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Welcome, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Maria Osborne Perry for taking the time to answer these questions about her book, Ravished Wings for Coffee Time Romance.

M: Thank you, Sheryl. I’m very happy to have the opportunity.

Can you tell us a little about Ravished Wings?

M: Ravished Wings is an erotic bdsm retelling of the fabled swanmaiden who is initiated into sensuality and love by a mortal hero.

Daughter of the Saxon chieftain, Rulf, and his swan maiden bride, Odette was orphaned when the forces of Charles Martel laid siege to her beloved village. Now banished by her vengeful sister, Lady Vanda, Odette is escorted by her sympathetic brother-n-law into the safe haven of Athla. In this fabled realm the law decrees that Odette must learn the rites of the Great Balance, or the sensual equilibrium between men and women.

While Odette is initiated into Athla’s disciplines of passion and surrender, powerful forces work beyond the borders. The vampire priests of Loki seek to possess Odette in order to sacrifice her to their deity. To achieve this they will turn to Lady Vanda, and a handsome mercenary who knows nothing about Odette’s heritage or Vanda’s true motives.

What neither the vampires nor Lady Vanda know is that Loki’s plans include more than a mere rite. For the malevolent god seeks release from his ancient prison for a single purpose-to destroy sensuality and love forever in the world of mankind.

How did it transpire that you began writing it?

M: I’ve long been interested in Norse and Germanic fables, Sheryl, and as I’m a fan of erotica, especially erotica with a bdsm flavor, the tale of the Norse swanmaidens and their Masters/lovers appealed to my writer’s mind. I came up with a complimentary hero and heroine to this end- the Halfling swanmaiden, Odette, and the mercenary, Cu’lugh.  

Where did you come up with the storyline for Ravished Wings?

M: I wanted my version of the swanmaiden’s tale to be sensual and romantic, yet, the more my Muse worked on me the more intricate the storyline developed. The historical situations during the novel’s time-frame seemed to beg for inclusion, as well as the dark influences of the trickster Norse god, Loki. Thus did I end up with an erotic tale with a backdrop based during the era when pagan Germans were quite forcibly ushered into Christianity. These politics, and the baneful machinations of Loki, play a large part of my pagan Odette’s story.  

How long did it take you to write this book?

M: After finishing the historical research, it took roughly a year to write Ravished Wings.

Was writing any aspect of Ravished Wings hard for you to do?

M: Not really with this one. Except, perhaps, I tried very hard to give the erotic scenes and description a versatility and freshness. From the reviews the book has received I think I was successive there.

Did you have the characters already plotted out or did they come to you as you were writing the book?

M: Some of them were already plotted out by the time I started the actual writing. Some of the stronger personalities, however, really came alive during this time. Lord Eryan, especially comes to mind here. A handsome yet obsessive Athlan lord who sets out to rival Cu’lugh for Odette’s heart and desires, he was originally meant to be a rather low-key figure. The more evolved the story progressed, however, the more intricate his involvement became.

Was much research involved when you were writing Ravished Wings?

M: About four months worth, Sheryl.

Will there be anymore books written about this fabled land and its’ people?

M: I plan a sequel to Ravished Wings, yes. Exactly when this will come out I can’t say right now because I’m involved in other projects. However, Odette and the land of Athla appear –if in hinted passages- in other books I’ve written, and some planned in the future. The villainess, Vanda, will certainly have more adventures, as she will make a journey to the modern world in a book I’m currently at work on. She’s already made an appearance in Nectar of Ecstasy, Book 2 of Elsa’s Erotic Escapades, which was written under my pseudonym, Desiree Erotique.  One of the vampire daughters of Loki has already starred as my antagonist in The Bindmaster’s Collar, and another of his daughters is the title character for my forthcoming horror novel, Breathtaker.

Have you ever had Writers’ Block?

M: Oh goodness, yes! It is very frustrating, but I think perhaps writer’s block is nature’s way of making writers chill out and give both our minds and bodies a little vacation. We have a tendency to stay up to the wee hours of the morn and drink LOTS and LOTS of coffee, lol.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

M: Look for my first children’s book, a collection of stories titled Nine For The Nightlight. This should be released in a few weeks from Swanbeauty Publications.

I am hoping my horror novel, Breathtaker, will be finished and released this year.

What encouraging words would you give to aspiring authors, if you could?

M: Never listen to disheartening advice. Things such as Most writers don’t succeed until after they’re dead. Or, It’s a nice hobby to look forward to once you’re retired. Advice like this often comes from well-meaning relatives and friends, and usually these people are right-brain thinkers. They simply can’t understand the mind or aspirations of the left-brain thinkers of the world, and their notions on how things should be are pure reflections of this lack of understanding. Right-brain folks think the words hard work belongs strictly to the realm of the nine-to-five; little realizing that if it weren’t for the labors of love that artistic folks produce, we’d all be without a lot of the things we enjoy and generally take for granted.  

I would like to thank Maria on behalf of Coffee Time Romance for chatting with us and we wish you luck on your upcoming projects.

M: You’re very welcome, Sheryl. And thank you for giving me the privilege.

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