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Hello Readers! I am very happy to state that I had a chance to get to know Isabelle Rose and her book Under The Moonlight. This story received a four cup review which can be viewed here. I had a chance to read this novel and was very excited to ask these questions. Please join me in this question and answer interview.

Can you tell readers what Under the Moonlight is about?

Under the Moonlight is about Detective Morgan Carbone and what happens to her when she gets bitten by a serial killer that claims to be a werewolf. Most of the back story is explained during the prologue, which incidentally, started out as a short story and after a while with Morgan stewing in my head I had no choice but to turn her story into a novel. The rest of the novel is about what happens to Morgan when she gets captured by a werewolf named Mario Bonaventura who sends her to Europe to kill Elizabeth Bathory. What no one was counting on was that Morgan would fall in love with the very beautiful and very deadly vampire, complicating her mission in more ways than she could’ve imagined. 

Here is the official blurb:

In the blink of an eye, Detective Morgan Carbone’s life changes from day to night. Sociopath, serial killer, and charmer David McAllister won’t reveal where the bodies of several young women are located, and Morgan is determined to get answers from him. She gets much more from him during an interrogation, when he sinks his teeth into her hand, causing her to bleed profusely. The bite leaves Morgan with flawless skin as her wound heals quickly and perfectly, and it leaves her with severe bloodlust as she has now turned into a werewolf, like her serial-killing nemesis. This drastic change casts Morgan into an action-packed, dramatic journey as she is pressured (a deadly chip in the brain can do that) by a man to go across the country to kill a vampire that has supposedly killed his sister. Morgan must decide if she will fulfill her goal for him or let her heart fall for the deadly vampiress, who eerily reminds her of her first and only true love – a woman who got away.

I have actually heard about the real Elizabeth Bathory while watching a program about vampires. History states that she did in fact bathe in the blood of nubile young women to abstain the aging process. Was there something in particular about Elizabeth Bathory that grabbed your attention and had you wanting to write about her?

I always found her story fascinating (in a grotesque sort of way) and the more I read about Elizabeth Bathory the more I wanted to use her as a character in one of my stories. What really drew me to her was the fact that it was a beautiful woman who thought that bathing in young girls’ blood would keep her forever young and beautiful. And even though she was found guilty of these crimes (it took a long time to catch her, she was so careful) she was only held under house arrest in her own house, living the rest of her days locked up in her room. The opportunity presented itself for me to finally use this twisted woman in my novel while I was writing Under the Moonlight. I actually did a lot of research on her before I even started writing her into my story. If anyone is interested, this is the book I used for my research The Blood Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory by Valentine Penrose.

What I loved most about your novel was the “what if” question that kept going around and around in my brain. For example there was a character in the novel who was known as being a mad doctor of sorts. Was there really a Marianne Green who went by The Surgeon? If so, what fascinated you with her characteristics? If not, how did you come up with this character?

LOL. Marianne Green was someone I came up with. I love characters that are beautiful on the outside and incredibly ugly and twisted on the inside. Marianne is a brilliant scientist who can’t stop herself from doing these terrible things to people and it doesn’t really take much to instigate her. If you look at her the wrong way or drop something on the floor too close to her feet…that’s really all she needs to lash out on you.  As to how I came up with her? Let’s just say whenever I have a bad day my mind runs rampant with very bad thoughts. Good thing I have my writing to vent.

One of the distinct characteristics I noticed about Morgan from the beginning was her domineering mannerisms. Not to the point of being overwhelming, but a woman who was confident that if she had to, she could take down a man if needed. Do you typically write with strong women as the focal point? Why or why not?

Morgan is definitely a first for me when it comes to writing women that are physically stronger than men. Most of the stories I write are about women that are petite yet they are emotionally strong that go through incredible hardships. It was very fun for me to write for Morgan because she really was an unstoppable force of nature. And let’s face it, it would be really awesome for women to be able to walk around town without having to be afraid. That’s what I loved so much about writing for Morgan, her presence alone could send shivers down any man’s spine.

There are moments in Morgan's life after she has been turned that she struggles with her monster within. There are times that she relishes the power and then other times when she feels she can never be any type of who she used to be. At any point in the writing of Under the Moonlight, did you struggle with how vicious Morgan had become?

Absolutely. Sometimes I wondered if I went too far or if I didn’t go far enough. Since this is really my first try writing for the horror genre. I’m much more comfortable writing fantasy or magical realism. But I really wanted to challenge myself by immersing myself in the horror genre, plus I had the idea for Under the Moonlight dancing around my head for a good four years. I had no choice but to write this story. I really wanted to be descriptive with the horrible things that she does without going overboard.

I can honestly say this story threw me for a loop. When I first met Mario, I expected him to become some alpha hero to her. I figured they would fall in love and live happily ever after. Even though I had noticed the lesbian genre on the review. Was there any particular time when you wrote Mario that you thought of writing his own story?

Mario was my wild card character. I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen between those two or what his real intentions were. When I write, I don’t do outlines, I have an idea as to how the story is going to end, but even that changes as the story continues to evolve. My favorite thing to do is let my characters lose and allow them to tell me their story. So going back to Mario, I had no idea what he was going to do at any given point. It’s always fun to keep the reader guessing. :)

While some of your books are in print, according to the publisher website, Under The Moonlight is not in print.  Are there any plans for this book to be available in print anytime soon?

If you would like the book in print you can go to

I notice in your biography it states that you live in Delaware and are married to your husband, Kurt. How long have you been married? Does your husband read your work?

Kurt and I have been married for 3 years. He reads my work whenever he gets a chance, I do know that he is very proud of what I’ve accomplished and he definitely encourages me to continue to write (he says I get cranky when I’m not writing.) 

According to your website you have a couple of other titles available. The Jackets and Naughty Fairy Tales can be seen thru Lulu. Each of your novels have different genre in them. Is there any type of genre that is a favorite for you to write? Is there any genre that you have not written but would love to write?

My favorite genre to write is fantasy, mostly magical realism, I love mixing magic with reality. With Naughty Fairy Tales I really let go my inhibitions and got down and dirty with people’s favorite fairy tale characters. Naughty Fairy Tales is mostly erotica and fantasy, whereas The Jackets is mostly fiction and fantasy. A genre I would love to explore is science fiction and children’s literature.

Here is a blurb for each book:

The Jackets

With this new collection of short stories, author Isabelle Rose explores the connection between colors and emotions. From mythical gods and creatures, to typical everyday situations. Each tale unique in its own way, but all of them connected by various characters. A writer trying to find her muse (literally). A young woman trying to flee an abusive relationship. And a cashier getting lost in the woods and finding more than she had ever bargained for. In The Jackets you will find an interesting blend of fiction and fantasy. There's no way of knowing what will happen next.

Naughty Fairy Tales

Have you ever wondered...

...what happened to Alice after she came out of the rabbit hole? Ten years have gone by since that innocent, accidental venture. But Alice couldn't resist meeting old friends again. Will she finally catch the White Rabbit this time around? What of her friendship with the Cheshire Cat? As for Queen Scarlett of Hearts, she is after Alice as well and will stop at nothing until Alice is hers. Alice seems to be in more trouble than she ever was.

...what would happen should Snow White find shelter in a house with seven handsome men, after running away from a stepmother intent on killing her? She strikes a deal with them, in exchange for their silence. Seven men, seven days a week, a girl couldn't find herself in more delicious situations than this!

...what happened to Emma after she was gifted with the ability to produce a flower or precious jewel every time she speaks? When her mother drove her out of the house because of it, was the gift still a thing to be treasured or has it turned into a curse?

...about Red Riding Hood's real story? Wolf follows her through the forest hoping to make her his next tasty meal. The last thing either one of them expected was for sparks to fly. With Geoffrey Hunter hot on their trail, who will get to Grandmother’s house first?

...if Beauty really tamed the Beast? Or did he bring out the wildness in her? After Linda hears her father’s ramblings about a monster in a far off chateau, she decides to see this creature for herself. What--or who--she finds there is more than she had bargained for.
Bedtime just got more exciting!

Now we get to have a couple of fun questions. If you could become any type of paranormal being what would you become and why? And your husband, what would he become and why?

I would want to be a shape shifter. That way I can have some kind of control over my transformations.  My husband says he’d like to be a fawn or a satyr, really anything where he can be naked from the waist down.  That might be because he’s a Sagittarius.

If you were to be dropped into a fairytale book, which character would best describe who you would want to be and why?

I would want to be the princess from the fairy tale The Three Heads of the Well. It’s about a princess that leaves her father and her kingdom to search for her own fortune (she’s mistreated by her stepmother). She then meets a stranger who asks her for food, she kindly gives him what little she has and he tells her about the well. She finds the well and she becomes a queen in another kingdom. I like this story because it’s one of the few fairy tales where the princess takes control of her fate and doesn’t just let things happen to her.

And one last question. In keeping with the Coffee Time Romance Theme, if you were to describe yourself as one specific type of flavored coffee, what would it be and why?

Caramel Mocha, because it has all of my favorite things mixed in.

I would like to thank Isabelle Rose for answering my questions. She stated that she had a blast answering them and that if any readers have questions about her books or about writing in general, feel free to email her.

As an added note she would like readers to know that her and her husband are expecting their first baby in January and it is a boy! Congratulations and please keep us posted!






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