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Today I am interviewing author Jan Scarbrough. She is involved in the anthology Ladies of Legend: Finding Home of which I read one of the stories The Reunion Game. The story is about coming home and what one woman will do to reach the man that she has loved afar for so long. It was heart warming and I actually hated to see it end.

With writing The Reunion Game, do you have any first hand experience with being an author and going back home?

Last week I found photos of my first book signing in my hometown. I’d sold to Kensington Precious Gems and all of our book signings were held in WalMart. It’s amusing to see all the ladies’ dresses hanging in racks behind me.

Are you a twin or do you know someone who is a twin? And then how were you able to write the two main characters?

I’m an only child, so I guess you can say much of The Reunion Game was pure imagination. However, I drew on how I felt as a teenager when my mother wanted me to do something—I’d do the opposite! For example, I didn’t ask for contact lenses until I was eighteen when an English boy suggested I’d look much prettier without glasses. My mother had urged me to get contact lenses all through high school.

Was there any part of the story that you enjoyed writing the most or the least?

I actually got the inspiration for one scene from an article in Cosmo. That was fun to write.

Did you have a favorite character in this story?

Jane, of course. I was a lot like her—shy, afraid to talk to boys, afraid to take risks. Jane’s switch of identities is something I’d have loved to do.

With it being a High School Reunion, do you go to yours at all?

I’ve been to two, but I won’t reveal which ones! At the last one, I wondered who all those old people were. They were my classmates!

As an author, do you like music playing or quiet?

I like the quiet because I need to visualize what happens in my head.

Can you tell us about the other two books coming out from Resplendence Publishing besides Ladies of Legend, which are A Man of Her Own and My Lord Raven as well as the one from Wild Rose Press Tangled Memories?
A Man of Her Own is similar to The Reunion Game. The heroine takes a chance to snag the hero.

My Lord Raven is a medieval romance. I started the project many years ago, but only decided to finish it recently. I don’t like unfinished projects hanging over my head.

Tangled Memories is a reprint of the book that was a finalist in the Golden Heart. It didn’t receive wide distribution and I’m happy Wild Rose Press wanted to release it again. It is a contemporary, reincarnation Gothic. It’s different from the other books and some say my best.

I know that some authors have difficulty getting published so did you have that experience and how did you deal with it?

It took me eight years to sell my first book. I’ve had many dry spells. The key is persistence and having good writer friends, like the Sisterwriters, who know what you’re going through.
Is there any type of story that you have not written yet that you would like to?

Romantic Suspense

Anything else you would like to tell us before we wrap things up?

If you enjoy The Reunion Game and the other stories in Ladies of Legend: Finding Home, I urge you to read the stand-alone books in the Legend series coming out this year. Janet Eaves has two books and Maddie James has one book coming out. All four of us will be together again for a Christmas anthology.

Thank you so much, Ms. Scarbrough for joining me today. I enjoyed the story that I read and I tell other readers to get this book. It is wonderful to read and if you are a twin even more fun. I enjoyed your responses and also thank you for the time. Please check out the author’s web page to learn even more about her than you did today!






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