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We are welcoming in August with some really hot authors. Today we are excited to have Gail Delaney talking about her book The Phoenix Rebellion book 4: End Game and telling us a little bit about herself. Coffee Time Romance wants to extend a warm welcome to Ms. Delaney. Welcome!

Welcome Gail, and thanks for stopping by giving your readers a chance to get to know you better, and let us know more about your work. Gail, would you please tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I've been writing just about my entire life... as long as I can remember being able to hold a pencil. Growing up, I wrote poetry and short stories for the most part, and in my early twenties I decided to try my hand a writing 'for real'. Writing with the goal of publication. That was, oh... about 12 years ago. I've been married to the first boy I ever really kissed for the last fifteen years, and we have two children who are both growing up far too fast. My family supports me 200% in my writing - even my in laws. I don't think I would have continued doing it if it weren't for them.

Gail, I just finished The Phoenix Rebellion book 4: End GameWOW, This is the only one I have read in the series, but it was fantastic. Can you tell us where you got the inspiration for this series?

First, let me say 'thank you'. I'm so glad you liked it. I'm sure some things were confusing coming in so late. :-) I write very character driven novels, even my futuristics. I actually developed the character storylines and then created a 'world' that each plot would work in. Some of the plots were originally contemporaries that didn't 'work', but worked great in a futuristic setting. But also, my desire to write a futuristic series came from my dabbling in fanfiction a couple years ago during a 'dry spell'. My critique partners kept saying "Why don't you just write a book like this?"... one book became four became a whole universe.

Of course there are the series before telling about some of the other characters, but will we see more of Michael and Jackie and of course Little Nicole?

The Phoenix Rebellion Book IV: End Game is 'officially' the final book in this series. But I am already formulating a follow-up series that will continue the story of Earth and our rebuilding. And yes, Michael, Jacqueline and Nicole will be an integral part of the new series... moreso than any of the other characters in this series. Michael is the glue... and the driving force... of the entire series and I just can't let him go.

Gail, this series is kind of science fiction/ fantasy is this a genre you prefer to write about ?

This series was my first venture into science fiction, and I have to say ... I LOVED IT. More than I ever thought I would. So, right now, even though I'm working on some contemporary pieces, futuristic is my new love.

Gail you write under another name Katelyn Hughes, Can you tell us a bit about Katelyn Hughes's work?

Katelyn Hughes is my contemporary counterpart. When I first broke into publication, all my novels were under Gail R. Delaney and my first two releases were contemporaries. But, due to some changes in my career - namely, my decision to remove my first novels from the publisher who had them - I decided that perhaps diversifying my name might be prudent. Katelyn Hughes writes contemporary romance as well as romantic suspense. But, just like me, Katelyn promises an emotional ride - no matter the genre.

Did you have to do a lot of research for this series?

I didn't have to research any given topic extensively, but I did do a lot of research. I research physics (which was NOT easy for a fiction writer - the two sides of my brain were fighting), medicine, the environment, politics, language and the military. I try to skim the surface of any information I provide. Just enough to make it believable without my 'novice' showing through. :-)

Gail, the future weapons and medical equipment, did you do research on things of this nature also?

I would say the weaponry and medical equipment were about 30% research and 70% made up. I took what I learned and morphed it into something I could use. And then I got to make up cool names like Stratum Basale Stimulators and Oseoskeletal Binders.

What did you find most difficult (if any) about writing this series?

As you may have noticed, the books aren't written solely about one man and one woman. It's also not written from limited points of view. Each book is not only the story of two people, but it's the story of the entire Phoenix organization and their ongoing battle for Earth. Maintaining a balance and consistent arc through the four books was the most difficult.

Gail I noticed on your web site, that you had Nick and Caitlin has a short prequel that is free to read. Was their story made after the first book?

I actually wrote the prequel in the process of writing book one. It was originally released as a promotional story on a free Triskelion anthology. And after awhile, I made it available to everyone. I enjoyed backtracking with Nick and Caitlin... letting people see the intense love they once shared, and just what could have torn them apart before book one every happened.

Do you have any work in progress?

I am currently working on a novella for release under Katelyn Hughes titled Touch. It's my first novella, as my husband says, I'm long 'worded'. Keeping a full story under 35,000 words will be a challenge for me. After that, I have a couple contemporary suspense novels I'll be working on (also under Katelyn) and I will be writing the last in the Garrison science fiction series for Triskelion.

Gail, Does having a dead line to finish a book hurt, help or not bother you at all, with your writing?

The Phoenix series is the first series I've written under deadline... and although it made me panic from time to time, I think it was a good thing. It forced me to focus. I really was worried at first, but overall, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Oh, wait... I am!

Where would you like to be in your writing career in say five years?

I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Phoenix made into a movie. What do you think? (grin) 

Do you have writing routine, or just write as it comes to you? And do you have a favorite time of day or night that your prefer to write?

I write whenever I can find time. I work full time, plus I have a few other hats, so my time is... tight... to say the least. But, I do most of my writing late at night, from about 8:00 pm to... whenever. Eleven.. midnight. one... whenever I can't see straight anymore and drag myself to bed.

Is there a genre you would like to write, but have not done so?

Right now, I'm happy with the genres I'm working with. When I was fifteen, I wrote a 'novel' (using the word loosely here) that was a fantasy romance. What did I know about romance at fifteen? Maybe someday, I'll dust the manuscript off and see what I can do with it.

Gail would you give us your web site address?

For more information on the Phoenix series, visit And for information on Katelyn Hughes and my contemporary releases, visit

One last question, What kind of advice would you give to writers just starting out?

Grow a thick skin, take advice when offered, and never ever think you've learned it all. The drive to write is born in us, the gift of doing it well is learned.

Thanks so much Gail, I enjoyed the book so much I am going to have to read the other three now!

And I can't wait to hear what you have to say when you piece it all together. Thank you so much for your time. The questions were fun! Gail R Delaney The Phoenix Rebellion: Out of Ashes, Humanity will rise again. Novels Rich in Romance By Katelyn Hughes

Another hot interview about one of your favorite authors!Thank you so much Ms. Delaney for taking time to chat with us today, we really appreciate it, and Coffee Time Romance wants to take this opportunity to Thank Ms. Delaney for her time. Thank You.






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