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I have the pleasure of talking to Author Mary Eason. She has written the book, “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, which I had the privilege of reading.   Could you tell us a little bit about the book?

I’ve very proud of Don’t Close Your Eyes.  The story is about Megan Beaumont, who has psychic powers that allow her to witness the unimaginable pain inflicted by the Angel of Death serial killer on his victims, and it almost costs Megan her life when she becomes the Angel's final victim.

Megan’s former lover, FBI Agent Jack Montgomery has no idea his love affair with Megan resulted in a child, until a killer copying the Angel of Death's MO resurfaces and he turns to the one woman he never stopped loving for help.

Was there a lot of research that you needed to do for this book?

I did quite a lot of research on the FBI and of course Washington D.C. where the story takes place. It was fun. I love writing about the Bureau.

Did you find the characters easy or difficult to write?

I found Megan and Jack’s characters fairly easy to write. I loved the idea of their past love affair, and bringing them back together after so long, but the Angel of Death, now his head was hard to get in to. Dealing with particularly deviant characters can be difficult as well as unsettling.  

Is there any particular person that inspires you the most to write?

Not really. There have been many authors through the years that have helped me immensely. Far too many to name here. But I think my biggest inspiration is the fact that I love a challenge. I hate it when people tell me I can’t do something.   

Any particular aspect of the book that you found really challenging to write?

I’d say the hardest part of the book to write was the scenes where the Angel kills his victims. Murder, even when it’s fake is a difficult subject. When you’re writing about someone who truly enjoys killings, well, it’s chilling. Challenging but chilling.

Are you someone that likes quiet to write or does it vary from book to book?

I think I could write just about anywhere.  Usually, I’m on the sofa, with the TV on for noise, and my laptop typing away.    

How has the experience been with fellow authors and staff at Cerridwen Press?

Cerridwen Press has been like a dream to work with. I love my editor Helen Woodall. She’s been very inspiring. My fellow authors are great as well, and truly professionals, all of them. Whenever I’ve had a question, they’ve been quick to help me out.  

Have you seen any movies lately and if so did you like them?

I’m terrible when it comes to watching movies.  I just can’t sit still for any great length of time, so I usually don’t watch movies. I know…weird.

What is coming soon for you as an author?

My next story will be a chick lit romance entitled Fairy Tales, Coming to Whiskey Creek Press on November 7th.  Here’s an excerpt of the story:

Maggie Monroe might not believe in all that fairy tale stuff, but meeting Jackson Riley certainly made her a believer in love (okay—so maybe it was lust), at first sight. Unfortunately that little reality check hit her like a ton of bricks and had just the opposite effect on Maggie than it would any other red-blooded twenty-five year old woman. Everything that she believed she wanted in life—all of her well thought out future plans—were in some serious jeopardy right about now. Jackson Riley had to be just about the hottest thing around and Maggie, well she was in way over her head with him.

The problem? Well it was clear to Jackson Riley what the problem was. It was five foot two, blond hair, green eyes with the biggest ‘get lost’ attitude he’d ever run across—Maggie Monroe. The solution? What usually worked with most women that got under his skin? Normally, the second they opened their mouths, he lost interest. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working with Maggie Monroe. Everything Jackson found out about her only made him that much more interested in her and spelled nothing but trouble for his weekly schedule of dating Austin’s most beautiful women. For the chance to get to know the real Maggie Monroe beyond her tough girl act, Jackson was willing to give up more than just one night a week. Maggie could have all seven if she liked.

And then, on November 20th, Samhain Publishing will release, The Things You Think You Want, another chick lit romance.  Here the excerpt:

Carrie Sinclair thought she knew exactly what she wanted from life until she came face-to-face with the bluest eyes in Texas.

Caterer Carrie Sinclair thinks she has the perfect life and doesn’t need a man to complete it. Her pudgy kitty Max is the man in her life, and that’s enough for her. Then, quite by accident, she comes across the man of her dreams. Tyler Bennedict is perfect boyfriend material: Charming, sweet, rich, and incredibly sexy. No matter that he’s made it clear he’s not looking for a serious relationship. One night in his arms, and all her usual warning bells about men go silent.

She should have listened to those bells, and to Aunt Mable. Enter Tyler’s real estate tycoon father, Richard. He makes it relentlessly clear she is not the woman for his son, and comes up with creative ways to keep them apart until Carrie sees the light.

In one fell swoop she swears off all men, closes her business, and gets out of Austin. But no matter how far and how fast you run, the unexpected bumps in the road have a way of revealing the truth and turning your life—and your heart—a complete 180.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Only that I love hearing from readers.  And I'm always giving something away over on my website, so please check it out along with all my latest news.
I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I hope the rest of your endeavors go well.

Thanks so much for having me, Krista.






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