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Welcome book fiends and coffee aficionados! Today we are lucky enough to be chatting with, and learning more about, talented author Karen Cote. Thanks for taking the time to be with us today, Karen! To start, could you tell us something about your recent release, Erotic Deception?

Erotic Deception is a Romantic Suspense about a woman (Lily) on the run for her life from a man she knows but cannot prove killed her brother. He is also her ex-fiancé and District Attorney. Jet is the sheriff of the community she hides in who is irresistibly drawn in to her plight while fighting an undeniable attraction. Both the hero and heroine have serious trust issues which results in conflict layered with sarcasm and heat.

Lily was quite the fascinating character. She was lied to and yet she was determined to prove the innocence of her brother and not bitter. Do you plan the evolution of your characters before writing or are you more of a pantser?

I am a definite pantser. I have learned not to outline my character’s futures as they can get very upset with me and not speak to me for days although it can be a relief as the midnight intrusions into my sleep habits is irritating at times. Overall, I pretty much give in to their schedule and let them lead their own lives by listening when they choose to talk and not trying to speak for them.

Jet was not your average hero. He spent part of the book thinking she was crazy and trying to stay away from her while wanting to see her and yet he was very easy for the reader to fall in love with. How did you come up with such an irresistible hero?

You have no idea the pleasure your comment about falling in love with Jet touches my heart. I grew up falling in love with the heroes I read and could only pray delivering the same to someone else in the stories I write.

Who is your favorite author to read for pleasure? Do you stick with romance or do you read things that are nothing like you write?

My all-time favorite author is Linda Howard but that is most likely because I discovered her first after branching away from my favorites at Harlequin. Since then I have fallen in love with the works of Rachel Gibson, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Judith McNaught, Maggie Shayne, Karen Rose and several others. As you can see, romance does and always will be the driving factor of any book I choose and most will carry the suspense element as it is what I love to write. Paranormal and historical are also enjoyable but then romance must heavily factor into the story.

Lily has some issues with an ex and some things happening around the house which seemed quite terrifying to me. What made you think of that and how much research did you have to do to write the more suspenseful elements of this story?

I suppose I have been researching all my life as an avid mystery lover. I have a wild imagination just in everyday life and my husband frequently jokes about my ability to turn an ordinary event into a dramatic tale. Criminal Minds is my most recent obsession and that love affair does not seem to be one that will go away soon although I do follow FBI tweets on Twitter and one particular tweet caught my eye. That book is in the making as my current work in progress.

Not just in this book, but out of any that you have written previously or are working on, who is your favorite character and why?

Lily and Jet from Erotic Deception will always be my favorites. They are my first actors on the screen so-to-speak and I can never forget the part they played in launching my dream to publication.

What do you do when the characters stop 'talking' to you while you are writing?

Very good question and I actually took a writer’s class on that. The instructor suggested I pick out an object from a list she gave and insert it into my story. I did that with Erotic Deception, the story broke out of my block, and I actually pitched that particular scene to a publisher. The publisher asked for the full manuscript and acceptance came soon after. I can never thank that instructor enough as her list of objects helped slide my manuscript into publication.

The dialogue between the characters in this novel as well as the relationships between them and the secondary characters was both fun and very realistic. What would you advise aspiring writers when it comes to writing such fun banter? Not to mention the sizzling sexual tension… *fans self*

Well goodness. Do you mind if I just take a moment to enjoy your generous comments? Thank you so much and I think a writer should listen to their characters. Do not be shy in running with bizarre behavior as it can be fun and look more fun on the page. I have been known to act out a scene and be embarrassed when my husband walks in on it. My advice? Ignore the embarrassment. I am very blessed to have a supportive and even proud husband who knows how strange a writer is and appreciates my qualities in being different. It took me a long time to embrace who I am but characters need to come to life. Anything less is lack luster. Joining writer’s communities helped me to finally realize I am not alone and there are others like me and understand.

Do you have anything else you would like to add/say to our readers?

Just an adamant thank you for taking the time to learn more about my work. It has been an exciting journey. At times, the journey has seemed long but so well worth the growth and lessons I have learned along the way. Lastly, where can we readers find you on the internet?

Most days I will be hanging out at my virtual website speaking with my world of avatars here Thank you so much for your kind generosity and the wonderful remarks of encouragement.

Well, fellow book addicts and coffee lovers, it was truly a pleasure to get to know a new author and thank you for stopping in to read with us today. I also want to make sure to thank the author for the worlds you create and transport us to with your words and mention that we look forward to more great reads in the future!






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