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It’s my pleasure to introduce paranormal romance author I.R. Plummer. She kindly let me interview her. I.R. Plummer writes humorous and light hearted paranormal romance. Thanks for letting me pick your brain I.R. and welcome!

What was it like when your first book released? Tell us about it.

To hold the first copy of Hocus Pocus in hand was exhilarating—and scary. The book received great reviews and that certainly added to the pleasure of the moment.

What kind of books do you enjoy?

I enjoy a mystery, romance, or paranormal story that has a good plot, and characters that you can relate to.

Sounds like my kinds of books. What gave you the idea for the SPELLBOUND SERIES? What sparked the muse?

As a shy military brat I survived the constant upheaval of moves, and new schools by creating first class long running daydreams. Fast forward a few years and I used the same creativity to survive a crazy, stressful job as a sales representative who drove about four thousand miles a month.

At an early age my daydreams created ghosts who dropped by to visit and dolls that came to life when alone. At some point ‘what if’, scenario’s that usually involved the sixth sense people tend to ignore or don’t believe exists began to fuel the daydreams. Cinnamon’s story in Hocus Pocus developed slowly, and the ‘what if” factor added the spell cast by a long ago grandmother and her sisters, Ginger, and Rosemary.

DAZZLE ME is the fourth book in the series. Is it a stand-alone book or is it advisable to read the other three first?

Dazzle Me is a full stand alone story, but a few characters from previous books appear as supporting characters. In Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra, and Alacazam the heroines are triplets. Those books are also stand alone, but most readers feel that reading them in sequence is best.

Do you write in silence, or do you have a playlist of songs? If you listen to music what kind of music inspired you to write DAZZLE ME?

I love music but I find it distracting when I’m writing.

What is your favourite type of hero, barring your own? ;-)

As long as there is a give and take balance between the hero and heroine that works with the story line I’m happy. But I like strong men who can laugh at themselves.

Why do you like writing?

The process of taking a thought–female opens store to find all the merchandise changed or China Grove Plantation, what if a slave used voodoo and discovered time travel–and creating stories with a beginning, middle and end is exhilarating. To get emails from readers who enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them adds to the pleasure.

How do you relax? What hobbies do you take part in?

Reading, is a given. I also enjoy painting detail orientated pictures and murals. Like writing a story, I lose myself in the process and enjoy watching the painting take on a life of its own as details are added.

What’s the most important advice you can give to a newbie author?

Enroll in on line writing classes given by published authors and writing teachers who have published the types of books you enjoy reading. At an average of $35 for a month of lessons the tips and education you receive are priceless. Then edit, edit, edit. Spell check doesn’t know that soup is supposed to be soap or couch is supposed to coach. (Both errors that professional editors missed in the first printed vision of my books) When you think the manuscript is letter perfect take the time to read the book out loud. Make sure to really look at each word instead of reading what you think you typed. That should locate missing words and poorly structured conversations.

Anything new in the works you want to share?

I’ve just finished TMI – To Much Information. It’s a suspense/mystery romance written in collaboration with J. Grindstaff a former homicide detective. Written originally as a screenplay, TMI was optioned for a television show. The story is a light mystery about Chuck Taylor, a man with a scanner, an odd sense of humor and the tendency to find trouble. The goal is to have the book published by the middle of March.

I see you’re a certified hypnotherapist, which sounds super cool. What does a certified hypnotherapist do?

It would take a book to adequately answer your question. The most simplistic answer is hypnotherapy can help clients discover the core root of their issues; such as--diet, addictions, motivation, phobias, emotions, health issues or life changes. Then they can choose how to change destructive reactions with positive actions.

Where can we find out more about you?

My website is There is a place in the site to send questions.

Now, for the fun questions! J What is your favourite colour?


What is your favourite drink?

The morning starts with an eight cup pot of black coffee. After that I switch to Earl Gray hot tea.

What is your favourite food?

Are sugar cookies considered a food? If not, cheese and apples are the snack food of choice.

Trapped on a desert island what three movies would you take with you? What three books and what three fantasy men?

The Wizard of Oz, Always, and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

I’d rely on my imagination for stories but I’d take a book on yoga.

James Bond – because – well, who needs a reason or a second or third choice.

Here’s an excerpt from DAZZLE ME.

A faint buzz of unfamiliar energy brushed her senses.

She tuned the knob; the door was locked.

The lights inside the shop were off.

Was the energy residual or had someone tried to break in? She started to place her hand on the door frame.

Behind her, a wave of energy nudged her senses.

Her muscles tensed and bit her lower lip.

She clutched the small canister of pepper spray on the key chain and turned.

The sound of laughter and shouts as the bells and whistles of a slot machine announced a winner rolled down the wide red carpeted corridor.

She rolled her tight shoulders and gave herself a mental kick.

Las Vegas was a long way from home and the bogeyman. A tourist tried to look through the glass doors or security checked to make sure the door was locked—the buzz of current was as simple as that.

The mental list of things to do before the grand opening nudged her into action. She opened the door, bumped the lights up to full power and stepped into the boutique.

A gasp was cut short when her breath caught in her throat.

She opened her senses. The air was unruffled. The visible energy patterns were attached to tangible objects.

Alone and for the moment safe, she locked the door. At the closest rack, she ran a finger over a white on white brocade jacket. No trace of human energy tapped her fingers.

At a three tier stack of glass cubes, she tweaked the angle of a pair of heels that looked like they’d been spun from pink cotton candy.

She touched, stroked and admired the merchandise and displays until she worked her way back to the center of the room. In a half daze she did a slow turn. The boutique lived up to its name, the sparkle and colors dazzled the senses.

Since entering the shop she’d left her senses wide open. Now she stood, with hands on hips and tried to puzzle out the unsettling sensation of feeling no human energy bump her senses. It was as if the room had been cleansed and balanced with a peace inducing power that settled in the bones and made you want to sigh with contentment.

Whoever performed the cleansing was powerful. She should be knee-knocking scared. Instead, panic and amazement played a tug of war with disbelief and ‘ohmigod’ awe.

Her thoughts were erratic—impressions, improbable answers and questions looped around and through each other. One thought was crystal clear, she needed to call security.

But what would she say? “Hi, this is Sandi Cummings, the owner of the new boutique, Dazzle Me. Last night someone broke into the shop. Yes, the door was locked when I arrived. The problem, officer, is that the merchandise I ordered has vanished. In its place is a stunning collection of designer clothing and accessories worth a king’s ransom.”

From there the conversation would rapidly deteriorate. Security would convince the casino owner that she was certifiably crazy and they would use a loophole in the contract to break her lease.

Was selling merchandise she didn’t purchase theft? She couldn’t sell merchandise she hadn’t purchased. Could she?

Sandi plucked a dress off a rack and examined the exquisite hand sewn bead work on the sky blue, double crepe, mid-thigh, strapless gown. The designer label was black, the logo done in metallic silver thread. A pair of leather T-strap sandals, and a petite envelope purse in the same shade of blue sat on a dainty black table next to a rack of designer gowns and cocktail dress.

She picked up the purse and examined the intricate clasp. Studded with crystals, the clasp duplicated the logo in the dress—a letter S with angel wings down each side. The same crystal studded logo was on the heels of the sandals.

Why? How? Who? Like multiple records played at once the questions demanded answers. Her heart rate accelerated, the tips of her fingers sparked and discharged nervous energy. A lightheaded hum sang a warning.

With hands braced on her knees, Sandi forced air through her constricted throat.

When the room stopped spinning like a kid’s colorful top, she straightened and took three deep calming breaths.

When she first touched the doorknob, the faint residue of energy expanded about an inch from the knob. Had it resonated from the room, the full door or just the knob?

Sandi drew in a breath and let it out slowly.

The energy hadn’t held a thread of anger so she hadn’t traced its origin—big mistake.

Who would do this?

Who could afford to stock the boutique with merchandise worth triple her budget.

She glanced at the Minnie Mouse watch on her wrist and massaged the tension headache beating a tomahawk against her temples. The doors opened in thirty minutes and two hours after that was the official grand opening.

Her fingers stilled. She hadn’t checked the storeroom.

She powered the lights in the storage area up to high. With one finger, she pushed back the purple lace curtain at the door and swallowed a cry of frustration. Except for three boxes with a jewelry company’s logo on the sides, the room was spotless clean and empty.

Her thoughts went over the last conversation with her mother. ‘Get out of my house and don’t return. One day you’ll be punished for being born, even if I have to rise from my grave to make it happen.’

Had that day arrived?






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