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Please welcome Felicia Forella to Coffee Time Romance today to chat with us and answer some questions.  Thank you Felicia for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for me.

Felicia: Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to procrastinate, er, participate.

In your upcoming book Ghost of a Chance, what was the inspiration for creating your first paranormal romance?

Felicia: Strange as it may sound, I didn’t even think about the book being a paranormal as I was writing it.  Kinda makes one wonder about my home life, doesn’t it?  I was actually shocked when I got a form back from my publisher that listed it as Paranormal. :-)

That said, the inspiration came from a combination of two things, a country song and the fact that my parents actually lived in Myrtle Beach and dated around that time (making research very easy!).

What was the hardest part about writing Nick and Bethany’s story?

Felicia: The first part of the book, when Nick is a ghost, was the hardest part.  Defining what “Limbo” and being a ghost meant to me, clearly to the reader, was a challenge.   Plus, it’s not easy to have sex when you lack a body!  So creating sexual tension was tricky, to say the least.  A certain someone informed me that 64 Corvettes have a four on the floor, but Bethany was hesitant to try that out.

Convincing my parents that it wasn’t their story was an uphill battle!  Since I used them as research, they worried the story was about them.  My mom was relieved when she read the story and realized it *really* wasn’t about them!

Do you have a ritual that you do to prepare yourself before writing a story?

Felicia: Not really.  I know, that’s not much help, is it?

On a more personal level, do you do something special when you complete a book as a celebration?

Felicia: Other than get drunk and dance around the house?  :-)  Hubby usually takes me out to dinner at the restaurant of my choice.  I veg out for a couple of days (or weeks), too.

What was the first thing, Felicia, that you did when your first book was published?

Felicia: I called everyone I could think of and told them to get online and check it out!  I was a mess the whole day.  I just kept checking out the site and grinning like a fool.

What is the secret to finding a balance between your family and your writing?

Felicia: There’s a secret?  No one told me there’s a secret!  I wish they had.  My poor family is frequently neglected because of my writing.  My son even does his own wash now so that he doesn’t have to wait for me.  I try to give my family time before I get on the computer and get busy, so that they do have me to themselves for a short time.

Do you usually outline your stories before you write them?

Felicia: I have a rough outline of what I expect to happen and how I hope for things to end up.  But that’s not set in stone.  I allow the story to happen and am frequently surprised by what ends up on the paper.

Have you ever had writers block? What did you do to over come it?

Felicia: Writer’s block for me is usually more of an indication that something is wrong somewhere.  Either the plot isn’t working or the characters aren’t working.  So I have to go back and figure out what the problem is.  Once I manage to find that, I’m able to write again.

What are some of your hobbies?

Felicia: I used to have hobbies.  Now I write.  I enjoy bowling, and do manage to sneak that in with some of the foster children with whom I work.  I also enjoy cross stitch.  I’ll work on that when indulging in my obsession with The Military Channel (I watch very little TV besides an occasional All My Children or General Hospital, and Special Victims Unit).  
Oh, and I watch soccer whenever possible!

Could you share with the readers your web site address?

Are you working on any writing projects right now?

Felicia: I’m working on a “Twisted Tale” based on The Princess and the Pea called The Princess and the O.  Let’s just say that when this princess hits the sheets, she’s not worried about whether or not she can feel a pea under her mattress!

After that, I’m going to be working on Trail of Desire about two FBI agents trying to catch a possible serial killer on the Appalachian Trail.

What is the most important thing as a writer that you want to convey to your readers with your stories?

Felicia: I hope I’m conveying the emotions that go with falling in love and finding that happily ever after.

Do you have any thing to add or say to our readers?

Felicia: Thanks for being so supportive of the romance genre!

Thank you so much for chatting with us!

Felicia: Thank you for giving me the opportunity!

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