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Today we have Judi Lynne joining us to discuss Aidan’s Chance, the first book in the Rothirforde Trilogy. Welcome Judi Lynne, I am pleased you could join us and let us get to know you a bit better.

Thank you, Liadan, for having me. I’m a big fan of Coffee Time Romance and visit the website quite often.

Could you tell us how you began your writing career?

My writing career began when I was a teenager. I wrote stories for fun, but finally in school, I found a teacher that encouraged my writing. My first short story, “Third Grade Love,” received outstanding honors in high school. It was then that I knew romance writing would be part of my future. Decades later, my first medieval Scottish historical was published by Vintage Romance Publishers in February 2007
Was this something you have wanted to do all your life?

Not at first. I wanted to be a veterinarian as a child. But once I received positive feedback for the stories I wrote, I knew what I wanted to do.

In Aidan's Chance you bring the Scottish countryside to life. Have you visited there and what was it about Scotland that inspired you to write the story?

I’ve never visited Scotland, although I would love to one day. To make the book as realistic as possible, I researched hours upon hours about medieval life in Scotland before I put one word on paper. The history, castles, and scenery are great inspiration for anybody who writes Scottish historicals, but it was the people that inspired me the most. My husband’s family lived along the borders of Scotland and England. While doing genealogical research, I discovered a Nicholas Rothirforde. From there, the “what ifs” whirled through my mind and the Rothirforde trilogy was born.

You have received glowing reviews for Aidan's Chance, as this is the first in the trilogy, when will Kylee's Revenge be released?

Kylee’s Revenge is currently under consideration at The Wild Rose Press. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed. The editor said I should hear by the end of October. If all goes well, Kylee’s Revenge should be released in 2008.

The relationship between Kaitlin and Aidan was rocky to say the least but it seemed like you had fun with them as well. How did you find the balance between seriousness and humor?

Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult to weave both humor and seriousness into the story. Much of my own personality exists in Kaitlin. She reacts to problems much like I do in everyday life. I learned years ago that a bit of humor can sometimes make the worst conditions a bit more tolerable.

After writing Aidan's Chance, how long was it before you started on Kylee's Revenge and did you find it hard to begin writing her story?

I started Kylee’s Revenge about two months after finishing Aidan’s Chance. Kylee’s story was easy to write since she is an extension of her father’s personality. Kaitlin’s humor is replaced by a “kick butt” heroine who takes no prisoners, except for the hero, Devlin. If readers like a strong-willed heroine, they’ll love Kylee.

You are stranded on a desert island, what would you most want to have with you?

Besides all the necessities and a couple of Playboy magazines for inspiration, I’d love to have a dog. Whenever I write, my dog stays at my side. Aidan’s Chance is dedicated in memory of my German shepherd that passed away last Christmas. He never left my side when I wrote, and now his twin sister has taken up residence beside me as I finish the third book in the Rothirforde triology.

Do you have a ritual, i.e., certain snacks or drinks or music, you must have when writing?

I make sure I’m wearing extremely comfortable clothing, baggy pants and shirts, and on the radio is an evening music/talk show hosted by Delilah.

What part of the day do you find it easiest for you to write?

Once I get home from school, fixed dinner, and cleaned up, I’ll retreat to my office and write. I tried writing in the morning on the weekends, but little chores and interruptions draw my attention away from the writing.

Could you also please list your email and website addy or blog addy and any conventions or appearances you may have coming up?

  • Appearances: “Fall for the Arts,” Martinsburg Mall, September 29-30, Martinsburg, West Virginia, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • “Booksigning,” Borders at Fredericktown Mall, October 20, Frederick, Maryland, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

I'd like to thank you on behalf of Coffee Time Romance for joining us and giving us an insight into your world.

Thank you, Liadan, for taking the time to interview me. It has been a real pleasure.






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