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Welcome, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lindy S Hudis for taking the time
to answer these questions for Coffee Time Romance. Today we are asking Ms. Hudis about her story, Weekends, the Suspense Contemporary Romance.   

Can you tell us a little about your book Weekends?

WEEKENDS is a romance-suspense novel set at an exclusive California beach resort where a family reunion is taking place. Our hero, Joe Peterson, is the gorgeous filmmaker from Beverly Hills there for a little R & R with his family. What happens is that extended family and friends meet, fall in love and lust, and learn deep family secrets. Also, one of the family members is a fugitive on the run from the police, who wrecks havoc on the weekend. Fortunately, a long lost cousin is a handsome FBI agent. As for what happens, well, you just got to buy the book, LOL! It has romance, suspense, action, and sex!  

What is your favorite part or scene in Weekends?

Hmmm, I guess the beginning, when all the action is being set in motion.

Did real people or life events inspire any of your characters/stories?

Sort of. I wanted to write a romantic, suspenseful, beach story. I have always found the beach incredibly sexy, sort of a fantasy of mine. I was inspired by this incredible sexy man I used to know named Joe. He was gorgeous, so I wrote twenty two pages of the fantasy on a beach. I never thought it would go anywhere. It is about a family reunion at an exclusive California beach resort and things go horribly wrong. People meet, fall in love and lust, reveal deep family secrets, and a brutal serial killer is on the loose stalking the family members. It is a weekend of unbridled sex, action, and romance.

Where do you do most of your writing? Do you have a favorite spot or room?

Always at my trusty computer in front of a big window. Sad to day, my room faces east, not towards the beach, which is probably a good thing. If my work space faced the ocean, I would probably not get any work done, lol.  

What is the biggest hurdle you have to overcome when you are writing a book?

Writer's block! I get that sometimes. What do I do? I ignore it and keep writing anyway. Eventually something will come, LOL

Who has inspired and supported you the most in your career?

My family. I come from an artistic family. My family. I come from a writer family, and they have been amazingly supportive. My father-in-law is Norman Hudis, and he wrote for television shows back in the 70's. He wrote for "Marcus Welby", "MASH", and others. He gave me advice and support, and was the first person to read the raw manuscript. He told me to "go for it". My husband and friends have been my cheerleaders. I don't think I could have made this journey without them.  

What do you do with your time when you are not writing?

Work-out, take long walks with my daughter, spend time with my family. Basically recharge my batteries.

What has been your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge is finding time to get the work done with my 2 year old running around, lol.

Can you tell us about any current projects you are working on?

My next book, CITY OF TOYS will be released in August 2005. CITY OF TOYS is a mainstream novel. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about CITY OF TOYS. It is based on the time I spent in Hollywood when I was a struggling actress. It was a difficult and scary time, and I had plenty of upsetting things happen to me and to other women I knew. I had to write a story about it, it is about what goes on behind closed doors in Hollywood.  

What genres and authors would we find you reading when you are not writing?

My bookshelf has everything from fiction, to biography, to self-help, to child care, to cookbooks, to political non-fiction. I am reading a lot of religious books right now. I am in the process of converting to Judaism, so I am reading a lot about that at this time.

What's your favorite thing to do to relax after a long day?

Take a hot bath and sip a Bloody Mary!

How have things changed for you since you first got published?

I am much more confident now, I know that somebody likes my book. Lol.

Did you do anything special to celebrate when your first book was published?

I grinned from ear to ear for about a month.

Describe the perfect day for you.

Going on a vacation with my family, but not without my laptop!

Any final advice to aspiring authors?

Don't give up! Dreams do come true, just hang in there and believe. Don't listen to the negativity. If you ever get a book on breaking into the publishing business and it is discouraging in anyway, put it down!

If any of our readers would like to see your work or contact you how can they do so?

Please contact me via my website at:

I would like to thank Lindy S Hudis on behalf of Coffee Time Romance for chatting with us and we wish you good luck on all your upcoming projects.

Thank you, Laura!

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