things and finding ways to incorporate them into my books.

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