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Hello all! It is time once again to learn about another great author. This time it is with debut author Jennifer DeLucy. So grab your favorite cuppa and join in the fun!

Hello Ms. Jennifer DeLucy! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to stop by and answer some questions.

Why don’t you start off by telling us a little about your February 2010 release novel Seers of Light?

Hello to you! And Seers of Light was my debut novel, a project I’d worked on pretty obsessively for months.  I love the paranormal combined with a good love story, but I also feel it’s so important to write characters that have strong purpose and a message to their lives, so that’s what I tried to do with Seers (and the consequent series).

When we first meet Lillian there is a perception of something missing from her life. Did you do this deliberately?

I did.  It was meant to be relatable.  I wanted people to be affected by Lily, to see whatever it was in their life that was missing, whether it was the passion, the creativity, and feel inspired to go after their own happiness.

I have to say when I started this novel I assumed that Christian was going to be the love interest. Did you know from the beginning that he wasn’t?

Nope.  I sure didn’t!  In fact, the Seers experience was full of surprises for me as well.  I ended up learning a lot about myself while writing it.

William is this man who doesn’t see himself as being whole due to the fact that he is a vampire. Did you picture him as this tortured soul type character when you were thinking up this novel?

No.  Actually, I didn’t give William much thought in the beginning. But he kept growing on me (just like he did Lily), until finally I said all right…fine! There’s more to you than meets the eye.   I don’t quite see him as a tortured soul as much as an enlightened, accepting one.  He may have suffered, but he doesn’t dwell in it, and he doesn’t want to deny himself happiness, either—quite the opposite. He wants badly to be loved.

I love how this is such a unique paranormal, nothing like I have read before. How did you come up with all of the characters’ different talents?

I knew that I wanted to write something creepy—and I knew that I wanted my characters to have some special abilities (some that perhaps could be real.) But I didn’t plan anyone out very much.  I let a lot of this book write itself, and I was so pleased and moved and altered because of that.  I guess I just wanted to incorporate a lot of the things I believed personally about people and life into a story that anybody could fit into.

Christian in his own way is a tortured soul with the way he feels about William and what happened to his dad. Were you expecting him to feel this way throughout the whole novel? Why the love triangle?

This is just another thing that happened on its own.   I did realize early enough what happened to Christian’s dad but I didn’t plan it well in advance.  It was a sudden knowing…and it fit.    I wasn’t anticipating his deep resentment of William.  Turns out that Christian’s pains were more unhealed than I’d anticipated.   And the love triangle evolved on its own thankfully.  As soon as I knew what happened to Christian’s dad, I felt it coming on.

The way the story ends gives us hope that there will be another novel involving some of the characters. Are you going to continue this storyline? If so, who is next?

I am.  The continuation of Christian’s story, Whisper of Light, comes out this fall and then I’m hoping that the third book (which will wrap up the Lily/William storyline) will follow.

Speaking of works in progress, what’s next for you?

I’m currently working on book three in the Light series.

Like I mention earlier, this is a paranormal novel. Have you written any other genres? Are there any that you have not written but would like to?

I have only written paranormal, but I am definitely intending to delve into other genres.  I’d love to do something historical or maybe a contemporary suspense.

Do you belong to any social networks? Ex: twitter, Facebook, etc?

I sure do.  You can follow me on twitter @Jen_DeLucy and @seers of Light, or on Facebook under Jennifer DeLucy.  I have an author blog and my main author site is here.  I’m also on Goodreads. Look me up!

Your bio mentions that you have an extremely creative family. Can you tell us a little about them? How have they influenced you?

Ah, my family.  I do love them.  Well, I was raised with a lot of artistic people around me. My mom played the piano and guitar and sang and wrote poetry long before I came along.  I remember my grandfather singing all the time and I have a lot of really brilliant, funny relatives (My uncle Gene is an author as well).  There was a lot to keep up with so you just kind of honed what you were good at I guess.  Plus, there was a lot of chaos too! So, writing was one great way to put all of that into perspective.

I see you have an affinity for singing with your musician friends. What type of songs do you sing? What is your favorite music?

I love singing! Next to writing, it’s my favorite thing on earth, and I really enjoy combining my book projects with music.  For instance, I tend to write a song for each book trailer, and you can find anything I’ve recorded on my MySpace musician’s page.  The first two songs (Free Me and Lily’s Song) belong to book one and two in the Light series.  Also, I compile a play list for each book and man is that important! I love bands like Within Temptation and Evanescence for creating some drama and intensity, but I also like some blue grass and folk and fun stuff like Patty Griffin and Jason Mraz to temper that.  I give my playlists a lot of thought and I use them all the time.

I see you have a casting call for your fans as well as a few pics of who you would pick if Seers of Light were to be turned into a movie. I quite agree with your picks. Have you thought of any of the other characters, who you would pick? Has any fan given you one that strikes your fancy just right?

Yes. In fact, I put the casting call up on my blog and got a ton of responses. You can check them out here

Just a few more fun questions for you. With all the different talents that your characters have, it got me to thinking about you. If you were a Sentient, which power would you like to have and why?

I would say Empath, though that’s the most difficult I think but it’s a lot easier to love people unconditionally, to be a kind person, when you can feel what others are feeling.  I think I’d wish that for all of us, to some degree.

With the paranormal genre, there are so many different characters out there with unique abilities as well as different species. What type of creature would you be and why?

You mean other than human?  Well, I suppose I’d say a witch.  They may not be as romantic as vampires, but who doesn’t want to do magic?!

In keeping with the Coffee Time Romance theme, if you were to describe yourself as a flavor of coffee, which flavor would you be and why?

This is a yummy question.  I would say Caramel.

Thank you for answering my questions. I hope you had fun. I know I did.

You’re welcome. It’s been a pleasure.

Do you hear that? It is the sound of the Mistress coming down the basement steps, her Cat O’Nine tails trailing behind her. Gotta go. Until next time…drink lots of coffee and read some good books.






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