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Hello my fellow readers and welcome.  Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Kate Steele and her wonderful books.  First of all, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions .

Thank you for this opportunity. I actually like doing these interviews. I think I'm a closet exhibitionist. LOL.

Kate,  I had the pleasure of reading Lion, Tigers and Bears.  Is this your first book in this genre?

"Lions, Tigers & Bears" is actually my second book involving shape-shifters. My first was "To Trust a Wolf" which involved werewolves.

I love shape shifters, but what makes you want to write them?

They are totally fascinating! Think of it, this person or people with the ability to become an animal. I love the night. Can you just imagine what it would be like to become a wolf and be one with the night? All your senses would be enhanced and the freedom would be beyond exhilarating.

Are you planning more in this genre?

Definitely.  I'm already at work on the sequel to "To Trust a Wolf" called "To Temp a Wolf".

Do you think writing shape shifters are harder than say a contemporary?   

Not at all. Shape-shifters are creatures of the imagination, although there's a primitive part of me that hopes they're real, but in writing about them you can make your own rules. There's the legend that says a man bitten by a werewolf will only turn when the moon is full and that it's a terrible curse. Ok. That's one persons take on it. But as a writer I can make up my own rules. My werewolves don't have to wait for a full moon. This ability is not a curse, it's a gift worthy of envy. In my books, whatever I say goes. That's a powerful and very pleasurable thing.

Kate, how long have you been writing?

I started writing in the spring of 2003 so I've not been at it very long.

Did it take long to get published?

I submitted my first book to Ellora's Cave in September of 2003.  After some revisions, it was accepted for publication in December and my first book was published in November of 2004. It's funny but my first book published was actually the third submitted and accepted. Since then my first book has been published, the second one is in edits and the fourth one, which is part of the Lion's, Tigers & Bears anthology has already been published.

What are you working on now?

As I said earlier, I'm currently working on a sequel called "To Tempt a Wolf" I'm also at work on two contemporary novels, one time travel and a werewolf book of a different kind.

Out of all the books you wrote, which was your favorite and why?

So far "To Trust a Wolf" has to be my favorite.  I put a lot of myself into the heroine Bryn. It was just a fun book to write.

Kate, where or how do you get your inspiration for your books?

Logan, the hero of "To Trust a Wolf" was inspired by a secondary character that I was reading about in a book by one of my favorite authors. Something about the man intrigued me. I kept imagining him in a scene and that scene grew into my book. I get ideas from the books I read and sometimes something just pops into my head. It's really hard to say from where.

What is your favorite pastime, when you are not writing?

Well, I used to make teddy bears, not so much anymore. I love to read and I do a bit of gardening. My sister and I bought over 200 different varieties of iris bulbs last year so there's some upkeep involved in that.

Kate, how can our authors learn more about you?

It's currently under construction but when completed it will be Readers can contact me at  I also have a page that's listed at

Is there anything you haven't written yet, that you would like to write?

Lots, but I'm working on it! I've got a half dozen or more different books started, it's just a matter of finding the time to finish them. And the problem is that new ideas keep cropping up and so the book you thought you were going to work on next gets set aside once again.

Kate, for aspiring writers out there, what advice would you give?

Believe in yourself. When I submitted my first work to Ellora's Cave I was filled with the absolute conviction that it would be accepted and it was. Another important thing, learn about dialogue tags and proper punctuation. Your editor will thank you for it!

I have heard that the characters of the book talk to the author and take charge at times.
Has this ever happened to you?

All the time! I don't usually plot my story. I have certain scenes I know I want to include, but everything that comes between those scenes just sort of comes out as I sit down to write. It makes for some interesting situations.  As the characters develop, they sort of take you down their own road, show you how they would behave and why.

When you sit down and start writing, do you keep writing until you are done with what ideas are in your head?

Yes and no, sometimes I sit down in front of the computer and write a paragraph or a page or two but the muse just doesn't seem to be there and I'm easily distracted. I feel I know what I want to say, I just can't seem to find the right words. Then there are times when I've sat in front of that screen for seven or eight hours at a time and it seems the story is just writing itself. It's coming so fast I can barely keep up with it and it gets to the point where I'm loathe to top but hey, a person finally has to go to the bathroom or get some sleep. You know? LOL! Those are the days you live for.

Thanks again Kate for chatting with us today.  Make sure you check out the review done on Lions, Tigers, and Bears.






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