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Hello everyone, I am pleased to say I have Jennifer Mueller with me here at Coffee Time Romance in our beautiful chat room. Today, we will be having a live chat to discuss her books and all the latest updates for you - our Readers!

Lainey: Good Morning to you Jennifer. I am glad you could make it here with me today.

Jennifer: Thanks for having me!

Lainey: I thought we would start off with all the latest news and releases you have coming out right now. Can you tell us a bit of what is happening with you and your books at the moment?

Jennifer: I can’t believe April still, I had 6 come out then. The sequel to my Egyptian Time Travel called Egyptian Days out at Linden Bay Romance, Two Beads From Mardi Gras, The Odyssey and other Stories a small collection of re-releases from Romance at Heart, a piece in a sweet romance digest at Midnight Showcase called Sweet Challenge. Oh and a short erotic piece called Behind the Mask from The Dark Castle Lords.

Lainey: Wow that really did make your April, didn’t it?

Jennifer: My May is rather slow release-wise but after 6 I am not complaining.

Lainey: No that is nothing to complain about since 6 is pretty powerful to come out at once and from all different publishers too.

Jennifer: By far the busiest month in the two years since I was first published. Apart from moving, June is a slow month. We haven’t started packing yet either. Can you hear the groaning from there? I’m working on edits for A Wolf in Angel’s clothing though.

Lainey: How is A Wolf in Angel’s Clothing doing by the way? Any good previews on it yet so readers are prepared for the release?

Jennifer: Most everyone that’s read the excerpts likes what they’ve seen, so I think it sounds good.

Lainey: It’s due sometime in November as a release or is that subject to be moved?

Jennifer: Definitely November, not sure the exact date though.

Lainey: Can the readers find it on the site already so that they know it is there to be purchased the day of release?

Jennifer: No, but has all the details on the book and its modern tales of the family.

Lainey: Have you had fun writing A Wolf in Angel’s Clothing?

Jennifer: Definitely, I’ve had the most fun with out of all my 50 odd stories. But then this is the story that got me writing fiction in the first place. A Wolf in Angel’s Clothing starts Jonathon Stanton out on the Oregon Trail after he’d been wounded in the war with Mexico. When I finished Wolf in Angel’s Clothing, I liked the character so much I wondered what she would be like in modern day. So in Mine Death, Hunting Death, and a WIP Model Death she’s the descendent of the couple in the historical but many think she’s the reincarnation of her grandmother, both kick ass women, if ever there was one.

Lainey: Can you tell us a bit about A Wolf in Angel’s Clothing?

Jennifer: John Stanton, a former Cavalry Major, is searching to find his way in life, after a wound in the war with Mexico ends his military career. Healed but drifting he is offered the position as guide for a wagon train to Oregon. He jumps at the chance even if it is to escort brides across the wilderness.

Elizabeth Cavanaugh is different from all the rest. She isn't looking for husband nor is she looking for his help. In fact, she spends more of her time helping him get the women across than he helps her. With midnight visits to help the sick, many start calling her an angel of mercy. With 180 people on the train forced together, her true nature is soon revealed.

Everyone on the train knows she hides a secret behind the wild eyes of a wolf, but John alone is able to figure out what that secret is. The wolf is her true self far more than the angel many think. In helping Elizabeth deal with the past she is fighting John finds his own future wrapped up in hers but the past doesn't let go easily.

Lainey: I know that I will definitely be looking forward to seeing A Wolf in Angel’s Clothing come out soon too. I can tell it will go on my TBB or to be bought pile.

Jennifer: *smiles*

Lainey: So what time period is A Wolf in Angel’s Clothing set in?

Jennifer: is the link to an excerpt, it’s a historical set on a wagon train heading to Oregon. But it doesn’t end in Oregon to tell the truth.

Lainey: That is a fantastic story and I believe your readers will be anticipating this newest book to come out And lastly, are there any specific sites or addresses you would love to have people read about you or come to see or talk to you at?


Lainey: That is great so now everyone can catch up with you now easily. Thank you for providing that. I know you wanted to also list your books and where your readers can find them.

Jennifer: I have them all listed here and the asterisk will let everyone know coming soon:

Romance at Heart Publishing
An Arrangement among Gentlemen
All my Dreams
A Little Roman Scandal
Women of their time
The Odyssey and Other Stories

Dark Castle Lords
The Dancer’s Secret
How to Ruin a Season
Lord Dronovic
The Dragon’s Pearl
Behind the Mask

Awe Struck E-Books
A Wolf in Angel's Clothing*
Hunting Death*

Midnight Showcase
Her Father’s Daughter in Summer Heat 2
The Mountaintop
A Speakeasy named Hell in Sweet Challenge

Linden Bay Romance
Egyptian Nights
Egyptian Days
History Lessons

Mardi Gras Publishing
The Great Southwest by Rail
The New Guy
Ancient Walls*

Digital Pulp Publishing
The Wolf Within
Till Death do us Part

Aphrodite's Apples
Rose among the Heather in Regency Romp
Far from Home*
The Angel of Bally Ferriter*

Chippewa Publishing
Samburu Hills

Lainey: Thank you so much Jennifer for taking the time off and giving us so much to look forward to. I cannot believe you have been on a roll and writing up a storm but in this case the readers will definitely be benefiting. I know you have to be getting ready for work so I will let you go but I hope you have a great day. I truly enjoyed our time together and keep in touch and let us know what is happening with you still. Have a great afternoon

Jennifer … Thank you so much again… I’ll have time to get back to my WIP now, the story of 5 women on vacation in Cuba in the 1930’s, lots of dancing and mafia to enjoy.

Lainey: I love it you are leaving me here on a cliffhanger with a new story to ponder about while you go work. Have a great day Jennifer….goodbye…






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