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Hello to all our Coffee Time Romance Readers. I have a very special treat her for you today. I am interviewing Karen Magill live via MSN Messenger and we will be talking about her latest and greatest work. So come please join us here as she tells me all ….

Lainey: Good evening Karen, I hope you had a great 4th of July yesterday.

Karen: Yes, I am Canadian though so our holiday was the first.

Lainey: Oh yes Canada day I forgot about that but you did get your official holiday so that works.

Karen: They are close together too.

Lainey: I wanted to start with saying that your readers may reach you and look at your sites at the following links. and and and and also are all those correct Karen and would you like to add anything else for them and an email address too for our readers?

Karen: Those are right and people can email me at I love receiving emails.

Lainey: OK READERS you heard it from Karen herself that she loves emails so do not be shy and show her the love you have for her books *smiles*

Karen: Thanks Elaine!

Lainey: *Lainey adds - yes I am also called Elaine*  Well I wanted to get the sites and all that out of the way first so that now we can get to the good stuff. Can you tell us about your latest release?

Karen: It is Let Us Play, A Rock 'n Roll Love Story.

Set in an uncertain time in the future, all forms of rock 'n roll music have been banned worldwide. The heroine of the story - Kaya More - is the daughter of one of the founders of a rebel organization called the Let Us Play Organization. Her father was murdered by the government forces banning the music. Kaya is blessed with the gift of second sight and she uses this to help her lead the rebels. There are a lot of paranormal occurrences and it is a good adventure as well.

Lainey: You just made this interviewer fantastically happy with that one word ... paranormal that is my favorite genre actually *smiles*

Karen: I like throwing in the weird stuff. Makes the story so much more interesting. Don't you think?

Lainey: Oh yes, I definitely think it makes it much more interesting when something weird or paranormal is introduced in a story.

Karen: More fun for the writer too. At least this one.

Lainey: Aha now that lets me lead into the next question for you. How did you get into writing, especially with a paranormal theme?

Karen: Writing I have always done. For as long as I can remember. My paternal grandmother was a published author. Paranormal I got into because I have a fascination with the unexplained and/or unexplainable. It just made sense to add it to my books.

Lainey: Would you like to let our readers know where you have your books published so they can go see and buy them?

Karen: and other online stores. Just type in my name at online stores and they will find both my books.

Lainey: Why don't you tell us about the other book you have there then for our readers so we can let them know what a treat they have in store.

Karen: My first is called The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story.

Two people living on opposite ends of the country, have identical accidents at the same moment in time. Both have an out of body experience and meet while their ethereal forms are floating. When they part, each takes a piece of the other with them, making them true soul mates. Both have visions of the other person when they recover. When the man senses that the woman is in danger, he flies (in a plane) across the country to help her.

Lainey: I love that type of story but the weird part is you can feel that way about someone who is very close you KNOW if something has happened to them.

Karen: There have been incidents of that happening. Our minds are strange things!

Lainey: *winks* yes it has happened and to me before actually and is why I mentioned that. It can really happen to people and that is why I love that type of story.

Karen: With paranormal, all a person has to do is to open their minds and believe in what may seem unbelievable.

Lainey: Yes I totally agree and that is why I am betting the paranormal readers out there are going to love having this new release from you to read. *smiles*

Karen: I hope so. And for those of you, who have not bought The Bond, get that too. <grin>

Lainey: Can you tell us if you have anything happening with your release or anything else coming up for you? Convention, book signing, chats or … to get your readers out there involved?

Karen: I just finished a blog tour and don't have anything scheduled right now. I am looking at a few things but nothing concrete as of yet.

Lainey: Can you tell us about the blog tour?

Karen: Dorothy Thompson and her partner Jamieson with Writer's Life arranged it. Different blogs 'host' me. They ask me questions then post them on the day of the tour. Some had me write an article. There are also more reviews of Let Us Play. It is a great way to get exposure.

Lainey: Is there anything I have not asked you today and that you would like our readers to know about your and your books?

Karen: Not that I can think of. I am just happy that you took the time to interview me. Thank you for that.

Lainey: It is my pleasure Karen and I definitely enjoyed our time together.

Karen: Good because I did.

Lainey: On a closing note I want our readers to remember to check out your 2 books and all those paranormal readers out there hurry and grab them up ... please… you will love them *smiles*

Karen: Thanks Elaine! Take care.

Lainey: Thanks again Karen and I hope you have a wonderful even. I am happy to have really met you tonight. *grins*

Karen: Bye now. You have wonderful evening too. I am glad I met you as well.

Lainey: Good night Karen and thanks again.

Karen: Night.






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