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Welcome Isabelle Drake to Coffee Time Romance. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do an interview with us. Congratulations on your first book Everglades Wildfire being released this past February. I have to say I have read Everglades Wildfire and it is a zinger! *fans self* Where did the inspiration for this story come from?

A visit to the Everglades.  I went during spring break one year and I was instantly hooked on the intense beauty and exotic atmosphere.  It's really like no other place.  Also, I love the freedom of the ocean and the spirited personalities of the people who live alongside it.

Could you tell our readers a little about Everglades Wildfire just in case they have not had a chance to read it?

It's a beauty and the beast story.  Amber's love for Rick, and her belief in him, help him overcome his haunting past.  He is truly a tortured hero; she is the woman who tames him.  It's great for readers who love traditional love stories but also want a sexier book.

Isabelle why did you choose an alligator farm for the setting of Everglades Wildfire?

I wanted a fierce, untamed setting for Rick.  Also, it's unusual; it helps the book stand out and offers readers variety.  

What was your thought process behind making Rick Belleair as a dark hero with heart?

I love dark, tortured heroes!  But they have to have the same savage intensity when it comes to love--especially for the heroine.  Watching them heal and grow... I just love that!

Isabelle what made you decide to write erotic romance compared to other genres?

As I writer, I wanted the opportunity to experience something new, to push my own boundaries. I've published several traditional romances under a different name, and trying my hand at erotic romance has been wonderful because the writing is so different, I can create very different storylines and generally have a great time.

What does your writing space look like Isabelle?

I'm lucky because I have an office in my home. There are three huge windows facing my garden, a lovely fireplace and... lots of books, of course.  Even if there are piles of research notes and story bits all around me, my desk is usually clear.  I have space for my mug of tea or glass of wine...

When is your favorite time to write? Do you have a schedule?

Even though it makes my husband nuts--in the nicest possible way--I prefer to write after dinner and late into the night. During that time of day I can get a lot done in a short amount of time and the stories flow much more quickly.  I don't have a set schedule though, it varies day by day.  I might write after dinner, in the afternoon, or get up at 4 am.  It just depends on what else I have going on.

When you have a moment to yourself what is you favorite thing to do besides write?

And besides reading... bike rides with my kids, garden, shop, go out for coffee with friends...

What was the last book you read?

Erica Spindler ... Killer Takes All

Who is your favorite writer?

Erica Spindler is one of my favorites.  Let's say she's today's favorite, because two or three days from now, when I'm reading a book by a new author--that new author will be my favorite... until... well, you get the idea.

What is you favorite confection?

Tea and cookies... Red wine and dark chocolate.... Coffee and muffins... How can anyone pick any one favorite thing?  It's simply too hard.

What do you consider the most romantic thing a man could for a woman? Also what romantic thing could a woman do for a man?

For him--protect her and keep her safe, emotionally and physically.  For her--love him unconditionally.

What projects are you working on currently? Could you please give us a teaser of what is to come?

I have an All Hallow's Eve story, BRIGAND LOVE, coming out in October.  It's part of a collection of Halloween themed stories from Venus Press.  My story is a contemporary one with a pirate ghost.

Right now I'm working on my Sons of Zeus book, FATE UNBOUND, which will come out in December.  That one features an arrogant heroine who always finds a way to get what she wants--even an off-limits son of a god.

Thank you again Isabelle for taking the time to answer my questions. We here a Coffee Time Romance wish you much success. I can say with all honestly that I will be watching for your future books.

Thank you as well, Cassandra, for spending me time chatting with me.  I appreciate it!

Readers please take a moment to visit Isabelle Drake’s website.  You will be glad you did!







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