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Hello all!  We have with us today Jenyfer Matthews.  She is the author of One Crazy Summer.  So pull up a chair and get to know her and her book a little bit better. Hi Jenyfer and welcome to Coffee Time Romance. 

Could you give us an insight into Jenyfer Matthews the person and the author?

Me? I’m just your ordinary average American stay-at-home soccer mom to two small children. Only I happen to live in Cairo, Egypt. And write romance novels for fun. And sell quilts for travel money – I taken myself to Cambodia and Germany that way. Nothing to tell really!

In One Crazy Summer you have an eclectic cast of characters.  Who was your favorite to write?

I identified more closely with Ben because I tend to be more on the thoughtful, introspective side myself, but Summer was probably the most fun to write. Who wouldn’t want to be as open and carefree as she is? I was able to do things through Summer that I haven’t had the guts to try myself!

Summer and Skye are typical younger/older siblings.  I loved them.  Summer definitely has spirit.  I was wondering if perhaps you've put a bit of yourself in her.

Actually, I think that the opposite has happened – Summer has put some of her spirit into me! I’m much more likely to seize opportunities to try new things now than before I wrote this book – particularly when traveling. Last summer I tried boogie boarding in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time – in spite of my fear of looking ridiculous. I can’t say for sure that I didn’t embarrass myself but it was a lot of fun and I’m very glad that I didn’t let the opportunity get past me.

Ben is so uptight but the reader can't help but love him.  Did you do research for the type of work he does?

Not as such. I have worked with lawyers over the years and have also taken a basic accounting class – where the idea for this novel was born. (Really, isn’t daydreaming in an accounting class just expected??)  Fortunately, though Ben is an accountant, the book isn’t actually about accounting. I’m sure that there are corporate attorneys and accountants out there who could set me straight about factual inaccuracies regarding business partnerships in the state of Illinois, but I will claim artistic license. I aim for verisimilitude and plausibility in my writing.

His sisters and mother seem to be so possessive of him but also wanting to let him go.  Have you been in a situation like that or has someone you know gone through that?

Nope – I have a small family myself. The rest I just made up. Authors are like that!

I know you have another book contracted by Cerridwen Press, All The Way Home.  Could you tell us some about that book and the characters?

I’m very excited about my next book – particularly since I just got a great cover for it!

Here’s the blurb:

Maggie and Sam grew up in the same town, knew each other in school, admired each other from afar, but never dated. She was just a little too straight and narrow for this bad boy. Now they’re all grown up and back in their hometown – she to deal with a family crisis, he to prove that he’s changed his ways. Neither can deny their attraction but they’re still at odds. She’s down on family life – can he be the one to convince her to settle down?

I’ve moved many, many times in my life so I’m a little bit fascinated by (and envious of) the idea of living in one town for your whole life. Of course, staying in one place has its disadvantages as well. I started thinking of what it would be like to go back to your hometown after a long absence. How would it be to see all the people you’d known before? And what would happen if you ran into your old high school crush – and he was still a hunk and still available? It’s a story about making peace with your past and reclaiming lost opportunities.

How are you planning to spend the holidays this year?

With the kids out of school, my husband and I were thinking of taking a weekend trip to the Valley of the Kings in Luxor – only an overnight train ride away. Nothing is settled yet however.

My backup plan includes lots of chocolate!

Who is your favorite  author and why?

Do I have to pick only one? If so, then I’d have to say Nora Roberts. She was one of the first romance authors that hooked me and I’ve enjoyed her books for years. She does such a brilliant job with her characterizations that when I finish reading one of her books I feel like I’ve just spend that time with friends.

Thank you for being here with us today and please stop by again.






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