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Good morning everyone. Today Coffee Time Romance has the pleasure of speaking to Laura Marie Henion. Welcome Laura, why not pull up a chair and allow us the opportunity to learn more about Laura.
Laura, welcome to Coffee Time Romance. I am so glad to be able to interview you. I love your works. Your stories always leave such an impact and Lillian’s Love is one that really grabbed a hold of this reader. Lillian and Michael are sensational characters. The way you create Lillian, one cannot help but feel the intensity of all the events she suffers through to become the woman she is. The book is truly awesome. 
Why not tell the readers something about Lillian’s Love?
Lillian’s Love actually takes place in my hometown of Stony Point, New York. To accurately portray my hero and his law enforcement position I had the opportunity to visit the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department and their BCI Unit. I was able to interview numerous investigators, get their personal insights into the various jobs they do as well as gain a better understanding of the field they work in on a daily basis. I was impressed with the high tech equipment they use and their continued efforts to educate and train each member of their elite department.

I believe that the ability to incorporate procedure and combine it with fiction, makes for an excellent read.
Was there any experience from anyone that led you to compose this story?
There wasn’t a specific experience that led to creating this story; however, the idea of creating such a business as Lillian’s Love is a bit of a dream of mine.
I notice that you grew up with a family of law enforcement, did you use some of that experience in the book where Detective Michael Fields is concerned?
In each of my books, I like to make the hero as realistic as possible. Many people believe that stereotypically homicide detectives are unfeeling and tend to become desensitized. Not only do I disagree but I also like to bring out the emotional aspect of being a homicide detective.

Michael Fields is a good man, a soldier who has served his country, a detective who continues to serve his community and a man in touch with his emotions, his weaknesses and his bullheadedness determination. Throw in fabulous looks, well maintained body and charisma and Michael Fields becomes the perfect counterpart to Lillian Baxter.
Was it hard for you to create a character like Martin Crane, who I found to be sketched very well as being an abuser?
I wanted to create and describe Martin Crane to my readers in a way that would accurately portray his faults and his mentality combined with the general preconceptions the public may have toward abusers themselves. By being descriptive, integrating a two sided perspective, all while maintaining believability that such an innately evil individual could exist was definitely difficult.     
Laura, I noticed you are also a freelance writer. If a reporter wanted to walk through your shoes for a day, what would they see?
A reporter would initially notice my piles of paperwork and projects scattered over whatever table I decided to work from for the day. I tend to move around the house, spreading my work in different areas other then the office. I find that I work more creatively in a changing environment as opposed to just sitting at the same old desk.

A reporter would also notice my ability to multitask. Even with all those piles of paperwork I am organized and know exactly where everything is.
What is it about romance and suspense that draws your attention?
I love the idea, around intrigue and suspense. To be able to create such an enticing storyline and characters that keep a reader guessing and on the edge of their seat is enjoyable and satisfying. Ultimately I have always enjoyed reading suspense novels that had a touch of romance in them. However there was a part of me that felt dissatisfied. As if there should be a little more romance mixed into the suspense and in just the right doses. Hence, I began writing in the genre of suspense and romance and continue to combine the two. The romance to me is that solid metal link that ties the two genres (suspense& romance) together and holds strong, unbreakable, ultimately creating the icing on the cake. That “wow” at the end of reading a great novel.
What does your work station look like?
An utterly and completely organized mess that I have complete control over.
Do any of your characters ever wake you during the night demanding your attention?
Definitely! I have my trusty mini tape recorder, notebook and pencils by bedside. On those not so rare occasions where one of my characters insists they be heard, where their words, their emotions flow so smoothly and quickly that a tape recorder and notebook just aren’t good enough, I pull out the laptop. I have been known to stay up through the night typing away chapter after chapter.

I love those nights. It’s when I feel most connected to my love of writing.
Is it hard for you to let a story go?
So far I have not found it hard to let a story go. Sometimes what I find difficult is adding the extra fluff to a story. I don’t like to overly describe to the point of boring the readers. I like a fast pace, a full plot, believable characters and a memorable story and ending.
What does the future hold for Laura, with any upcoming releases that you would like to share?
I will be releasing my series COP’S DAUGHTER beginning this September.

Cop’s Daughter – Victoria
Release Date: September 28, 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing
Cops Daughter – Lauren
Release Date: October 28, 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing
Cops Daughter – Grace
Release Date: November 28, 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing
Cop’s Daughter – Diana
Release Date: December 28, 2008
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing
I will also be releasing another book with Lachesis Publishing called:
First One In …. Las One Out
Release Date: February 28, 2009
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing
Laura, I don’t know if you are into much cooking but let’s have a little fun. Bobby Flay comes to your house and invites you to a throwdown. What dish would you challenge with him?
I would have to say my Teriyaki grilled salmon. I make it on the grill with special spices in a process that maintains moistness and also locks in flavor. My children absolutely love it.  
Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you cannot do without?
I have a pair of light brown Sanuk sandals that are so soft and comfortable they feel like slippers. Love them.
You wake up one morning to learn you are a farmer and have to plant. What crop would you begin planting on your farm?
I would have to say corn. It would be the most profitable and wisest choice since we are now using it for ethanol. The need for more corn crops is increasing as more then fifteen percent of the crops are being used to create ethanol. We need more crops for the purpose of food.
If a genie gave you three wise wishes, what would you wish for?
One-The knowledge and ability to develop cures for otherwise fatal diseases.
Two-To always have love, health and family.
Three- To live a “full” life with no regrets.
Laura, I cannot thank you enough for being our guest today. I am a huge fan of yours. You, indeed, are a great storyteller. I look forward to you next sensational story.
Thank you Cherokee.






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