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Welcome one and all, grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and relax. Tonight we are getting to know more about Mary Martinez, the author of Peek A Boo (I See You). Good Evening Mary, I'm so glad that you could join us for a chat tonight.

Would you like to tell us about the real you and what you like to do in your spare time?

I'm trying to remember what Spare Time is. I love to go to outdoor concerts. I am going to Chris Isaak tomorrow night. I love spending time with my grandsons, and granddaughter and my whole family. I love to travel; I just don't have the money to do it often.

At what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I think around 8 years old. I always tried to write that, can't think what to call it. It was in the sixties in the age of hippies, beatniks etc. So I guess I was trying to write really 'cool man'. Didn't work.

When you got the news you were going to be published, what was your reaction?

I was on the phone at work and my hubby IM'd me. I couldn't react at all. It was a little bit of a bummer.

Your book Peek A Boo (I See You) has gotten wonderful reviews. Where did you get the idea for your book?

Driving to work I was listening to the radio. Alanis came on and I thought I wonder if she ever gets any one stalking her. And it grew from there.

The question I would like to ask you is, will there be more of Dan and Jenny in the future or is their story complete?

Their story is complete, I'm thinking of Jimmie and the gum popping police woman.

Of course you'll see Dan and Jenny there.

Jenny's character is filled with so much hurt from her childhood and distrust of others, it seems as though you have had first hand experience or have known someone like her. Did you base her character on someone close to you?

Well not really. However I do know people who have gone through what Jenny did. I just didn't base it on one person.

Dan's character has a hard time letting go and moving on with his life after the death of his wife. He really tugged at my heart, knowing the sadness and pain he was going through was so real. Was he a tough character for you?

I had a tough time getting a balance. He had to be hard from his experience, and less than trusting. He had to somewhere have a soft spot Jenny could touch. I have a very hard time reading characters that are so harsh that I wonder how the heroine fell in love with him.

You did your job well. Dan was a very nice balance of a bit of softness but still a little rough around the edge at times.

Thank you, that's what I was trying for.

I loved his character, he is 'real' and someone a reader can connect with on some level.

Thank you (He looks like Brad Pitt). Jenny’s a mix of Alanis and Gwen Stefani.

Like many people I know, Jenny and her mother are at odds with each other. I know it is a residual feeling from Jenny's childhood, and their relationship was clearly written by a mother. Did you have really trying times with your children when they were teenagers?

Well other than the boys duct taping the girls in their rooms. Not as much as you'd think. My sister had a drug problem, and I would be afraid of her when I was in about 6th grade. But my kids were pretty normal.

Should I ask about the duct taping incident?

The boys decided to duck tape Kaci's door shut. So she crawled out the window into the garage, she was in the basement and called me at work. So I called back and told them if they didn't let her out they were grounded. Either they didn't do it again, or threatened her if she told. I know they did that to Chrissy too. Actually my oldest son let my daughter of about 6 sled off the roof into a snowdrift.

Oh I could go on and on with stories, like the one where they had a bon fire to roast hot dogs in the back yard.

Never a dull moment huh?


I was so sure I knew who 'Runner' was, but you had me stumped till the very end. Did you find it hard not to give too many clues too soon?

Not at first because I wrote half the book not knowing who it was myself. Once I figured it out, though I did have trouble. I'm glad I stumped you.

For a while I thought it might be Rich.

I had a lot of people think that. I never thought of Paul, Marti or Rich EVER of being 'Runner'. Now Marla would have been good Just joking.

If you were told you had to move and you could move any place your heart desired, where would you move and why?

San Diego, I love the water and the climate. We had planned to move there and then my damn kids had babies! Can't leave the grandkids.

Do you have any books coming out soon or works in progress that you'd like to tell us about?

I have Mr. Romance/Classic Murder with an Agent and an Editor has requested a partial, so I'm excited about that. And then I have another one being reviewed by a publisher Chick Magnet. And I just finished a Women's fiction called Four Sisters.

You've been busy.

Well it's been a couple of years in the workings.

I know you just got back from RWA, but are there any other conventions or conferences that you will be attending?

I will be attending our Writers Retreat in October. But that will be it until next year. I'm thinking of attending Thrill Fest next year or a smaller chapter RWA conference.

It was wonderful chatting with you tonight and I know you must be tired from the grandkids all day. So go and relax and enjoy your evening. We at Coffee Time Romance thank you for letting us and our readers get to know you better.

Thank you for the interview. Have a good evening.






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