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Welcome, we are talking with JL Wilson today.  Let's all get comfy and sit back as she allows us to delve into her mind a bit. First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy writing schedule to answer a few questions.

What made you decide to become a romance writer? Why Paranormal?  What compels you to write paranormal stories?

I became a romance writer by accident. I’ve never read romance novels, and read one completely by accident in 2004. The book cover blurb said it was a ‘time travel’ book. I guess you could call Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander time travel, but it’s more romance, and I was totally surprised to read it! Once I discovered the genre, I gobbled up all the books I could find.

I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, so it seemed a natural fit to try to write a paranormal book. My History Patrol series is set in the future, a future where humans are all telepathic and God’s Portal, a time travel device is used by tourists and sometimes criminals, to escape into time. The Guides with the Patrol go back in time, checking to ensure that criminals are not wrecking havoc and wayward time tourists remained behind of their own free will.

A telepathic, shapeshifting Companion accompanies each Guide as a guard. Only Companions know the whole truth about the Patrol. The Companion and Guide are reincarnations of two lovers, one of whom betrayed the other. Companions cannot be seen in human form until they can forgive the one who betrayed them in a former life or until they are freely forgiven by the one they betrayed. 

The Guides are unaware they have a previous-life connection to their Companion. As far as they know, their assignment is straightforward— find the criminals and/or the tourists, bring ‘em home. Their Companion is there to help, give advice, and monitor until that moment of revelation when penance has been served and forgiveness must be given, or withheld.

In a way, it’s God’s way of giving people a do-over. Sometimes the do-over is positive, and sometimes…well, don’t let it be said that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Can you tell us about your story Forgiveness Book One in The History Patrol series?

Forgiveness is the first book in the History Patrol series, and is set in 1876 America. Two lovers are sent back in time to observe the Jesse James bank robbery at Northfield, Minnesota. Penelope Albright is unaware that she and her Companion, Jim, have a previous life connection. During the course of their stay in 1876, she and Jim are almost killed, putting his penance into jeopardy.

Where can readers find your novel, and how can they contact you?

The History Patrol series is available through Cerridwen Press. The first book is out and the second book in the series, Endurance, will be out later this year.

How many of The History Patrol books are out now? Could you let us know if we will be revisiting characters from Book One?

The characters in Book 1 do reappear, but not until the fourth book in the series. All my characters from all the History Patrol books do reappear in later books, either as Guardian Angels or … well, I don’t want to give away any secrets.

I have another History Patrol book coming out this year with Cerridwen, and another Romantic Suspense book with them. I also have two books coming out with The Wild Rose Press, as well as my first Cerridwen book coming out in print in the next month. So I’m keeping busy!

Once again thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and I hope you will stop by again soon to see us here at Coffee Time Romance.

Thanks for giving me a chance to talk about my books!






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