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Good morning everyone. Today Coffee Time Romance has the pleasure of speaking to Kristy McCaffrey. Why not pull up a chair and allow us the opportunity to learn more about Kristy, and her stories. Grab some hot coffee, or tea from the table, and some brownies and cookies while we begin our questions.

Kristy, why not tell us what a day is like in your life once you wake and start your busy schedule? 

My husband lets me sleep while he gets our two teenagers off to high school (they drive themselves). I get up with our 6th grader, make her lunch then drive her to school. Then I sit at my desk and work for a while, do yoga, get a shower at some point then have lunch with my husband. He also works at home. I do more writing, etc. in the afternoon then pick up my daughter at school. Then comes dinner (we like to eat early), walking the dogs in the desert, and tv time. Sometimes I’ll work in the evening. 

The readers are anxious to hear about your latest book, The Sparrow, the third book in the Wings of the West Series. Can you please enlighten us about this story?

In 1877 Emma Hart travels to the Grand Canyon to attempt a daring traverse down the Colorado River on a wooden dory. Texas Ranger Nathan Blackmore tracks her down and decides to aid in her quest. But Emma is gifted with a second sight—this is part of the reason she’s come to Grand Canyon—and she soon learns that Nathan doesn’t believe in parlor tricks, as he calls them. As Emma’s abilities grow and she undergoes a shamanic initiation, Nathan begins to realize there is more to the world than can be seen. He also realizes that a life without Emma is no life at all.

How long did it take in the preparation for this series?

I’ve been working on this series for about 10 years now.

What would you say was the hardest part in composing this book?

Understanding the process of initiation that Emma undergoes. At first, I didn’t even realize it was shamanic in nature. I wrote early drafts of the story from instinct but later I had to really study the process in-depth to understand how to handle it.

Do you believe every story should have a happily-ever-after ending, or sometimes a cliffhanger?

No, every story doesn’t need a happily-ever-after, but if reading or writing romance, it’s expected to be present. And cliffhangers certainly help sell the next book!

Would you like to share an insight to anything else that you might be working on at the time?

I’m working on the fourth book in the series, THE BLACKBIRD. Bounty Hunter Cale Walker has come to Arizona Territory to help Tess Carlisle find her father, Cale’s former mentor.

Do you write on a schedule or as inspiration hits?

I don’t write on a fixed schedule, it’s more like fits and spurts. I spend a lot of time researching. It gels when it gels.

Are you an organized person?

Yes, very much so. But when I write I tend not to be, scribbling ideas on whatever is handy. I’ve learned to have file folders to throw all these ideas into, because while they may not make sense at first, later they may have a use.

Name three things you look for in a companion or friend.

Shared sense of humor, relaxed sense of self, and a love of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Of all the stories or movies that you have read or watched is there any one that you would change the writing to your liking because you really did not like the way it ended.

Well, several months ago I watched a movie called “Sanctum.” It wasn’t so much that I disliked the way it ended but rather the actions of the father character throughout the movie. The premise was that a group of cave divers becomes trapped underground and must find their way out. But every time something goes wrong and a character becomes wounded, this man would end their life. And finally, at the end, his son must end the father’s life because he’s mortally wounded. But was he? Or any of the other characters? At this point I threw my hands up in the air in frustration. I think this story was based on true events but I found it hard to believe that all of this killing needed to be done. It was unsettling, unnecessary, and frankly unrealistic. I doubt I could drown my own father to end his suffering. These characters were slightly unhinged to believe this was the only way. So I imagine I would have written this story much differently.

If you were given a class on proper nutrition for children, what would you do if you were confronted with a family that only gave their child processed nuggets, French fries, pop tarts, or an occasional pizza. The word vegetable was never thought of in the household. Would you have a certain tact to reach the parent about eating the right foods when they have been fed this for many years?

I would simply present the facts, of which there is much out there regarding the benefits of eating right. But at the end of the day you can’t make anyone do anything unless they want to. It would have to be their choice.

You have just won a day to spend with any writer of your dreams. Who would you choose and how would you spend your day?

When I was researching shamanism for THE SPARROW I read several books by a man named Robert Moss. I found his accounts and research fascinating. So I would spend the day with him picking his brain about everything he DIDN’T include in his books. :)

What is your favorite sweet that you can never grow tired of?

Milky Way Bars. I really love them.

You have planned for a lovely night out with your loved ones but when your order arrives; your meal is a disappointment. Do you complain to the waitress/waiter, or just let it slide?

I’d let it slide. Everyone has a bad day. It’s just one meal and I’m not very confrontational.

Thank you Kristy, for being with us today. I look forward to reading all your wonderful stories. I do want you to know I had the pleasure of being out in Scottsdale, and Phoenix, for almost a year and loved it. At the time I even worked at the Merv Griffin Scottsdale Resort. The atmosphere and people were really great. I wish you the best. Your stories are beautifully composed and covers stunning.

Thank you, Cherokee. I hope you’ll be able to visit Scottsdale again soon. The atmosphere is really great here and we’re having lovely January weather (60’s and sunny).






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