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Welcome, Lauren. It is a pleasure to host you today at Coffee Time Romance and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Let’s begin with a few questions about Stay Tuned:

First of all, I would like to start out by asking this question. You write about a stalker in Stay Tuned. Has that ever happened to you or do you know someone in the news biz who was a victim of stalking?

I've had fans -- the emailing, phone calling, friendly letter-writing kind -- but not the stalker sort like Alyssa in Stay Tuned. Unfortunately, I've had friends who have had a few scary experiences with overly-friendly viewers. It's like any job in the public eye-- a girl can't be too careful!!

I believe your storyline is simply fascinating and this is a unique topic to write about. Considering your own experience, is there a character you relate with in the story more than others? Who would that be?

I related the most to Melissa. She has a similar personality to mine - she likes taking care of people, she cares about other people's feelings, and she tries to do the right thing. That said, she also gets herself into trouble (not meaning to), makes mistakes, and then has to figure out solutions!

I adored Candace and she is the character who seemed to resonate most with readers. She's based on my best friend, Lisa, who's a gem and has a spunky, sassy personality! Who doesn't love a hairdresser best friend who also gives great advice and cheers you on?

Did you need to do additional research when writing Stay Tuned or did you rely strictly on self-knowledge?

True story: Before I began work as a reporter at a TV station in Upstate New York, the two main anchors had a fistfight in the parking lot of the station. They were romantically involved and the fallout was very public and nasty! I started thinking about what might happened if two people actually fought during a newscast … and Stay Tuned was born!

Prior to Stay Tuned being released, I had four girlfriends who are still in the TV business read the story to make sure everything was correct! I am deeply grateful to these women who took time from their busy schedules and families to read my novel!!

How difficult was it to keep your ideas fresh while writing?

It's easy to get bogged down with laundry, grocery shopping, and life in general. I have to take each book one chapter at a time. I think the best thing I did was send the book around to some girlfriends who read A LOT! They gave me honest feedback and it really helped in the editing process. The novel became much smoother and more cohesive!

What do you hope readers take with them, after reading Stay Tuned? What do you hope they feel, or learn?

To believe in yourself and that girlfriends rock! Also, change can be okay, and that out of tragedy can come joy!

Okay…a few questions about Lauren Clark, the author.

If we asked friends to name 3 personality traits about you, what do you think he/they would say?

Outgoing, caring, reliable

What inspired you to pick the pen up one day and create characters that capture the imagination?

I think the idea for Melissa had been lurking around in my brain since I left TV. There are so many funny things that happen behind the scenes at a TV station -- it's like one big, very dysfunctional family. I wanted to show readers that side of the broadcasting industry!

Are you married or have a significant other? If so, tell us about the first meeting. Was the magic there immediately?

I was working as a pharmaceutical sales representative when I met my husband. I had actually hired him to speak for my company (LOL). He is definitely one of the most brilliant people I've ever met, so he was fascinating to talk to. We were friends first, then had a long-distance relationship for about a year. 

Were you named after a relative, friend of the family, or historical figure?

My mother liked the name, my father didn't argue!  (secret to a good marriage, I think!!)

What do you look for in a good novel? Which genre are you personally drawn to?

I love a novel with a strong female protagonist, someone who is smart, friendly, but not perfect. My taste in books is quite eclectic. I'm on a Lisa Gardner thriller-kick right now, but I adore Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Picoult, Lisa See, and James Patterson. I also dip into some YA -- loved The Hunger Games series and yes, Twilight. (Guilty Pleasure!!!)

Do you like your books/stories when the are finished or are you overly critical of your own writing?

It's difficult for me to go back and re-read after I've finished a novel. I'd put Stay Tuned aside when my second son was born. A few years passed and I picked it up again, sent it to an editor-friend and we tackled it together, taking it apart and putting it back together again!

Is there anything else we should know?

My next novel, Dancing Naked in Dixie, is scheduled for release May 2012. If you'd like more information on Dixie, sign up for my (very infrequent) newsletter here:

Thanks so much for having me! I love the website and am thrilled that STAY TUNED is a part of it!

Lauren, you are simply delightful and it is no wonder your readers are so drawn to you. Not only are you a captivating writer, you have a fabulous personality to go along with it. Thank you again so very much for spending time with us. Congratulations on all the success you are having with Stay Tuned. The strength behind your writing style is powerful as well as admirable. We hope you will visit us again.






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