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Hello Mac and welcome to Coffee Time Romance & More’s Interview experience. I’m excited to hear more about Christmas Showdown and invite you to tell us a few secrets behind the scenes as well as delve into a little personal time with you.

So…the first questions will be confessions about your characters and then we’ll put you in the hot seat.

Are you ready?

I'm always ready. LOL

Now - a little about Christmas Showdown (Burstyn Blue Series):

First, can you introduce us to your hero and heroine, Kelly & Trey? What makes them tick?

Kelly is a young woman out for a good-time. Her first and last one nightstand leaves her with a child and no idea how to find her son's father--the man whose touch and kiss has her still wanting more. After almost two years, she's settled in a new city with a new job...One that has a gun pointed to her head.

When Trey answers the bank robbery in process call, the last thing he expects to discover is the woman who left an impression on him one snowy night in Denver. He's ready to rekindle the fire, but she's resistant. Then the reason walks through the door.

Anger. Betrayal. Regrets. All fades when Trey realizes he's as much to blame fore the situation, but that ends now. When He insists Kelly and TJ, their son, move in with him, she balks.

Kelly is determined to do things on her own, yet the life Trey offers on the Burstyn ranch is a far cry better than her shoddy condominium. He argues he's in it for the long run, but perhaps a trial run over the holidays will help him realize that parenting isn't for him.

Will their differences tear them apart...or will they find Christmas magic in each other's arms?

Tell your readers the level of sensuality/heat between Kelly & Trey.

Hawt! These are two people who have a fiery one nightstand, but even distance can't extinguish the memories or sparks between them.

I do love how strong Kelly is in Christmas Showdown, did her personality dominate over your writing to where she was “telling" you what she wanted from Trey? Did you alter your storyline for her?

The situation guided both Kelly's and my hands in this story. Her son is the most important person in her life, so she did what she felt necessary for him even exposing her heart to make things work.

I found Trey charismatic, sexy and, forgive the contradiction but perfectly-flawed. Is there a real life hero you pattern him after?

In reality no, but in my dreams yes. LOL Trey is exactly how I would envision a 'real man' taking responsibility of a sensitive situation like this.

What do you hope readers take with them, after reading Christmas Showdown? What do you hope they feel, or learn?

When I started to write Christmas Showdown I didn't have a particular message in mind, but there is an underlying message. No matter how we attempt the inevitable sometimes things happen. Children are precious whether they are planned or not. It is both parties responsibility to watch over them, love them, and keep them safe. And, sometimes--just sometimes--the pieces fall together and love blooms, which is the key to a happily ever after.

Out of all your characters, is there one that was the hardest to write? The easiest?

Hardest was Shawn in The Charade, because he was quiet and reserved--more still waters run deep then the usual alpha heroes I write. Easiest was Fallon in Fallon's Revenge. There was something about this heroine that just called to me.

Now…a few questions about Mackenzie McKade.

Do people call you Mac or Mackenzie?

Mac, but I answer to most anything. <g>

Are you married? If so, tell us about the first meeting with your spouse. Was the magic there immediately?

Yes. I'm married and our story is magical. We met one weekend at a local cowboy bar. I was sashaying around the dance floor, when Bill waltzed in. He turned to the bouncer, which he knew, and said, "I'll be having that one." We were married two months later and have been hitched for almost twenty-nine years.

What's the strangest inspiration you ever got for a story idea?

Pretty much all my inspirations are strange. LOL I can write an entire story based on a picture, a title, or a phrase.

Have you ever had to start a book all over again after you are almost complete?

Fortunately, no. Knock on wood. I do have a heck of a lot stories I've started, but never finished.

Do any of your fantasies ever get put into a story?

Uhhh... Hmmm... Maybe!


Sounds like some exciting news is coming to your readers in July that involves other authors in the way of an anthology. A new release from Samhain Publishing? Tell us about that.

Cathryn Fox, Nikki Duncan and I are thrilled to announce the release of all six of our Whispering Cove anthologies July 17, 2012. Here's a little snippet to wet your appetite.

When three poker playin', rum drinking' granddads start playing matchmakers, the boats in Whispering Cove start rockin'.

In Wild, Wet and Wicked, the first three stories, Whispering Cove, Maine is bustling with the excitement of their ten-year high school reunion. Even the town's favorite grandfathers are anticipating the return of their grandchildren who skipped town after graduation and have failed to settle down. During their weekly poker game, they cook up a plan to keep their grandchildren home. To make things interesting, they place a bet on which grandchild will be the first to the altar. When the kids arrive home, the matchmatching games and antics begin as these three men battle each other, and go to great lengths, to win their prideful bet.

In the second series of stories, Burned, Bold and Brazen, the grandfathers are up to their old antics. This time they're trying their hands at hitchin' some of the youngsters resisting the magic of love. The three old codgers know chemistry when they see it, but getting their potential brides and grooms to the altar won't be an easy task which makes it all the more fun. Another bet is on and anything goes in Whispering Cove.

Thank you so much Mac. It has been an absolute pleasure spending time with you and Christmas Showdown. It appears you have tons of fun happenings awaiting your future and we hope you keep Coffee Time Romance & More in mind for additional celebrations.

Until then, we’ll keep the best brew in the cyber-world hot in anticipation for when we see you again.


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