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Coffee Time Romance would like to thank author Lynn Dell, other wise known as Paula Guhin and Dell Kleinsasser, of DAKOTA REBEL for taking the time to answer our questions.

What made to two of you pick the Dakotas, was it because you are both from there?

(Both) Absolutely! Farm and ranch blood flows in our veins.

What are some other locations you two plan on writing about?

(Paula) Southwestern South Dakota has beautiful rolling hills and native American reservations that will be incorporated into our next novel.  (Dellene) We'll also place parts of the book in a small Midwestern town east of the Missouri.

How did you meet, and what made you decide to start writing Dakota Rebel together?

(Both) We're artists!    (Paula) We worked together with my dad, the muralist for the World's Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.  (Dell) We enlarged his designs for the outside of the building. I'd had a rough draft of Dakota Rebel  just sitting around, and asked Paula if she wanted to collaborate on it with me.

What was the first writing argument about?

(Paula) Never happened. Dell is a dream to work with. Although I did believe a half-page of description should be deleted, and Dellene wanted it to stay.

How was it decided, and how did it impact the story?

(Paula) I saw things her way. It stayed, and the story wasn't any the worse for it!

What was the most frequent discussion you had while writing Dakota Rebel?

(Dell) Probably griping about our computers! Paula had an iMac, couldn't read some of my attachments, and my pc acted up too. We sent parts of the manuscript back and forth within the body of an e-mail. Or by snail-mail!

Your next novel is a contemporary suspense, what made you choose such a different genre?

(Paula) I'd had the idea kicking around my head for a long time, and used to read a lot of that type of fiction when I had time. It actually has paranormal elements--Dell is a very spiritual person and has a lot to offer to my bare-bones idea.

What are other books you two are writing for us-and when do we get them?

(Dell) I'm working on a romance I call "Country Jazz."  (Paula) Thanks for asking! Sometime in 2005 I'll have an educational photography book out with Goodheart-Willcox Publishers. It's for middle school and high school students and teachers.

How can your readers reach you?

(Paula) Either of us can be reached online through the publisher of Dakota Rebel. By the way, NAD is a wonderful company to work with! Melissa Alverez is a peach.

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with COFFEE TIME ROMANCE.  We are looking forward to your next book.

Anya Khan
Interviewer for Coffee Time Romance






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