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Hello everyone, I am happy to announce I have with us here at Coffee Time Romance, one of our very own; Lori Derby Bingley. Besides being a fantastic writer she also happens to donate her time her with us and review books, interview authors, and is senior editor, among other great things here. I also want to add that we are doing this interview live via Yahoo Messenger so it is as real and live as you can get.

Lainey: I now get to sit with one of my local idols and say Hello Lori, how are you tonight? <grins>

Lori: I'm doing great, thanks. I just finished my 'work out' for the evening; i.e. the treadmill and yoga. I've had one of my two usual cups of evening coffee and am ready to roll! Thanks for taking time to chat with me!

Lainey: I wanted to start off with your latest release will you like to tell all of our readers about it?

Lori: Sure! My latest release is "The Confession", released last October with Champagne Books. This is one of my favorites of all I've written; mainly because I did it while my oldest daughter was just a baby. It only took me three weeks to write it, and it was the first (and only) one of my books where the characters became a part of my every day life. I couldn't eat, sleep, or function without thinking about them and couldn't wait to get back to the story. Writing it was like reading it...because even I wasn't sure how it was going to end. This is the log line for the story: "A father's startling confession makes one woman face a past she longs to forget, by trusting the one man who forces her to face it."

Lainey: That definitely should make everyone interested in reading it, I hope once they see this interview. <smiles>

Lori: I hope so too! I often think of these characters and wonder if there's a way to bring in a sequel. You never know what I'm going to do or who I can murder next!! *laughs*

Lainey: Hmm speaking of murder can you tell us a bit more about "The Confession"?

Lori: Sure! Tahlia Edwards is a top advertising executive known for her tough exterior and no nonsense attitude. No one knows the secret she hides; how her father was accused of killing her fiancé, before losing his own life to an unidentified attacker.

Jake Randall has been hired to find the truth behind Tahlia’s father’s death. Not only does he keep his employer’s identity to himself, he forces Tahlia to return to her home town and face the past she tried so hard to leave behind. As they uncover a private confession made by her father, voicing unimaginable truths, she fights not only a killer who has targeted her life, but the love Jake offers her that promises to finally set her free.

This is what you'll read on the back of the book, but mainly this is a story about a young woman who had aspired to love her father, only to have everyone around her tell her he was no good. He was accused of killing her fiancé and then was murdered himself by an unknown assailant. She tried to get away from her past and move on, but when Jake showed up she knew there was no escaping what was meant to be. I like to think there are lots of red herrings to keep you guessing about who the murderer is, and why they've chosen to go after Tahlia so long after the fact.

And, of course, there's sex in it too.....…*laughs*

Lainey: Of course we need to hear about that it is what our readers love to READ and imagine themselves maybe into your book and totally get into the character good and bad, meaning the sex and the suspense. <grins>

Lori: Yes, of course! But I'm sure the readers love being the main characters and not one of my victims! *laughs* I've been known to kill off a few 'innocent' people in my time. But hey, when you're a mother of five, a stay at home mother at that, I tend to focus my frustrations on the characters instead of the kids.....I'd say it's an even trade.

Lainey: Definitely a great trade, I am sure they are glad you only write what you say not do it. <laughs>

Lori: *laughs*...I should say here that I love my babies and don't know what I would do without them. I love being a stay at home mom, too, but it can get stressful sometimes.

Lainey: That is ok I would say you have now created a great balance between your work and your home life and writing and the exercise helps keep an even keel so to speak so it works out for all of you at home.

Lori: Yes, it's not perfect, for sure, but I have a schedule of sorts figured out. I never write in the daytime; that's just too hard and not fair to the kids. I need to either give myself to family, or to the characters. It's difficult to do it at the same time, so I wait until they're in bed, then I have 'me' time. I do my exercises, have my coffee, and then settle in about 10pm to do some writing. This is why you'll never see me pump out 5 or 10 books a year. I know that time is coming, and I'm waiting...patiently… for that.

Lainey: OK, now that let's me lead you into this perfect next question. Can you tell us a bit more about all your other books out there for all the readers to take a look at and see all the different shall I say styles you write.

Lori: Of course. I have six books published to date, and five of them are romantic suspense. Not hard to tell it's my favorite genre to write, and will no doubt be the one I stick to. I will say, however, that writing "Lorelei" was a challenge for me in many ways. It's the one book that is a mixture of contemporary and inspirational, and is also the one and only book that has ME in it. The character of Amanda is based on my own life growing up, and many of the experiences she has as a child really happened to me. Now with the suspense stories, no worries. I've never been stalked, threatened, or attacked in any way, shape or form. "The Night She Came Home" was my first book published and still one of many of my readers' favorites.

A Sister's Secret" was the first book published with Champagne Books - and was actually their first book published when they opened their doors two years ago! "Fraternity" was next and has been really well received by reviewers and readers alike. It's my favorite mystery and I have to say don't read this book at night! It tends to be a bit 'creepy' by times. It was the number two best seller for Champagne Books in 2006, so I'm very proud of that!

Lainey: So how was it to write something with YOU in it very different?

Lori: Writing about myself was different because the book became personal. I mean, as a writer you can become attached to a character (or characters) but this was ME in the story. I wrote about how I was in the room with one of my grandmothers when she died and how difficult it was to deal with that. And how my other grandmother was in a car accident and her health failed and she came to live with us...and died slowly each day. Watching that was something that I've never forgotten, and it changed who I was. However, writing about it was healing.

Lainey: That makes sense so it was healthy for you to put out there since it helped you heal by doing it.

Lori: I can honestly say I will never do that again because I didn't have the passion for it that I do with mysteries. There's nothing like leaving myself (and readers) hanging at the end of a chapter. I want them to think "just one more chapter" and then not be able to stop. I love it when a book does that to me, so I tend to try and do that to my own readers.

Yes, it really helped me work things out that I didn't even know I was dealing with. Plus my father was sick at the time and we were told he wasn't going to live. I lost myself in the book so I wouldn't have to deal with what was going on around me. I'm happy to say now that my dad is alive and well (four years later) so I'm blessed that way too.

Lainey: That is ok you did what you needed to so it is completed, now you can do what you want to.

Oh, Congrats on your dad being ok I know how that is totally with a parent.

Lori: Yes, now I just come up with an idea and go with it. There's no pressure to 'feel' the characters. They are created and take on a life of their own.

Thank you! He was given a 3% chance to survive and to have him back and healthy is a miracle. I honestly believe God was looking out for us all (and him) and my mother was amazing, staying by his side every moment. He taught me to believe in miracles and my mother taught me the true meaning of "for better or worse" and "in sickness and health" in a marriage. They're amazing!

Lainey: Well he is here for a reason so I am so happy for you all and glad he is back with you and so healthy.

Lori: Thank you, Lainey, me too!

Lainey: I wanted to ask you what you have currently going on with your newest book out, anything your readers should be aware of any book signings, chats, promotions, conventions or the like?

Lori: I wish I could say that I have a book signing coming up. I did have one scheduled here in my home town before Christmas but the store had trouble ordering the books. They STILL don't have them, so until they can get them into their system, I'll have to wait. As for chats, I don't have anything scheduled in the next little while but readers are welcome to go to my forum at Coffee Time Romance at because I'm always in there chatting away and putting new things up.

Plus I recently started a blog - something that I never thought I could do, but love it - and they can check it out at

Lainey: While we are at it why don't you put out any other websites or a myspace and an email so readers can read more about you and talk to you or contact you?

I know I am shameless but since you started with one site I figured I would tie it all together so people have the links to go click on at once.

Lori: Oh sure! I am also at my space and my "my space" name is and I also have a site on Gather

Oh! My website is and my email. I love to hear from people!

Lainey: I am sure you do since they love to read all of your books and of course since you are one of our own they can always come to Coffee Time Romance and check to see what is happening with you too.

Lori: Yes, this is true. I try to post on the loops as much as I can, but there are just not enough hours in a day! I miss the social aspect; being with kids all day, but I get to do lots of chatting at night, so it's all good. That, and when my husband gets home. He wants peace and quiet, and I'm dying for adult conversation! I tell him I don't care if he responds, just listen to me rant and rave for a few minutes and then I'm good! *laughs*

Lainey: Now I have another great question for you is there anything I have not yet asked that you would like everyone to know about you or your books or anything else going on with you right now?

Lori: Well, right now I'm in the middle of edits for my next romantic suspense, "Lethal Memoirs", due out with Champagne Books sometime in the near future. There's no set release date on this yet, so readers can keep checking back with my website for more information. This book is about an editor in a publishing company who comes across a manuscript that reads suspiciously like her own life - with a past she's tried to hide and forget - and someone threatening to expose those very secrets.

I'm also trying my hand at a children’s book because I've always wanted to write one. I worked in daycare for over eight years and often thought "I could write this" while reading a book to the kids. I sent one away to a publisher and I'm impatiently waiting to hear back from them about it, so keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me!

Lainey: Congrats on your newest book coming out in the near future "whenever that is, grins" and also wow who better than a mom to do a children’s book, "yeah".

Lori: Yeah! I have been around to local schools speaking to classrooms about writing and it's difficult when the kids ask "can I read your books" and I have to say NO! I don't even let my own kids read them because they're either too young or just that I don't want them thinking their dad and I have sex!! *laughs*

Lainey: Oh wow that is a neat concept you have of doing that for the kids at school and yes better to write one for their age that is appropriate. <smiles>

Lori: Yes, I've really enjoyed it, and have been asked to speak to a university class at some point too......eek! That should be interesting, but I'm looking forward to it, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Lainey: I have a feeling I will be seeing many more of your children's or maybe even young adult books around in the next few years, that is a great genre to do and something your kids can brag about and show off and even read too. Hmm you could even do a young adult suspense along the lines of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys a bit more contemporary of course. <grins>

Lori: Funny you say that because I have the outline ready for a series just like that. I have always wanted to do a Nancy Drew type story, but want to be sure I keep it different enough that it's my own. But thank you for the vote of confidence, I appreciate it!

Lainey: Not a problem I will admit I grew up with most of the Nancy Drew books and a few Hardy Boys and lots of Dark Shadows thrown in the mix growing up even Cherry Ames.

Lori: ooooh......I loved the Dark Shadows show and hated that it ended so abruptly! But I was always a fan of anything mystery, so it's good. Even my first 'book' I wrote in grade four was called "The Mystery of the Missing Horse.”

Lainey: Very nice so you grew up like I did on the adventure and mystery books and even the paranormal of Dark Shadows I had most of the DS books as a teenager and collected them.

Lori: I never had the books for DS, but I did watch the show. I do, however, still have some Nancy Drew books from way back when and plan to give them to my daughters when they're old enough to read. Those, and the "First Love from Silhouette" collection that I have.

Lainey: That is great definitely a collection to have for every girl and soon they can add your books to the collection too, yours for the kids of course . <grins> Since I just know you will make a success of it and the characters will definitely capture the hearts of kids all over the world let's hope.

Lori: Awe, thanks, Lainey! That means a lot. From your mouth to a big publishing house's ears!

Lainey: <laughs> Well you know me but it is a great idea and I know I would buy them for all my nieces and nephews and the great ones now too coming up so you can be a huge success on two markets, the adults and the kids.

Lori: Wow, thanks! I'll be sure to keep that in mind when it happens!

Lainey: But of course I want to get them autographed and say I know the author kids, see I work with her at Coffee Time. <grins>

Lori: Of course! That I can guarantee you!

Lainey: And I will hold you to that but we won't get ahead of ourselves but I have a pretty good idea your new line of kids books will go over very well and definitely will be the newest ones the kids want to read next.

Lori: Yes, we don't want to jinx it, right?

Lainey: No we don't but I will be rooting for you and if you need any help just holler will be glad to remember all those great things I liked as a kid reading all those neat books.

Lori: Thanks, I'll remember that.

Lainey: And on that note, looks at time and doesn't want to jinx anything I will very unhappily have to say our fun time here is now closing to an end.

Lori: Well thank you so much for interviewing me, Lainey. I had a great time and it was nice doing it on a more personal level.

Lainey: Yes I love the live interviews so much too and now I hope to see you be the next to venture out and do it for us too, doesn't want to be the only one. <grins>

Hmm and you can be one up on a certain person we all know and LOVE, so you can teach her to do it next!

Lori: *laughing*......I am definitely thinking about it! I think it's a great idea .yes, I love teaching 'her' things, that's for sure.

Lainey: The clock is ticking so I must say good night and thanks for letting me have this time with you I really enjoyed it.

Lori: Yes, thank you too, Lainey. It's midnight here so I think I'll head to bed. Thanks again for the interview and I really enjoyed it as well.

Lainey: Have a great night Lori and I will see you soon.

Lori: Take care!






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