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Coffee Time Romance is honored to have talented author, Linda Hadaway. I've got a cozy chair for you to relax, even some plush pink slippers to put on your feet while we share a cup of hot coffee or tea. If you notice I have an assortment of blends for you to choose. We also have some fresh baked cookies, muffins and brownies, and Karenne has assured me, she has removed every single calorie. The coffee is hot, the brownies and cookies fresh and warm. So why not slip on the plush slippers, and get comfy in the cozy recliner and let’s get started. The readers are anxious to hear about Linda and her writings.  

Good morning, Linda, the camera man is outside your door, and eagerly awaits to follow you around for the day. Tell us what we can expect in a day with Linda? 

Lol! It varies…If I’m working a on a book, it could be watching me typing…and researching on the net. Maybe creating a new book trailer. If it’s during a weekend- I could be playing with one of the grandbabies we were blessed with this year- or reading a new book. If I’m vacationing….I could be at the beach at Ocean Shores, WA…or my favorite place…Las Vegas… 

I would like to say, Dark Side of Purgatory, is a wonderful story. You have captured inside the mind of the characters and put great visualization and strength into their lives. I also thought the cover of the book was nice.   

Would you enlighten the readers about this touching story?  

I have worked in the chemical dependency field for many years and wanted to write a book that was entertaining-and yet- enlighten the reader (I hope) about the addict—and how the “addictive” mind thinks… However, it is not without surprises. I call it, my addiction/recovery novel with a paranormal twist.

Was it very difficult for you to compose this book?  

It was more a labor of love- both my parents were alcoholic…however were able to get into recovery. This book is a dedication to them—and others.  

How long did it take in the preparation of this amazing story?  

I think it was forming in my head for about a year..trying to figure out the best way to go about it. 

Can you share with us your next release or work in progress?  

My next release is “(Don’t Mess With)Clear Lake Women. May 2012, is the expected release.

(Oh, Linda, I like the title already) 

When would you say is the best time for you to write?  

Probably at night, (after my day job and the kids are in bed). 

Do you outline, or go with the flow when you compose?  

The outline is in my head. That’s worked best so far. 

Would you say that your writing space is organized?  

Lol! Organized for me………….I do have some clutter of things I want close by…bills to pay, etc. Also, I keep a file for each of my books. Each tab will have information about each character, and perhaps pictures I’ve found on the net or in magazines that help me visualize them. I do have my own “space” and the “computer” room is my little office. 

Can you tell us something about you that makes you unique? 

As a person or a writer? As a person? I’ve done a variety of things in my life- but mainly my life has been about helping others. I’ve worked in the Human Services field for many years! In my writing, I usually include one or more characters that are outside the “norm.”  

What famous person would you love to help promote your book?  


Is there something in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets that you must keep completely stocked on your shelves?  

Popcorn! Without a doubt!  

If you could be a character in any Disney Movie, which movie would you choose?  

Tinkerbell I think. She was so small- but powerful energy! And she could fly….and never had a weight or age problem. How do you beat that?

(I think that would be a great character) 

You board an airplane one morning, with some of your relatives and closet friends. Where do you inform the pilot to fly you for a week long vacation?   

Since I haven’t been a world traveler…and taking relatives- which means kids…it would have to be Disneyland. 

Linda, you have been given three wishes, what would you wish for? 

Brotherly love—world peace would follow behind.

That kindness was a priority in all families.

That society put more efforts into helping the poor, the mentally ill, the disabled, and the others that are not able to have a voice.

(I like your wishes) 

Wow! That was heavy.

How about a cookie now Cherokee?

Sure, why not two? 

I am very glad about our interview today. I look forward to more of your great books. I wish you the best in life. Be sure to take the plush slippers with you, and as many brownies and cookies as you wish. Karenne was in the kitchen early this morning, getting things fresh.






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