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Welcome, I like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer a few questions.

It's my pleasure, Karen.

How Long did it take you to get your first book published?

Years and Years.  I sold my first short story when I was nineteen and thought I was on my
way. Boy did I have a rude awakening. Rejection after rejection followed that first sale. Many times over the ensuing years, I gave up writing. But it's part of who I am so I always
had to start writing again. Finally, about five years earlier, I began to sell books to epublishers.

How did you feel the day your book was released?

Excited that someone had finally thought I had written something worth publishing and afraid that readers wouldn't agree.

Do you ususally outline your stories before you write them?

I almost never outline my stories because I've found that I generally can't stick to an outline. Once my characters become real to me, they have minds of their own and often refuse to follow the path I've set out for them. So I've learned not to outline too heavily.   Although I did recently outline a novella and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to write it.

Did you ever expect your books to be so popular?

I hoped I would find a readership, but that didn't actually happen until I switched from writing sweet contemporary romances to writing erotic romances. Then the fan letters started arriving it and I realized I'd finally found my writing niche.

Do you have a strict writing schedule?

No. Sometimes I can go for a week or two without writing. Other times I write every day, usually late at night (when I should be asleep) or on the weekends. I've learned that trying to force myself to write doesn't work for me. So if I'm not in the mood to write or if the juices are flowing, I don't try to force it.

What are some of your hobbies?

Hmm. I love playing video games and reading my collection of pulp novels from the 30's and early 40's. I also occassionally like to rollerskate.  I love to walk. I can rarely past up a yard sale or a consignment shop.

Have you ever had writers block?

Oh asolutely. Sometimes I know where I want to go, but can't seem to get there. I sit in front of my computer and nothing happens. It's very frustrating--especially when I have so many WIP's (works-in-progress) readers are asking about.  Yet there I sit unable to write anything useful.

Are you working on any writing projects right now?

I am always working on new projects.  Currently I am preparing notes for Bloodlust V--Midnights Shadows, trying to finish Soul Mates (a contemporary multiciutural romance with paranormal overtones), thinking about sequels to Primal Lusts (published by Liquid Silver Books), Moonlight Whispers (due out next month from Ellora's Cave), Kyla's Awakening (due out next month from Changeling Press).  Then there are the WIPS (Teacher's Pet, The Dare, White Knight, and numerous other projects.  

What stories do you have out in paperback?

Currently my only title in paperback is Full Bodied Charmer, the second book in my BBW series.

Can you tell us about Vampire Jacoby?

Jacoby is not a "normal" vampire.  He's very old and only just beginning to remember who he really is and how powerful he is. He wasn't "born" on Earth and he will have to learn to come to terms with his feelings for a woman he loved and lost eons ago as well as decide how he feels about his lover of the last 20 years who now wants to kill him.

How can your readers contact you?

They can come hang out at my Yahoo Group, Love Bytes. To subscribe send an email to Or they can write me at

What is your web site add?


Who are your favorite authors?

I have a number of them. Some are: Betty Neels, M C Beaton, Tony Hillerman, Sandra Kitt, Jo Dereski, and Valerie Wesley Wilson.

How long have you been writing?

I think I was born writing! I can't remember a time when I wasn't writing. Even before I could actually write, I used to carry a head full of characters around with me in my head.

Any advice for aspiring authors?

Never give up on your dream--no matter how many obsctables you have to overcome to acheive them.  Also be open to achieving your dream in a format or manner you might not have considered.

Do you have any thing to add?

Just a thank you to the readers who support me. There are readers who've been with me since Dream Lover and those who recently started reading my books. Either way, their support is very much appreciate it. To that end, I'd particularly like to thank the core members of my Yahoo Group who manage to make me feel special. They are very dear to me and often encouragement to finish books I might not otherwise finish. So here's a special thank you to that group.






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